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Cleveland, Ohio
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We travel to Myrtle Beach every summer. Part of vacation for me is to not have to cook, so we stay at a hotel that has a free breakfast and we eat out for the other meals. This year we are bringing my daughter's fiance and my son's girlfriend. We're paying for everything. In order to help with the cost, I'm looking for ideas of things we can easily cook (either ahead of time or while we're there) that are a hit with families on vacation. I DO NOT want to spend my entire vacation in the kitchen, so quick, easy meals please. Thanks!

Canton, Ohio
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1. Re: Food

Quick and easy beach meals enjoyed my my family now, my family when I was growing up, and my wife's family when she was growing up include: Lunch meat sandwiches (ham, or salami, or turkey, or all of the above with cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mustard) and/or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Make them in the morning and take to the beach in a cooler. Sides include fruit from local farmer stands, chips, carrots, and popsicles or push-pops.

Other money saving options:

Fastfood seems to taste better on the beach. Growing up, McDonalds was always awesome on the beach, but now I can’t stand McDonalds (regardless of location). Sonic also seems to taste better in The Grand Strand, than in Ohio... I still eat Sonic… lol

Prosser’s BBQ is usually the only buffet I suggest. It has both local seafood and BBQ items on the buffet, and is a good deal for lunch, although they have raised prices a bit. (It used to be $7.99, but it is now $9.95 for lunch, the price includes iced tea but not soda.) http://prossersbbq.com/

Drunken Jacks has a lunch menu which is cheaper than their dinner menu as well. This is a great place for local fish and is located on The Marsh Walk. http://drunkenjacks.com/

If you want to cook dinner to save money, but want to eat local food, there are several places to purchase local food. These locations are discussed in this thread: https://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-g54459…

Goodluck and have a great vacation!

Bethpage NY
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2. Re: Food

I always buy lunch and happy hour items.One thing about MB is that you can eat out fairly cheaply. River City Café, Dirty Dons, etc. I like to order in from Michaels pizza who deliver,etc

Any Beach
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3. Re: Food

Lasagna. Either make it ahead, freeze it and cook when you get there, or buy a ready made frozen one at the grocery store. Bread and bagged salad and voila. If your hotel/condo has outdoor grills maybe cook up some chicken breasts or steaks. You could also bring a crockpot from home and put something in it in the morning and by dinner it will all be ready. I like chicken breasts, potatoes, carrots, onions and mushroom, a can of cream of chicken or celery soup, couple of bay leaves, clove or two of garlic, salt and pepper...yum. Maybe get some local seafood, there are two great seafood markets up on Sea Mtn. Hwy in North Myrtle Beach...and cook them in the condo. And of course you can stop by the deli counter at a grocery store and pick something up. Seems like the deli's there are much better than at home. Oh and maybe you and your husband can go out to a nice dinner one night tell the kids they are "on their own". :)

Cleveland, Ohio
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4. Re: Food

Thank you all for your input.

Athens, Georgia
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5. Re: Food

We typically eat breakfast and lunch in and go out for dinner. Breakfast we do simple and easy cereal, oatmeal, cinnamon rolls. Lunch time is sandwich, hot dogs or salad. We also order in pizza.

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6. Re: Food

To help when eating in, we make up hamburger patties, spaghetti sauce, chili, and other items ahead of time, freeze in zip lock baggies and put in the cooler to help things cold. Hard frozen items in the bottom of the cooler are still frozen after 6 hours of driving time. We even cook bacon ahead of time, just don't put it in the bottom of the ice chest, put it on top.

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Rock Hill
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7. Re: Food

Baked spaghetti is a favorite with us. Make the noodles and sauce at home. Mix them up and dump in ziploc baggies. When you are ready to cook, dump half in a baking dish, top with cheese, put the other half and top with cheese.

We also like Chichen Alfredo. Boil some chicken breasts, boil egg noodles in the chicken broth. Drain the water, add the chicken and alfredo sauce and you have a meal.

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8. Re: Food

We usually do a combination of eating in and eating out. I think I will try a few freezer meals this year. I will try making and freezing the lasagna ahead of time. Also, a beef roast that goes in the crockpot for shredded beef sandwiches. We usually travel the 10 hours over 2 days, so I'm a little concerned about that amount of time. I think we have one of those heavy duty styrofoam coolers from a "mail order steak company" . Hopefully if I pack that right it should work.

We must have really great deli's here at home because I am usually disappointed in the deli lunch meat I get on vacation :( I admit lunch is the one meal I hate to bother with on vacation. Any brilliant (and easy) lunch ideas??

rhode island
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9. Re: Food

Don't know if you are a fan of prepared salads,chicken tuna ets. but publix has a pretty good selection. you can by a cooked chicken and make your own chicken salad, or use it for tacos .

we too have good deli's at home but krogers and publix both carry boars head meats. Also check out the happy hour site and you maybe can do a big breakfast, skip lunch and go to an early happy hour. Greg Norman's has a great food menu where everything is just $5. Don't forget hamberger JOes which is cheap enough for any meal. Hope this helps.

Murrells Inlet...
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10. Re: Food

Tacos were the first thing that came to my mind.

We went to Maui 2 years ago and we ate almost all of our meals in because food is expensive in Maui! We did fruit and cereal for breakfast mainly, sometimes eggs and toast. Lunch was usually a sandwich and chips. We got takeout dinner a few times but things I cooked were tacos, pasta pesto with grilled chicken (the pesto sauce worked as the condiment for our sandwiches as well), baked fish packets (throw fish in parchment with lemon slices and spices), and burgers.

Also keep in mind that the condo/house you are staying at may not have everything you need. I made a menu before we left and took things with me that I didn't think the condo would have. I took small baggies of spices so I wouldn't have to buy a spice jar only to use a little bit and leave the rest (plus everything I read said spices were expensive). I also took things like tupperware, parchment paper, and aluminum foil. Not much, just enough for what I thought I would use.

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