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way to much money. and parking is EXTRA. go enjoy the national park. maybe if they drop the price. to take our grand kids and 3 adults darn close to $550.00? no thanks, and thats just to get in. count in food ect and we are in the relm of disneyland. will stay in ca and go to mouse house and the beach.

Bartlett, Tennessee
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1. Re: dollyworld

It's called Dollywood.Adult price is $ 57.00pp and children

$ 45.80pp Parking $8.00.

How do you figure $ 550.00? You would have to have 3 adults and 8 children to reach that amount.

Disneyland is $76.00 adults and $ 68.00 children.

Dollywood is cheaper but the Smoky Mountain National Park is Free.You cant beat free.

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2. Re: dollyworld

While I can agree that the price can be steep, there are many scenarios in which one might imagine having a preference for Dollywood over the Massive Mouse Kingdom.

For many, Disney would be twice (or more), the travel time and mileage. This means more fuel and a hotel stay.

To be honest, Florida lacks a certain native culture that you find in so many other places throughout the U.S.A. It seems that everyone in Florida is from somewhere else.

While the beach is fun for kids, and many adults, I get bored at the beach, and I can imagine that others might as well. I understand that this is a personal preference, but how many days can one take laying around in the sunshine? The humidity and heat can be a burden to those of us who have to deal with it here in the south month after month. I simply do not wish to vacation under these conditions. I do enjoy relaxing at the beach,..but after a couple of days I just find myself bored with it all.

In the mountains, we can get out into the National Park and do some hiking. Even in the heat of summer you can find a hike at a higher elevation, spending time under a vast canopy of growth, or relax beside a cool stream in the shade where it feels like air conditioning. We tend to vacation in the shoulder seasons anyway, when temps are not extreme in either direction.

If I were overly concerned about expenses while planning a vacation at a theme park, Disney would probably not even enter the conversation. There is no doubt in my mind that I would spend less for a Dollywood visit. But again, those are simply my circumstances.

Fairmont, West...
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3. Re: dollyworld

I am wondering why the IP found it necessary to go off on a rant. It was in response to nothing, lacked first hand knowledge and spelling and grammar was terrible. Basically, would you like some cheese with your whine? If you don't want to go to Dollywood, or Dollyworld(wherever that is) - stay home. She will never miss you.

SE Indiana
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4. Re: dollyworld

"our grand kids and 3 adults darn close to $550.00?"

Savannah, Georgia
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5. Re: dollyworld

Yeah, there was not much point in creating this thread except as a poor attempt at bashing Dollywood.

Also, this is free. http://www.spellchecker.net/spellcheck/

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6. Re: dollyworld

I also don't get how Disney is better. You also have to pay for food and parking at Disney. You can ride the shuttles for free if you stay in one of the onsite overpriced hotels. Cokes or bottles of water was $4 or $5 and that was 3 or 4 years ago at Disney.

Powhatan Point, Ohio
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7. Re: dollyworld

Take a backpack with some P,B. and J. and some cans of pop or juice to help you budget. You can also find coupons for some restaurants in Dollywood.

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8. Re: dollyworld

We considered going to Disney World this summer but after checking some prices I realized that a trip for us to Disney which is at least a 12 hour drive, not counting stops, will require more saving and planning than what we've done this year. I do think Dollywood is expensive but not even comparable to Disney at all. Plus with Dollywood, if you go after 3pm you can get in free the next day. I don't think Disney does anything like that, I could be wrong though. And you can park for free and ride the trolley to Dollywood rather than pay to park at Dollywood.

This post is just silly and uninformed.

Bartlett, Tennessee
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9. Re: dollyworld

I think some of the shows at Dollywood are worth the cost just to get in.Well almost all the shows in Dollywood are great and not to mention its a beautiful amusement park .I dont think the prices are that bad compared to some of the other attractions in the area.IMO Dollywood Rocks!!!

I agree its a poor attempt at bashing Dollywood.

Edited: 15 February 2011, 16:36
Athens, Alabama
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10. Re: dollyworld

With the internet at your fingertips there should be no reason to not educate yourself on any destination you plan to visit. Almost every tourist destination from the worst of tourist traps to the best this country has to offer has a web site with prices clearly posted. You can't necessarily get food pricing but if you've ever traveled at all you know to expect to pay dearly for food in a captive environment. $5 per hour seems pretty reasonable for a day of food and entertainment. You can always leave the park and go to a fast food place for a meal or throw the cooler in the car with some sandwiches and drinks and have a picnic in the parking lot. Lots of shade available around the perimeter of the parking lot at Dollywood too.