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When traveling...and pets are left at home.

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When traveling...and pets are left at home.

Came back from Cozumel last week...and thought I would share this with you, and if anyone else would have any stories that they would like to add !!

When you are gone on a vacation and you have people stopping over to your home taking care of your pets...you know the pets that normally are really great and not to much of a problem .

When you chat with people and they ask you about..like how many pets do you have and what are their names...we met quit a few people on vacation...that we talked with every day....

But in my case I would come down for breakfast and tell our new friend that we we minus a pet ...3 different time !!!

We have 2 cats and "one" of them can really be a schmuck !! We "did" have 3 gold fish that have lived happily in our home for almost 2 years...but no more.....RIP

Anyone else have any naughty little pets out there.....while you are traveling and relaxing.

While the owners are away the cats will play...


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1. Re: When traveling...and pets are left at home.

We were watching a neighbors birds while they were away, just two little parakeets....they both died within a few days of each other. Our neighbor couldn't help but to send us a beautiful thank you card with birds all over it with a cryptic note that said "we'll take care of your pets anytime!'. LOL!

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2. Re: When traveling...and pets are left at home.

Well we left 6 fish in a tank and when we came back there were 44 and still counting LOL!!! (I was sure they were all girls!)

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3. Re: When traveling...and pets are left at home.

Our cat (Burmese) goes into cat kennels but has now been band from 3 in our area. He tries to escape and makes more noise than all of the other cats between them. He just wants a bit of love and cuddles. He usually sulks for a couple of days after we get back. As soon as he sees the bags come down from the loft, hes off.

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4. Re: When traveling...and pets are left at home.

Our dog goes to the kennel. But we do have a cat at home. When we went to Yellowstone my mom would stop by once a day to get the mail and feed the cat. My mom is scared of almost all animals. When we came back my mom was so happy. The cat would sit by the door and hiss at her and bat at her legs when she came in. Sometimes I wonder if he thinks he is a dog.

Now my niece says she wants to cat sit for us while we are in DIsney. My brother hates cats but her mom said ok. I just hope we come home and still have a cat! :)

Our cat did get one fish out of our tank while we were shopping once. He just left it on the floor so when we came home we put the fish back in the water. He was pretty beat up but he ended up living another 6 years!

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5. Re: When traveling...and pets are left at home.

Our cats do fine alone with someone coming in to check on them every couple of days or so. Hubby's border collie goes to work with him every day so one of his employees usually keeps her and brings her to work as usual. She gets depressed if she has to stay home.

Jack the Shih Tzu is a problem. I'll bring him if I can. We've tried kennels but he causes problems. His last kennel visit resulted in a hefty vet bill. He hurt his paws scratching at the door of his doggy "suite". On our last trip (to New York City- I do go othr places every now and then!) he stayed with Grandma. That worked better although I'm not sure how Grandpa feels about it!


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6. Re: When traveling...and pets are left at home.

we had a pair of huskies-- they are notorious for being escape artists. Left them for a weekend, Fri evening till Sunday afternoon in the backyard (fenced) with the door to the garage open with thier beds inside. The nieighbors popped over to feed them. Got home and had 3 people had caught them outside of the yard and put them back in. The 3rd time they escaped, it was the police who nabbed them. Left us a note about it and had found a propane tank for the grill to plug a hole they'd dug to get out. LOL Fortunately, we lived in a small town where everyone knew where the rotten huskies lived! No more leaving them to thier own devices! Had someone stay WITH them after that and eventually found a great kennel to take them to.

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7. Re: When traveling...and pets are left at home.

Once got asked to "fish-sit" for our neighbour who always watches our cats when we are away - fish were fairly old - well loved family pets - god I was on tenderhooks every time I opened the lounge door the cat shot past and stopped with her nose pressed against the tank!! Thought if the cat doesn't get the poor thing it will have a heart attack! Happy ending - the fish survived the 2 weeks (and so did I)! Luckily the daughter got married and took her fish with her so we didn't get asked again!!


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8. Re: When traveling...and pets are left at home.

oh yeah - we always come home to find out how many presents the cats have brought home - we do have very good neighbours - 2 weeks of dead mice and birds - need to get her a good present this year - we are going for 3 weeks!!


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9. Re: When traveling...and pets are left at home.

When we leave our maltese at home, she always get into mischief. Once she knocked all the cushions off of the couch & strung toilet paper all through the house. (She doesn't usually do that) Now we close all the doors & she can't get to stuff.

Thought that would work......next time she ate the tinsel off the Christmas tree while we were gone new year's eve. Hefty little vet bill. (We won't even talk about the time she ate the corn dog out of the trash - stick & all)

We can't put her in the kennel since she would be devestated. She doesn't really know she is a dog. We now send her to Grandma's house. It goes well, but she potties on all the throw rugs she has laying around !

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10. Re: When traveling...and pets are left at home.

This has to be about 17 years ago or more and I was single and my friend was going away on a holiday for 14 days and she had a cat and asked me if I could stay in her apartement when she was away, sure I said that was a good idea and I got instructed in what that cat should eat and it was tuna every day that cat did eat very well.

After a couple of days the cat started to snez at me wich I sort of was a bit stranges since I had bounded with that cat earlier and it was a really nice cat, well this went on I was sort of in and out for work and at town etc, I was younger You know, haven´t always had time for TA and FB and tv and the 14 days run fast and I cleaned up after me and stocked up for my friend to come home so she didn´t have to go out shopping when she came home, and then I left the building knowing every thing had went fine.

Until my friend called and asked about the cat and I said well its around some place she called for the cat and out of the bushes there comes the cat oh wait a minute thats not my cat she tells me afterwards that was another wild cat that had been around and scared her cat away when she was away and they looked similar for me at least , but not for her, so I had been feeding that wild cat most of the holiday it went a couple of days before her cat come back and little thinner then she had left him.

What a great Cat minder I am :-)