Places to dock/services between Port Cassafieres and Homps?

We will be a party of 5 adults cruising the Canal du Midi for one week (7 nights) at the beginning of October (6-13). None of us have done anything like this and have minimal boating experience, so we are doing a fairly short route (about 40 miles) between Port Cassafieres and Homps on a Calypso boat with Le Boat. From what I have read, we will have plenty of time to take our time cruising and in the little towns along the way, which is exactly what we're looking for!

One question I had was about places to dock in between Port Cassafieres and Homps. I don't believe there will be any Le Boat docks between the two, so I am expecting to pay to use other docks. Any idea on what the cost of this may be? And does anyone know if there is a dock that has some services along the way- electrical plug-in, water-tank fill up, etc?

Also, any ideas on how easy it will be to find restaurants, wineries and sites that will be open during this time? The end of October is not the high season, so I am hoping there will still be some interesting places open by then. I've done a fair amount of research and it looks like there will at least be markets and stores where we'll be able to stock up on food if needed, but we'd really like to take advantage of the restaurants and local food and wine when we can.

Thanks for any help or advice!