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"Beach Nourishment" Project- Ruining Vacays this Summer!

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"Beach Nourishment" Project- Ruining Vacays this Summer!

We are renting an oceanfront home at quite the premium in S. Nags Head this summer, and just received a notice last Friday that notified us of a "beach nourishment" project that will be ongoing on our stretch of beach while we are there. The beach will be closed and machinery will be working under lights 24/7. I am so upset that we have no recourse because of the contract we signed before we knew this!

After some research, I learned that the rental companies (as well as owners and residents) knew of this project and have been hotly debating its details for months. After the many questions we asked about our rental, no one apprised us that we may want to choose a different house.

Just beware-- if you are already obligated to a rental in the Town of Nags Head, this project could affect you too. The town website has the projected dates for each location/MP.

If anyone has any good advice for getting out of this contract, please let me know. We have young kids, as well as handicapped elderly-- we cannot navigate large pipes and mountains of dredged sand.


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1. Re: "Beach Nourishment" Project- Ruining Vacays this Summer!

Beach Nourishment is going on this summer in parts of Nags Head. When the rental brochures are printed, and when many people make their reservations, the areas that will be affected by this project are not known. Your rental company does not know when this work will be done, and in what areas, and therefore cannot let you know in advance.

I do not know if there is anything in your contract that would allow you to break it, and still receive any compensation. You may want to check, and see if they have another home that may accomodate your needs as you have a person who is handicapped.

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2. Re: "Beach Nourishment" Project- Ruining Vacays this Summer!

I totally agree with everything you said.

What they should have done is (1) schedule the project to start in March so it could have concluded before June, (2) notify every renter on impacted beaches before they contracted, discounted the rental, and absorbed the losses for that stretch of time if renters chose to go elsewhere.

That would have been the fair and ethical thing to do. This project benefits the home and business owners in Nagshead, so they are the ones who should take the financial hit for this summer, not the vacationners.

Instead, they deliberately scheduled it for prime rental season starting the project in mid-June and waited until late April to announce the decision publically, long after most rentals are booked.

We've heard of some who asked to move to another community have been allowed without penalty. Have you asked?

If you can't move your location, all may not be lost. There is little accuracy to the projected schedule, so even if it looks like they will be on your stretch of the beach when you are there, it very well might not be the case. There will be delays and such impacting the schedule. The town council leader (can't remember her name) was on the news announcing that vacationners should appreciate being able to witness such an historic event and therefore not be upset - shows you how clueless this person is - well, she also lies to everyone saying it'll only impact you for a day as they move 400 ft per day and will be out of your way quickly. While it's true they move at that rate, it's not true that they'll be out of your way that fast. They move where they are dredging, but they extend a long metal pipe along the length of beach that you have to climb over to get to and from the water. That impacts a lot of homes until they move it about once a week.

My last suggestion would be to plan a fall back to pack the family adn beach stuff in a car each day and head a mile away to enjoy the beach as best you can in case they are there at the same time. Don't listen to some who will try to post advice saying it's not a big deal and give non-sensical posts like "any day at the beach is better than a day at work". I've lived through one of these projects before and it did ruin that year's vacation for me. I felt like I was at a construction site all week. Couldn't even sleep at night because of all the noise. It ruins much of why you come - no beautiful views, no waves crashing, no walks along the beach each morning and evening, no watching the stars from the deck (the lights are bright). It's just nasty.

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3. Re: "Beach Nourishment" Project- Ruining Vacays this Summer!

NC has a great thing called the NC Vacation Rental Act. You might see if anything in there can help. This is just one source I have for it on a very quick search:


There may also be something in your contract about providing a substitute.

So sorry.

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4. Re: "Beach Nourishment" Project- Ruining Vacays this Summer!

Have you simply asked the rental agency if they would be willing to transfer you to a different house at a different location on the banks?

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5. Re: "Beach Nourishment" Project- Ruining Vacays this Summer!

for anyone else who is concerned about the beach nourishment, a current schedule, which will be updated daily once the project begins, can be found here: http://www.townofnagshead.net/index.asp?Type=B_BASIC&SEC={9BA20C54-6A4A-4039-8FCA-463771B8970E}

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6. Re: "Beach Nourishment" Project- Ruining Vacays this Summer!

Your information in inaccurate. The town of Nags Head was only notified in April that the "homeowners" in Nags Head had approved (via an increase in their taxes) to go ahead with the project. Once the town was informed that the project was a "go" rental companys began notifying all guests involved. (This has been discussed for many years with no resolution other than the continued erosion of the beaches and homes destroyed.) As we have started to watch this project, and it is moving along quickly. For all of you true and faithful OBX vacationers that visit every year as I have, I can live with this temporary inconvenience, knowing that next year my rental home will still be here!!

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7. Re: "Beach Nourishment" Project- Ruining Vacays this Summer!

It's rather impossible to believe that the timing of everything wasn't all worked out to maximize the # of renters already committed before making the annoucement. In fact, from a project mgmt perspective and knowing the bureacratic processes involved, there's absolutely no way it suddenly got approval in April and everything is planned, announced and ready to start the project that same year. Things of this scope don't work like that. The timing of the announcement was all theatre to make it look innocent, but it wasn't. Even the website and schedule was up and ready when the announcement was made in April. I believe the original poster, this was all politics and making sure the renters were abused for theis season so the owners don't have to be without the income. Nice.

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8. Re: "Beach Nourishment" Project- Ruining Vacays this Summer!

I don't know the specifics of this renourishment project, but having dealt with and lived through many others at Holden Beach, NC as a homeowner there, I can assure you that no homeowner or realty agent wants the renourishment to occur during the summer months, and have along with their local representatives, fought tooth and nail to see that it does not happen during their crucial high season. HOWEVER, when you are dealing with government agencies who have the final say over this type thing, and jerk local town officials, homeowners, and business owners around for months, sometimes years, you have NO CONTROL over when and or if these much needed beach renourishments occur. The local representatives can fight for years to get the needed funds and different federal government agencies approval, with no luck, then instantly the oks come through and it's a go. Sorry, if that's "rather impossible" for you to believe, but that's just one of the harsh realities of living and/or owning property along the coast.

It ain't all paradise!

I'm sorry for these inconvenienced renters, but these things do move along quite rapidly, once they get started. There are many nice, picturesque, public beaches in the OBX, plus many wonderful historic sites, etc. to visit. Take a day or so to enjoy the rest of the OBX while the renourishment is taking place in front of your rental.

9. Re: "Beach Nourishment" Project- Ruining Vacays this Summer!

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10. Re: "Beach Nourishment" Project- Ruining Vacays this Summer!

So, kgoody, what have you found out from the rental agency this week? Got a nice new place?

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