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Epcot ' Favourite Countries '

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Epcot ' Favourite Countries '

It's will be our first visit to Orlando/Florida next year, and i was wondering what are peoples favourite countries in Epcot and why? Apart from the food and drink sampling, what makes the Country a favourite. I quite like the sound of Japan,as the gardens sound lovely. :)

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1. Re: Epcot ' Favourite Countries '

France has street performers, as does Italy...the kids loved the little shows.

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2. Re: Epcot ' Favourite Countries '

I like Morocco because once you enter it you're completely surrounded by it. It's really like being in a Moroccan bazaar, a less crowded one, but still..... I also love that all the carvings and tile work were done by actual Moroccan artisans who were brought over specifically for the task.

Another is Canada. Again, the same, once you enter it you can't really see the promenade and all the masses of guests. You're surrounded by the country. The walkway by the waterfall is beautiful.


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3. Re: Epcot ' Favourite Countries '

Another one for Morocco but Mexico is good too. Its inside and dark, a bit like a nice cool evening!!

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4. Re: Epcot ' Favourite Countries '

We like Morocco and Canada for the live bands. Mo Rockin' play a kind of Middle East Funk fusion whilst Off Kilter are kind of Tartan Rock (if you know what I mean :-)

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5. Re: Epcot ' Favourite Countries '

Canada and England for the bands. Both Off Kilter and British Invasion are pretty good.

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6. Re: Epcot ' Favourite Countries '

Mexico is fantastic and great on a hot day. I love the architecture in Morocco and Italy. The UK is cozy and quaint and the music is so much fun. America has two fabulous shows inside the main building. Those are my favorites.

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7. Re: Epcot ' Favourite Countries '

I like the shows in China (acrobats) and France (chair balancing mime) and the feel of Morocco. I enjoy the World Showcase Players-usually in the UK with a cold Guinness in hand.


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8. Re: Epcot ' Favourite Countries '

Each one really has something great to offer. The little shows and characters add to the fun, so if you happen to be there when they are there, it is lots of fun.

Mexico is always fun, because you go inside the pavillion and it is like an outside courtyard in the evening.( with a volcano on the water) You may hear a mariachi band in front of the restaurant. There is the inside water ride which is quite calm and reminds us of Its a Small World. It is based on the 3 Amigos cartoon. My daughter always loved to watch the glass blower, too.

Norway has always been my daughter's favorite because she was captivated by the Trolls. There is a giant statue of one in the store that we photographed her and my son with all the years as they grew up. The ride is again fun but calm. There is 2 hidden Mickeys on the mural as you are waiting inside on line. She was so in love with Norway, that when her boyfriend proposed to her, he did it in Norway in Epcot.

Germany is great. We love the decor.I have heard that they are adding a Werther's caramel store where yummy things will be dipped in caramel- sounds good. There is a miniature train set up on the grounds that is cool to look at.

Italy is lots of fun. If you are there when the mime is there who uses the soccer ball for an interactive performance it is very funny. Also, there is a traveling troupe of "Shakesperean actors" that perform there for an interactive performance with the audience.

We love the United Kingdom area. We love the Beatles and there is a group of men called the British Invasion that perform behind the garden that are good. They do Beatles songs as well as some other groups.

Also between Canada and the United Kingdom, there is a group of musicians called Off Kilter. They are fantastic!

France is wonderful. Yes, fantastic perfumes and also yummy ice cream. But the best is to go to the Patisserie and get a pastry and sit in the outside cafe area. Peaceful and a very reasonable way to eat dinner. They have croissant sandwiches that are very good. The movie in France is very well done and enjoyable! There is also a mime act here, that is lots of fun. The man goes very high up on top of wobbling chairs.

Japan has a beautiful garden area and there are 2 shows outside. One is a story teller, but our favorite is the candy maker. She will turn melted candy into anything you want it to look like like a glass blower would. It is fantastic.

Morocco is great because you really feel like you are in a Moroccon village. My children felt like they were in Aladdin. There is a a great musical and belly dancing act called MoRoccon that is fun to watch.

The American pavillion has a wonderful movie that also has animatronic characters in it. It is about a half hour, I think, but if you are interested in history, it is quite good. Also in the dome, they have a lovely group of singers while you wait to go inside for the movie.And of course, that is where they have the outside stage that has the various concerts.

China is very lovely inside and out.

Canada is cool, too, and we had a great experience one time when Goofy was dancing there and got the kids involved.

Again, you may see the characters around the countries from where the stories could be from.. for example- Aladdin and Jasmine from Morocco or Belle in France or Mary Poppins or Alice in Wonderland in the United Kingdom.

One more thing... look into Kim Possible, if you have the time. The stands are set up in many of the countries. There are 7 missions that you can go on in 7 countries. It takes about a half hour for each one and it is fun- even for the adults. Our favorite so far is in Germany, but we havent done them all yet.

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9. Re: Epcot ' Favourite Countries '

Mexico is great. The food and margaritas are fab. The inside market place is wonderful too.

France has some great street performers and it's lovely to sit and watch with a glass of wine.

Epcot is my absolute favourite of the parks, with Hollywood studios coming second. They both have great ambince.

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10. Re: Epcot ' Favourite Countries '

Canada, just love Off Kilter, fabulous!!!!