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St. Petersburg

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St. Petersburg

When I called to bank for travel notification. i was told Russia and Denmark are the high risk country to get hacked. Does any of you have that kind of experience when you travel to those area?

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St Petersburg Russia
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1. Re: St. Petersburg

Not sure of what country was advising this but the US State Department listed Russia has a high risk and strongly advised no Americans go to Russia for the World Cup. It was the same risk level as Somalia. Obviously, that was pure propaganda but many thousands were cheated out of probably the best safest best organized World Cup in history, according to FIFA. Did they tell you the most hacking is done from within the US? That is true so if you were not hacked there you have excellent odds of not having a problem here either. The bank probably is repeating the official state department narrative on Russia. The only times I had a problem, it was from Germany (I had a debt card specifically for travel and a move and was only used once, to buy a sandwich in Frankfurt while waiting for a flight to Moscow. Someone with access withdrew the maximum daily amount until $25,000 was gone. Only 6 months later when attempting to use the money did I find out all the money was gone. It took 3 years fighting with Wells Fargo over giving that money to someone with a different signature. I did finally get it returned. That other was a hacking of a website that had my billing info so a lot of charges were run up in an hour until the card issuing back blocked it. That was a credit card so I only lost $50. I have been in Russia for 18 years and not a hint of problems. I am much more careful when back in the US.

The bank does not know the origin of hacks so is just repeating what the government wants them to say. You could always ask for the reference document from which they determined Russia was a high risk but I am sure they will not tell you, that department probably does not know who told them to repeat that claim.

I have met with thousands of visitors and none reported any problems

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2. Re: St. Petersburg

what has hacking to do with the country? makes no sense to me.

You have to watch out for ATM skimming. didn't encounter it yet, but can happen:


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3. Re: St. Petersburg


Thanks for your advice

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4. Re: St. Petersburg

i was told Russia and Denmark are the high risk country to get hacked.


We are in good company :))

Did the bank name any country - except its own - which isn't 'high risk'?

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5. Re: St. Petersburg

I, my wife and my son all used credit cards and withdraw cash from ATM in both Denmark and Russia when we traveled there. So far nothing wrong happened over there. Though we were taking the precocious measures as everywhere else such as using credit cards on legitimately looked businesses or online vendors, withdraw cash only from band ATMs located in legitimate bank branches covering a pin code to prevent exposing it to others or hidden cameras. For online transaction to double check that the site is confirmed as legitimate. Before traveling we notify our banks of the destination countries to help them with monitoring transactions for security purposes.

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