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Benalmadena - 24 hour square

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Benalmadena - 24 hour square

I have been told that there are loads of bars and restaurants in 24 hour square. Has anybody beeen and know of any particularly suited to hen parties? How much would a taxi cost from La Carihuela?

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1. Re: Benalmadena - 24 hour square

Go to Disco Kiu, its the best.

a taxi would be bout 7 €

Johnstone, United...
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2. Re: Benalmadena - 24 hour square

Disco Kui is good although seems to be more geared up for the locals rather than British holidaymakers, Its also pretty expensive for drinks.

To be honest there is not a huge amount of bars/clubs in 24 hr square, your talking maybe 5 or 6 bars and 3 clubs. Theres a few decent bars down at the marina and a couple of clubs as well although these are generally geared up more for the locals as well but still worth a visit.

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3. Re: Benalmadena - 24 hour square

Hi I went to benalmadena last year and we went to 24 hour square and it was wicked loads of bars and clubs. Their are also people on the streets who work for these clubs who try to get you to g their. what you need to do is blag them and you will get better deals.

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4. Re: Benalmadena - 24 hour square

the ice bar is a good place to go a as wel. I met a dj their who dj's in a club in the town by where i live in walsall. majority of clubs would offer a buy 1 get one free. but like a say you need to blag.

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5. Re: Benalmadena - 24 hour square

I went to the 24 hour square about 2 weeks ago with a group of friends and it was brilliant, I would recommend going to Linekar's bar, it has the best atmosphere and it's fantastic if you're going on hen parties or just out on the town with a group of friends. However, Linekers bar shuts at around about 4am, then everyone (even the staff) head to Mangos, which is a lively nightclub with good music this closes at about 6 - 7 am. Taxi's are cheap as chips, and you tend not to spend alot of money in Linekers as they rope you into many different drinking games!

Have a good time

Torremolinos, Spain
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6. Re: Benalmadena - 24 hour square

Hey Stella,

Would definately not recommend Kiu for two reasons, one as the other poster said it is really geared up for the locals and unless you go on a friday or saturday night the chances are it will be empty until about 5am, and secondly the trouble there never seems to stop with incident after incident!

There are around 16 bars in the square and 4 clubs, most are spanish. The NON Spanish bars are (working from right to left) Dutch Inn, small but friendly, Liquid Bar, again.. small but friendly, good drink prices, but doesnt usually get busy until late, Linekars which is more or less next door to Liquid, a bit larger and has a good DJ (guiness) usually frequented by the local loons and teens lol.. then back round to the other side you have Molly Malones, very large with terrace outside bar, DJ from 11pm til pretty much when everyone goes which is usually around 6am ish! Then you have Beer Keller which looks like it needs a good wash haha..

Of course you have the marina, but it is not really geared up for hen parties.. and is very expensive.

I would just have a mooch around and see where you like.. some places are busier at different times than others, it goes in waves, you could be chatting at the bar one minute with the place packed, then turn round and everyone has gone!! One hour later it can be packed again.. its a weird ole place!

The only two places geared up for hen and stag parties i know are Molly Malones and Linekars! So, as Graham says "The decision is yours"

Have a wiked time anyways.

Torremolinos, Spain
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7. Re: Benalmadena - 24 hour square

OMg i hsve just realised that this original question was posted in 2006!!!! lol how funny.. i would have thought stella has been by now. Would be useful to the MODS of this site, if they expanded the mainframe of the forum to include a column entitled "date of original post" or something like that..

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8. Re: Benalmadena - 24 hour square

im just back from spain today and i was never away from 24 hour dquare. I found that linekers is good for a laugh and drink games.. hen parties etc, the beer keller has a really good dj but is more for younger ones. Mollys is more for elder people. The dutch in was the best to start off with for the first few drinks then liquid or beer keller. There is also a club called mangos and its really good aswell because at about half 5 or 6 all the PR's get in for free and it really gets busy with good music.

Down by the water the music is good and stuff but its 7 euro for one vodka where as at 24 hour sq. i was getting two vodkas. a sex on the beach cocktail and a shot for 7 and that was in the dutch bar.

I cant wait to go back i loved it.

And a taxi cost me 9 euro to go in then i got another taxi and it cost me 6.

Brighton, United...
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9. Re: Benalmadena - 24 hour square

Good post hamish.

Torremolinos, Spain
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10. Re: Benalmadena - 24 hour square


Would just like to point out two things, both of which you would find out if you are heading to the 24 hour square over the next few months, but a heads up is always good! Molly Malones is not mainly for the older people, it really depends on what nights you go. i.e. the last 4 nights have seen it packed to the gills with 18 - 30 year olds with rnb n dance music til 6.30am, with everywhere else shut, but on other nights it could be different. The same can be said for other bars, it really depends who is out and where they are.

The second thing to mention is that Mangos club closes at the end of this month, and Linekars shortly afterwards (exact date to be confirmed) Both closing til probably around March April time next year.

Will post more info if and when i get it.

Happy clubbin ",)