A local telephone number looks like this 429-9999. The area code is 246, so from overseas it would be 246-429-9999.

Locally, visitors can purchase mobile phones from Cable & Wireless. Digicel Barbados prohibits this practice. Both providers use the GSM standard.

Payphones are widely available.  Just insert 25 cents BDS and it gives you about five minutes. These phones can be identified because they are in blue shells and have Cable & Wireless written on them. C&W is the island’s leading phone company.

Calling cards are available at most gas stations, leading supermarkets like Super Centre and Trimart, and many stores in tourist areas.   A new calling card was launched in June, 2008 from Blue Communications.  This card offers rates under 25 cents US /min to North America and the UK and is free to use from payphones.

If you have a GSM mobile with roaming capabilities, it will likely work on either the Cable & Wireless or Digicel network.  Beware of steep roaming charges however.  US or Canadian visitors will pay over $1.50 US /min and UK visitors over $3 US /min to their home provider to place calls home.

If you would like to find someone's telephone number, use Cable & Wireless' free online directory.