Because of the rich and diverse history of Curacao (see for more information), there are a number of interesting architectural styles represented in the area.  Because of the prevalence of the Dutch influence throughout the years, colonial Dutch architecture is seen in many of the historic buildings in Curacao; however a number of other influences are also represented.

The majority of the buildings which exhibit the Dutch style are those which were established in the seventeenth and eighteen centuries.  Many of these are located in Willemstad and can be seen just by wandering around the area with eyes wide open.  The main thing to look for to see these buildings is their steep, steep roofs.

Following the period of Dutch influence is a period of Curacao’s history which is marred by slavery and plantation life.  Despite the human cruelty that this period evokes, the architecture of the time is undeniably beautiful and the buildings still remaining are worth seeing.  More information on plantation houses available for public viewing is available at .

Curacao is also known for architecture which is unique to a place that sits on the water.   Bridges and forts are popular places where tourists often go to see some of the buildings which reflect the history of Curacao.  More information is available at