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Do itineries make for a bad holiday? - discuss

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Gourock, United...
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Do itineries make for a bad holiday? - discuss

Well with our summer vacations approaching we are all thinking about what we will do on holiday. Itneries have been mentioned but are they really necessary to have a good holiday? I posted this question some time ago but thought it is was worth airing to get a discussion going.

People seem to be so excited about going on holiday that they try to do as much as they can not to miss a minute of their waking hours.

Should you really plan your holiday in so much detail? Is it not better to enjoy your holiday doing the most important things. Set some must dos and then be flexible and create the memories that you can recall rather than having a fleeting experience of as much as you can cram in.

Take your time and soak up the experience. You know it makes sense.

Dining out is another issue, how do I know what I might like to eat at 8pm on my second Thursday. Pasta, Pizza, Burger, Chicken, Olive Garden, Bahama Breeze, take-out or just a snack. This is a whole other dilema.

Or do I miss out on my holiday coming home saying I wish I had done this. (it’s always a good reason to return).

What’s your thoughts?


Matlock, United...
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1. Re: Do itineries make for a bad holiday? - discuss

Hi David,

We don't do an itinerary, we just go with what parks we want to go to in mind then wing it. I think it depends on what you feel like each day. If we want a lie in then thats what we do, weather is also a factor. We decide each morning what we will do for the day. Sometimes we decide as the day goes by, we might go shopping then decide to go to universal for a few hours in the afternoon :)

I love doing our holidays this way, I find it calm and relaxing. Just take each day as it comes ahhhhhhh starting to feel the Orlando chill out already, roll on 5th May.

Toronto, Canada
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2. Re: Do itineries make for a bad holiday? - discuss

I personally like to set out a few must do's and then another list of things we'd like to do, places we'd like to eat. To me, over scheduling isn't relaxing. Take things as they come and be flexible. However, you also don't want to waste time trying to decide in the am what to do today and then end up doing nothing when everyone wants to do something.

Horsham, United...
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3. Re: Do itineries make for a bad holiday? - discuss

We just make a couple of ADR's, places we don't want to miss, O'Hanas. Chef Mickeys etc and then wing it the rest of the time. But we have been many times and never stay more than about 4 hours at a time in the parks. I have, a few times made itineries, but they have gone to pot on the first day :) I can understand why others who are on their first trip or haven't been that much do plan ahead, it's really the only way to see everything in one trip. It's a bit like a military campaign for some. Every one has different ways of planning their holidays, we tend to take the more laid back approach now :).

Surrey, England
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4. Re: Do itineries make for a bad holiday? - discuss

Last year we were on the dining plan for the first time, so we had all our dining booked at 180 days + 10. We then felt we had to work out our itinerary around this, I can't believe how many times we rejigged this to get a good fit. Although we enjoyed the food we did find the whole thing a bit regimented, even anal! On the last night we had a booking at Le Cellier but had been there about a week prior and found our server somewhat superior, so we dumped our booking for something more "downmarket". The consierge in our hotel nearly had a fit, I thing he thought we had lost our minds! This year we've got the quick service dining, have no plans whatsoever, and can't wait!!

Ermington, United...
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5. Re: Do itineries make for a bad holiday? - discuss

We find having an itinerary works well for us , we have long lists of things to do places to go, restaurants to eat in and what days we will do each of these, and we try and tie things all together with an Itinerary ,

We both like to get up early in the mornings , we always arrive at the parks long before they open to give us the best chance of doing all the rides we like a couple of times. we always aim to be back at the villa by 2pm for a few hours by the pool ,before getting ready to head out for a game of mini golf in the evening and then on to our chosen place to eat.

we have rough times to stick to , this way we get the most out of our vacation, its not for every one i know, but it suits us just fine

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6. Re: Do itineries make for a bad holiday? - discuss

I like to plan where I am staying and which park I am doing , but when comes to ordering food we order what we want to order and we go to places even if they are booked before we go where we can choose from a A la carte card :-)

That way , if we want pizza or hamburger or fish we can get that .

its not any different if You want to make a reservation to go out to eat at a restaurant near by Yourself either, its good to have made the reservation ahead so You are sure that the restaurant can take You in. ( what if they have a private party there on the day You want to go there and eat ? )

When it comes to the parks lol we have not gotten to see the Fantastimic show yet, even if we have been in the parks at that time , but quing for hours its not my stile so then we skip that and hope that we one day get a chance to see it without quing

And when we are in the parks we are not running from one place to another either we start in one end which suites us that day and follow up going round

But planning a little bit makes the holiday better at least it does for us.


Edited: 02 April 2011, 18:55
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7. Re: Do itineries make for a bad holiday? - discuss

We do plan something’s, i.e. not to visit a Disney park that has early EMH, or to visit MK in the evening when the fireworks are on. We will also keep Wednesday evening free for Fajita Wednesday at Don Pablo’s.

I think it depends upon the tickets you have, if you one of the flexible type tickets, you can afford to be “flexible”. However if you are limited to the number of days you can visit a park you should do a bit of planning.

ADRs are one of the reason I haven’t stayed on site at Disney, I think it would be a nightmare planning where to eat 180 days before you visit.

isle of wight
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8. Re: Do itineries make for a bad holiday? - discuss

I always remember a few years ago posting a reply to this same question and having my head blown off by the we plan our Disney vacation down to the last minute brigade because I had stated my holiday was a holiday and I go with the flow.

With a little help from the known agitators who shall remain naimless it became a funny full scale battle between the does and the dont

Well the following year I thought I would give it a go , after all you can not go against something if you have never tried it, so I joined Touring plans printed out their suggested travel plans and set out which park to go to according to crowd levels ,boy what a nightmare that turned into not one park we visited had any thing like the crowds we expected from TP quiet days were as busy as hell and by the 4 visit we tore the plans up and deposited them in the nearest rubbish can.

Since that time Im back to my lets go with the flow if we fancy a park either at 10 am or 6 pm then we do it if we fancy a water park then we do it and if we fancy lazing around the villa we do it .

Works for us lol.

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9. Re: Do itineries make for a bad holiday? - discuss

An itinerary is good providing it is not set in stone. No use carrying on reguardless if people in your party are tired/hungry/fed up etc. That said iv'e made our itinerary and we don't go til Oct ! Ha ha. I know what Parks for each day, and what headliner attractions to hit first !! It's a bit tiring reading it ! I love the word itinerary ! My friends fly to Orlando tomorrow and they havn't got one ! Eeek !

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10. Re: Do itineries make for a bad holiday? - discuss

I have a very "loose" intinery..we normally plan what park we will go to on which day..thats about it. Last trip we had the dining plan and wanted to do some of the favourite restaurants so we had to plan and book those..we found it a little restrictive with these as we had booked these restaurants and didnt want to miss out on them but we not hungry or totally in the wrong place etc. One day my son was sick so hubby stayed in with him while the rest of us kept the reservation. We cancelled one because we were all tired and the reservation was *.45 at night! we really didnt want to eat.

I have seen others running around trying to stick to a touring plan, saying they were 50 mins behind schedule and would have to miss a ride out or they would be late for the rest of the day..i really could have a vacation like that!!

So parks and dining is planned beforehand but thats it.