Simple Words and Phrases

Bon dia: Good Morning
Bon tardi: Good Afternoon
Bon nochi: Goodnight
Bon Bini: Welcome
Danki: Thank you
Con ta bai: How are you?
I am fine: Mi ta bon
Ayo: Bye 
Cuantor tin?: What time is it?
Unda bo ta biba?: Where do you live?
Ami: me
Abo: you
Nos tur: All of us
Boso: All of you
Nos dos: The two of us
Mi: I or I am
I can speak Papiamento: Mi por papia Papiamento
I love Aruba: Mi stima Aruba
I want: Mi kier
Congratulations: Pabien
Have a good day: Pasa un bon dia
Very Good!: Hopi bon
Quietly or slowly: Poco poco
See you later: Te oro

Words For a Loved One

Un sunchi: A kiss
Un braza: A hug
Mi dushi: My sweetheart
dushi 'om: Delicious or great
Cu tur mi amor: With all my love
Ranka Lenga: To french kiss
Mi amor: My love 
Corta orea: To cheat on someone
Hole dushi: Smells good
Hopi bon: Very good


Cuanto esaki ta costa?: How much does this cost
Mi ta wak rond: Looking around, browsing
Ban dal un trip: Lets go out on a trip
Banco: The Bank
Placa: Money
Ki pelicula ta hunga awe?: What movie is playing today
keds: Sneakers
sapato: Shoes
den caya: In downtown
Mi tin sed: I'm thirsty
Mi tin hamber: I'm hungry
Ban cas: Lets go home
Drugstore: Botica

More Words and Phrases

Bin aki: Come here
Ban sali: Lets go out
Ban goza: Lets enjoy
tur cos ta bon: Everything is going well
Ban sigi: Lets continue
Ban come: Lets eat
Awa: Water
Awacero: Rain
Lamper: Lightning
strena: Thunder
nubia: Cloud
lama: The beach, also the ocean
tera: Sand, also country
cunucu: The country side
den stad: In the city
na waf: At the port
brug: Bridge


cuminda: Food
pan: Bread
manteca: Butter 
keshi: Cheese
Fish: Pisca
beleg: Cold cuts
lechi: Milk
soft or refresco: Soda
mangel: Sweets/candy
chupa bebe: A lollipop made in Aruba
pastechi: similar to (Jamaican beef) patty, made from white flour filled with cheese, ham, beef or chicken
sucu: Sugar
salo: Salt
pika: Pepper