Avoid Melville winery

As proud dog parents and avid wine lovers we have visited many wineries in Paso Robles and the Santa Barbara area with our dogs. We always ask if we can bring them into the tasting rooms. Usually (esp. in Paso) the answer is "Yes". Sometimes it's a very polite "No" or "They have to stay outside on the patio." I have absolutely no problem with the latter.

Recently however, we went to Melville winery in Lompoc and were screamed at when we asked this question. The tasting room manager told us that not only were dogs not allowed in the tasting room, they weren't allowed anywhere on the property. We would have to lock them in the car, and this was in the middle of an August heatwave! Another woman was ordered to lock her little dog in the car even though she was sitting outside holding him in her lap at the time!

Isn't it against CA law to lock your pet in the car in hot weather? If any of you are dog parents I implore you to avoid Melville at all costs. The wine may be good (who knows, since I wasn't willing to abuse my dogs to find out), but their attitude towards man's best friend is abysmal. Shame on Melville!