Aruba is not a large island and therefore getting around is not a difficult task. To make matters easier, transportation is available by bus, rental car, taxi, airport shuttle service, boats, and any kind of device you can imagine by sea!

Rental cars are available through a large number of corporations. Information can be obtained through your hotel or at the airport. Well-known services in Aruba include Avis, Budget, and Toyota Rent A Car. Differences in traffic will be handled via your car service, signs and traffic regulations are nearly identical to those in North America and most of Europe (driving on the right side of the road). Speed limit signs are posted in kilometers. Many travelers to Aruba feel that their experience is more complete from having a vehicle to transport them around the island.

Public transportation is readily available throughout the Aruba Bus service as well as taxis. But with the beautiful weather of Aruba, renting a bike or moped is a great idea. Try Big Twin Aruba or Donata.

Make sure to check with your hotel for transportation options for getting around the island conveniently and assistance in renting a car.