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Feelnyc and scam

Barcelona, Spain
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Feelnyc and scam

I was in NY the last April with my boyfriend and my two best friends.

The experience in the apartment was horrible, the photos don't match with the FeelNYC ( the company who reserved the apartment),Smartapartments and Toshi Apartments Web photos. They don't pay something for the problems.

They continue anouncing the apartment in their your website. Even that we inform to us about the situation.

I have some photos If someone likes to view I send it. We have a lot of problems more (problems with the mouse, neighbours etc.)


Estuve el pasado mes de Abril en NY con mi pareja y mis dos mejores amigos.

La experiencia en el apartamento fue horrorosa, las fotos no se correspondían con las anunciadas por FeelNYC ( empresa con la que contactamos para reservar el apartamento), Smartapartments y Toshi Apartments, no nos han compensado por ello.

Siguen anunciando el apartamento después de haber informado y la Atención al cliente ha sido pésima.

Tengo fotos si alguien quiera verlas. Puedo expicaros aún más cosas de las que nos pasaron. (casí nos quedamos sin apartamento, tuvimos ratones y vecinos que molestaban)

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1. Re: Feelnyc and scam

well, look at it this way: at least there WAS an apartment when you got there!

Check out no 2 of the TOP questions on the right of this board....^_^

Barcelona, Spain
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2. Re: Feelnyc and scam

Thanks for your comment, I reply my opinion in this site.

There not was the only problem with FeelNYc, Smartapartments and Toshi Apartments.

I only wish that other people knows the real situation with these rentals.

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3. Re: Feelnyc and scam

These rentals are illegal, and no one- including you- should even think about renting them.

Brooklyn, NY
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4. Re: Feelnyc and scam

This is your payback ..... money grabber


Stockholm, Sweden
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5. Re: Feelnyc and scam

I am also having problems with SmartApartments... those people are renting crap places, they know it and then they treat you badly when you complain, they even tried to scare me so I stay silent... on their Facebook page they deleted my comments and blocked my access, how friendly is that?!

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6. Re: Feelnyc and scam

You can't complain though.if they are illegal apartment rentals for cheap, that's exact.y what you get

Queens, New York
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7. Re: Feelnyc and scam

We tell people all the time on this forum that these websties are SCAMS, SCAMS, SCAMS. They make money ripping off naive tourists and they don't care about you at all.

Vancouver, Canada
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8. Re: Feelnyc and scam

The problem is those of us not from NYC don't know that they're a scam. My husband and I also had a very bad experience--to make a long story short--we finally took them to small claims court. They settled and it wasn't without alot of grief and aggravation. I will continue to do everything I can to ensure that no one else has the same experience as we did--we have a social responsiblity to make sure this doesn't happen to other people.

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9. Re: Feelnyc and scam

AirSchis--you are one of the lucky ones. You will able to find a REAL person to take to court. A good number ( the majority) of scams are run by people you will never see and never locate and therefore are unable to sue.

Like any lawbreaker these people do their best to work in the shadows. Posters on this site time and time again tell people not to rent. ( see top question sections) We come on and urge people who challenge us as to , Why not? not to rent. We answer the same question with the same answers over and over and over again. We argue with non-New Yorkers--sometimes taking verbal abuse) who think they know better than us. ( and we are volunteers)

Those of us who are regulars on TA are doing the best we can. Unfortunately not everyone comes here first.

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10. Re: Feelnyc and scam

Or believes what you're saying, rdglady. Or even care that they are breaking the law by renting an illegal apartment. I wouldn't dream of going to another city or country and breaking the law. I just don't get it....