Anguilla is a fairly safe tourist destination.  Having said this, there are a few things that the traveler to this East Caribbean Island should be aware of.

             Petty street crime does occur, and visitors should take certain precautions.  Don’t carry around large amounts of money, and avoid wearing expensive jewelry or looking flashy.  Drawing un-needed attention to one’s self is never a good idea.  Try blending into the crown instead of sticking out. 

            Valuables should never be left unattended at the beach.  Even leaving irreplaceable items in hotel rooms is not a wise decision.  Instead, see if the hotel has a security lock box available.  If not, store the valuables with the hotel’s front desk, but make sure to obtain an itemized receipt before leaving the valuables behind.

            Avoid traveling alone at night.  This is a general recommendation for any unfamiliar area, but should be followed in Anguilla as well. 

            For emergencies requiring the police or fire department, dial 911.

            There are limited medical facilities available on Anguilla and most serious situations require emergency evacuation, which is very expensive.

            In the case of passport theft, contact the local police and then the national embassy that issues the passport.  There are no foreign embassies on Anguilla.

            About numerous issues, there is good information on the Anguilla Government Website .