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Looking for a hotel in Caracas

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Looking for a hotel in Caracas

We'll be in Caracas from August 17th to 22nd. We are two adults and a 10 years old boy. We've read that the best area to stay is "Sabanagrande" Is it true?

We're interested in a good 3 or 4 stars hotel but not an expensive one.Which one do you think would be the best option?

Would you please give us some advice also in what to do or where to go?

Thank you in adavance for all the help we've always found in these forums.



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1. Re: Looking for a hotel in Caracas

Caracas can be an interesting city to be in. I'm not sure it justfies five days.

I found the Museum of Bellas Artes to be fascinating, and they sometimes have ENGLISH classic movies. I would take a cab to the museum unless you want to walk besides a busy highway.

The Sabana Grande is a street alive with activity, and safe during the day, but watch out for pickpockets.

The Subway is safe enough in the day, and it can get you to most places as well.

Do NOT bother to see the zoo, no matter how much you're tempted. It has some loose monkeys and a few animals who look on the verge of death.

If you speak Spanish, your visit can be a most enjoyable one.

Look for a good exchange rate. American Dollars get you the best exchange rate, about 30% or greater than using your ATM card. When I was there, I could get 2500 bolivars to the Dollar at various establishments, or was offered it as I walked along.

The credit card gets you 2000 bolivars at best. Each town has its 'highest' rate.

Now, heres a hint if you really get tired of Caracas. About 6 hours away by bus is a small beach town called Puerto Columbia, and it's a gem of a place. On the weekdays, its not so busy, and on teh weekends, its full of the energy given by weekending Caracas residents.

The water is warm, the beach is small, and the swimming is safe..

From Caracas you can go to many parts of Venezuela.

Make sure you book your tours ahead of time, because the tour agencies in Merida like pre-booked tours, and you may have to wait a few days to arrange tours. you will NEED tours of many things in Venezuela.

See Angel Falls. I'll say it again. See Angel Falls.

Caracas - Venezuela
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2. Re: Looking for a hotel in Caracas

Sabana Grande���s main street is a 7-8 block commercial boulevard that runs from Plaza Venezuela to Chacaito, with lots of stores and small-medium malls; however, it���s also plagued with street vendors and therefore is it���s always crowded, dirty and not the safest place to show your jewelry and nice cameras/camcorders, also beware of pickpockets; but with precautions is a good place to shop (never walk there late at night), also good located and with 3 Metro stations in it���s path.

There are some hotels in the area like the President near Plaza Venezuela, Cumberland in Las Delicias, Las Americas in Chacaito and Lincoln Suites at the boulevard, not too expensive but not extremely nice, check them out. There are others in Las Acacias Avenue near Plaza Venezuela, avoid them at all cost. On the avenue south of the boulevard (Casanova) is the Melia Caracas hotel, expensive and classy; the best choice in the area if you can afford it. On the avenue north of the boulevard (Solano) there���s a bunch of nice tascas, in case you miss home. (The best tascas in Caracas are in La Candelaria, either near Bellas Artes or Parque Carabobo metro stations, tascas owned and managed by galicians and vasques).

The best tourist attraction in Caracas is the cablecar (telef��rico), which in 20 min. and for less than 10$ takes you to the top of the Avila mountain with a great, beautiful view of Caracas and its��� valley on one side, and the sea of Vargas state (where the airport is) on the other. Breathtaking! . There are great restaurants on the top and even an ice-skate ring, your kid will love it.

For shopping, there are also great malls in Caracas, specially Sambil, San Ignacio and CCCT. They have cinemas and arcades and many restaurants.

The midtown (center) of the city is rich with colonial arquitecture, mainly around Plaza Bol��var (near Capitolio metro station), you��ll find the Cathedral, the house of Bolivar, the Palacio Municipal, etc��� you should also be cautious in this area.

I���m sure your hotel can provide different excursions near Caracas, like la Colonia Tovar, a typical Bavarian town 1,5 hour drive from Caracas founded by german immigrants, bautiful, with great food and handcrafts (avoid going on weekends, too crowded). Los Roques keys (30 min. flight from Caracas) is expensive but you���ll find some of the best beaches in the whole world, they have daily tours. Angel Falls (the highest waterfall in the world, almost 1 km. high, simply exhuberant and beautifull) is very far, actually in the middle of the jungle, not so expensive but it���ll require a sleep over.

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3. Re: Looking for a hotel in Caracas

I just came from vacationing in Venezuela and one thing I didn't know is that if you do not check in by certain time your hotel rooms are given to people waiting. Make sure you let the hotel know the time of your arrival.

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