1 day in Nikko: reasonable to stay at Honke bankyu?

Hello all,

I am staying for a few days in Tokyo and then I would like to head to Nikko where I'd like to spend one night before taking the train to Hakone the following day.

My questions is the following: does it make sense / is it feasible to stay at Honke Bankyu?

I definitely want to stay in a ryokan and checking on the internet I fell in love with this place. However, i read that it is not that close and a bit of a hassle to get there. Of course, to live the full experience (baths, dinner etc.) one cannot get there too late.

That is why I am wondering whether I have enough time to see all that must be seen in Nikko if (i) I arrive the very same day from Tokyo and (ii) I have to catch a train the following morning (not too late, hopefully) to get to hakone?

If it is unreasonable, are there similar options closer?

thanks in advance to all those that can help