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Anna Maria Vacations Rental Company

Richmond Hill...
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Anna Maria Vacations Rental Company

Reviews of this rental agency in the forum are dated. Can anyone comment on their experiences with this company? We have not used them before. Used A Paradise before and they were great but the condo unit we are now looking for is with Anna Maria Vacations. Would be interested to know if this company provides good service. One of the older reviews mentioned that the are not located on the Island but the website has an address in Holmes Beach. Thanks.

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1. Re: Anna Maria Vacations Rental Company

We rented from Anna Maria Vacations in January, 2015. We found them to be unreliable with lack of supervision and follow-up with their cleaning and maintenance staff. We found violations of electrical code in our rental, dirty cooktop just after the cleaning person left and soiled sheets left on one bed upon our arrival, all of which we documented with photos. We tried to resolve these issues with AMV but they refuse to return a portion of the $175 cleaning fee, which we paid upfront. AMV continues to say that they would have fixed the problems during our stay. We paid for these issues to be clean/fixed upon arrival and we did not feel that calling at 11 o'clock bedtime upon discovering soiled sheets would have changed the fact that the sheets were left on the bed. AMV did offer a $100 credit off a future rental but we have informed them that we will not rent from their organization again. You can read other complaints at the BBB, so it would appear that they have earned a reputation. If you have a choice, rent with another property management company.

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2. Re: Anna Maria Vacations Rental Company

Oh my gosh. Thanks for the heads up on that company, Stanron. I've seen some of their rentals online, but now will ignore them.

We have found it best, and yes, time consuming, to wash dishes and silverware we are likely to use before using. Probably seldom necessary, but I've heard too many times about cleaning services not really cleaning. And we found long hair and cracker crumbs in the bed sheets of a very nice rental one time. So although I'm too busy to wash those first, I always pull back the bedsheets to the very end and inspect.

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3. Re: Anna Maria Vacations Rental Company

In recent years (five, and as recently as October), we have rented about a dozen times from the flip flop people at annamariaparadise.com. Great selection of properties and the very few times we had a problem (once, we discovered the renters before us had broken a wooden step so that the front half of it was missing (it was hard to spot..only noticed, when I teetered backward and almost fell) and it was fixed same day), they were there immediately.

Also good experience with islandreal.com, but they don't have as many properties on north end. Rented several times from Sato (a decade ago) and only had one negative -- took four days to fix (or even come to property to look at) hot tub. It was autumn and we chose that property, in part, because of hot tub.

We've also had good luck with private owners...but make sure to do your research on those if you choose to use. I wouldn't rent any that didn't have recent great reviews....or that I didn't like the sound of the renter on phone (I use phone call as an interview...and good property owners do the same).

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4. Re: Anna Maria Vacations Rental Company

We've used Anna Maria Vacations a couple of times - about 5 years ago, and then again this past November. For the most part, I've found them good to work with. We had no issues whatsoever with our first rental, but on our stay this past Nov. I did have to call them to advise that we had no phone or internet, there wasn't a binder in the house (with the usual instructions) and we had barely enough drinking glasses. They were over within an hour or two to rectify everything. They were good to work with when making the reservation too.

However, I'm disappointed that a review that I wrote about the recent rental wasn't published on their website. My review was balanced and had a lot of positives in it, but we did have one issue that I mentioned in the review - defective box springs on 5 beds - something that I didn't bring to their attention when we were there because it wasn't a quick fix, but it was worth providing feedback on afterwards so that they could bring it to the homeowner's attention, and also so that future renters would be aware of the problem (if it didn't get fixed.)

. When the review hadn't been published by January, I emailed and asked about it. I was advised that the review section for that listing didn't have any space left to add more reviews ... a glitch with their system that they were working on. I offered to shorten the review, but then they came back and said that there was only space for "25 characters", that they hoped to have it rectified within a few weeks and would publish the backlog of reviews that they have then. But 5 weeks after that correspondence, still no review. Also, when I first wrote the review and emailed it to them, there was no response from them regarding the issue that we had ... it made me realize that there wasn't much concern on their part.

I have mixed feelings about using them again. They manage a lot of great properties (I think they manage over 200 in total), and it could be that on our next trip, it's one of their properties that I'll want to rent. But not being able to rely on reviews on their website (if they are going to pick and choose which ones to publish) is a big drawback.

They do have an office in Holmes Beach.

Sarasota, Florida
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5. Re: Anna Maria Vacations Rental Company

Renting from Anna Maria Vacations has been, hands down, the worst rental experience of my life. I should have taken the hint and moved on to another company right from the beginning--when we went in June of 2014 to look at the house before deciding whether or not to rent it, it took two Anna Maria Vacations employees an hour of trying to get into the house because they were unable to work the locks before we finally gave up and scheduled to see the inside of the house the following week. We knew that we planned to have around 40 people on the property for a get-together at some point while we were there, so we discussed this with the two rental agents while on a tour to make sure that this would be okay. One of these agents (let's call her T) we were in touch with throughout the entire rental process. We told them specifically that we were having a family event (in those exact words), at which we would be making our own food, and that we planned on having about 40 people attend, and were assured that this was absolutely fine. Nothing was mentioned about specific rules applying to events or the possibility of any additional charges related to either our plans for using the house or the number of people who would be on the property at any point. We would have happily found an alternative if we had been told that we would not be allowed to carry out our plans at this property. When the time came for our rental, we checked in to the house, and on our first night found out first hand that two of the bedrooms had bedbugs. We called Anna Maria Vacations' office to inform them, and they offered us two $50 gift cards to go out and have some drinks at a local restaurant since we had to vacate the house for a large portion of the afternoon while pest control sprayed for bedbugs. After picking up the gift cards, however, we realized that 2 out of the 3 restaurants the gift cards could be used at had been shut down within the last month for health code violations. In addition to this, we were unable to get the WiFi to work consistently and ended up calling the cable company ourselves 3 days into our stay to sort it out. We did exactly what we had said we were planning on almost a year before our stay, and had a total of about 40 people at the house in the evening for a family event, none of whom spent the night. The following day, I received a voicemail from T (the same agent who assured me our plans were not a problem) with concerns that we had "an excessive amount of guests" at the house, that it seemed like we were having "some type of event" on the property, and a request to call back so that we could "get to the bottom" of the situation. Over the course of a couple phone calls with T, we come to find out that Anna Maria Vacations is now demanding that we pay a $500 event fee to cover conditional insurance for large events, despite the fact that the event was now over and conditional insurance was a moot point, and that we had preapproved our plans with them before even booking and not once was there mention of any event fees. When we tried to find out exactly why they wanted to charge us this extra fee, T could not give us a consistent answer. At one point, we were told that anything labelled an "event," even if it had as few as 4 people, required the extra fee. We were also given seemingly random numbers ranging from 14-50 (at different points in the conversation) as the approved number of guests allowed on the premises at any point in time, and that any number above the "approved" required an event fee. We were also informed that they had photographic evidence that we had "well over 60 people" and proof that we had the event catered, because the owner of the property had come onto the property while we were sleeping the next morning and taken photos of our trash without our knowledge. The "proof" of catering, we were told, was because we had a large number of food containers in the trash "with labels on them." When we told T that we also had photographs of all the people at the event and receipts from Sam's Club proving we had purchased a large amount of food to be prepared at the house by us (and I'm sure it will shock everyone to find out that Sam's Club does indeed put labels on their products), my husband and I were both told that we were lying. T also claimed by the end of the conversation to know nothing about us hosting any type of event at the house or having approved it ahead of time, despite confirming on a separate phone call a few hours earlier that day that she remembered discussing it with me when we came in June to tour. After over an hour of arguing in circles, and being called liars, we still had not received a solid reason to justify the $500 charge, and T proceeded to hang up on my husband and charge my credit card without my approval. Needless to say, we will not be paying the $500 fee, nor will we ever use this company again. We made the best of the small bumps earlier in our week, and were happy enough to overlook them, but the terrible episode of being called liars and having someone try to swindle us out of money for something we were expressly told would be fine ended up ruining the entire experience for us.

tl;dr -- Do NOT rent from this company! No matter how beautiful the property, the rental company is so awful that it isn't worth it. Save yourself time, money, and a lot of unwanted hassle and avoid these offensive and unprofessional people.

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6. Re: Anna Maria Vacations Rental Company

Yikes! No doubt about it, I would be very angry too.

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7. Re: Anna Maria Vacations Rental Company

The terms and conditions of rental on Anna Maria rental page is quite clear:

Maximum of 4 visiting guest.

Copied and pasted :


As listed on the reservation form. Additional persons are only allowed by prior arrangement with the Management. The renter may entertain a maximum of 4 visiting guests. No visiting guest may sleep overnight in the accommodation and if this occurs a 25% per person surcharge of the total cost of the reservation will be charged. The management also reserves the right to terminate the rental agreement immediately without refund.

We do not accept reservations from anyone under 25 years of age. We do not allow persons under 25 to occupy a property unless accompanied by someone over 25 years of age.

Noise Ordinance

The Island does have a noise ordinance that goes into effect after 10 pm, this ordinance pertains to any loud music or loud sounds coming from the property after this hour. If the police or the Management company is called due to the renters disturbing the peace we do reserve the right to terminate the rental agreement immediately.


Anna Maria Vacations manages several properties which are able to host events such as weddings, rehearsal dinners, anniversary dinners, reception, etc. This includes a select group of properties only. Please keep in mind that these are privately owned homes and not all owners allow events to be held at the property and not all properties are able to accommodate certain festivities. If you are interested in hosting a function during your vacation, please give us a call directly at 800-737-9855 to discuss the possible properties, requirements as well as the rules and regulations involved. Failure to notify us of an event is subject to a 25% surcharge of the total cost of the reservation and/or termination of the rental agreement.occupancy

As listed on the reservation form. Additional persons are only allowed by prior arrangement with the Management. The renter may entertain a maximum of 4 visiting guests. No visiting guest may sleep overnight in the accommodation and if this occurs a 25% per person surcharge of the total cost of the reservation will be charged. The management also reserves the right to terminate the rental agreement immediately without refund.

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8. Re: Anna Maria Vacations Rental Company

This guest stayed at Hunters Point, May 5-12, 2015 and had a wedding there without notifying us as per their contract. The owner of this luxury property happened to be in town and drove by his property and instantly saw the wedding arch and the chairs and alerted us to it—when we called the guests they were dishonest and said that they only had a small family gathering. They worked with two reservation agents for almost a year prior to their check in and claimed that they were only looking to book Hunters Point for their guests flying in from the UK. They at no time ever notified us that they were actually holding the wedding at this property. Also too, our head of maintenance found clear evidence of a professional catering company involved, including photographs documenting this evidence. In addition, we now have additional photographs that clearly show that they had a wedding at Hunters Point. They had 60 guests there for this event which would have never been authorized had we been told about it up-front as this property does not allow large gatherings.

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9. Re: Anna Maria Vacations Rental Company

How nice that the argument with your renter has ended up on TA. Since it is here, I get to put in my two cents before it gets closed by the powers of TA.

The OP should have told us that their event was a wedding. That does sound like something an agency would want to rake in more money in order to allow. However, airstrip's listing of the rules doesn't mean much, since you apparently agreed that they could have a family event with extra people in attendance.

So if they lied, it was probably by omission. Your loss in all of this, other than the extra $500, was the bad publicity it has given you. Was it worth it? Probably not.

Plus, you lost me with the bedbug issue before the wedding was even brought up.

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10. Re: Anna Maria Vacations Rental Company

I believe that the renter did inform you it was a family event and someone from your agency approved it. Doughnut, did you rent a property from this agency that had bedbugs?? I have never had that happen but I would for sure never use them again.

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