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How's Economy Car Rental

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How's Economy Car Rental

Hi guys,

I am wondering, how's Economy Car Rental,


Their rate seemed to close to half of what I might pay for an Izmir to Antalya rental from Avis or Budget! Are they reputable in Turkey?


Istanbul, Turkey
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1. Re: How's Economy Car Rental

Yes,they are a decent company and there are plenty fo posts about them from satisfied users.There are also some complaints too which is normal,every company can cock up sometimes :)

On the whole a decent company though.

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2. Re: How's Economy Car Rental

Economy car rentals is an international broker. they deal with small to medium size local car rental agencies and can sometimes get you excellent deals.

however, our reservations were cancelled twice 3-7 days before our rental date because the local company reneged and economy could not get a replacement.

if you are traveling in high season, you may have similar problems with last minute cancellations. In low season, even if they cancel, you can quickly look for another deal.

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3. Re: How's Economy Car Rental


I've sent them a few questions as I am not sure if the car will be ready to be picked up & dropped off at the airports.

I am thinking, if I book with them, I need to do have another hold another car from another company as a backup.

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4. Re: How's Economy Car Rental

Just returned from Turkey!

The service has been good from the local partners. Car was is in good shape, fully insured, and the price very reasonable. I ended up getting bigger cars, i.e., more fuel cost, & one hatchback where fitting suitcases was bit difficult & I asked for a sedan but still not a big issue. At Kayseri Airport, the staff wasn't available upon arrival & mistaken the fligth #. So, had to call & wait 15 mins. And they were there on time for dropoff which was very quick.

Overall good experience!

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5. Re: How's Economy Car Rental

Just returned from Turkey and we did use Economy Car Rental to rent a car for 9 days of that trip. My guess is it depends on the car rental company they set you up with. The price was certainly right (almost half of the big car companies) but will consider before renting again. Economy set us up with a small local rental company (Almira) which did not have a diesel ready for us (and appeared not to know we requested one) so we had to wait and additional 30 minutes for that option (and there was only one other car at their office so I assume they have a very small fleet to choose from). Almira also tried to sell us a "toll card" for 20 Euros (with no toll "credit") implicating that we needed that to travel the roads. You do need the toll card for the toll roads (cash is not an option) but it depends on where you are traveling whether you encounter many toll roads. We only encountered one toll road and we chose to take the non-toll road option instead (and we drove for 9 days along the coast between Antalya and Izmir -- no tolls on our route). We also found you can purchase the toll card for 10 TL (about a 1/4 of what the Almira wanted to charge) at most gas stations. Upon returning the car, we waited at the airport for 35 minutes for a representative to arrive (the rental office is off sight). I guess if you're not in hurry and leave LOTS of extra time . . .

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6. Re: How's Economy Car Rental

Reliable excellent value car Rental in Istanbul

I was a little concerned when booking via the internet that the provider would not be at the airport on our arrival in Istanbul from some Turkey travel forums. (This was not the case) .The meeting point at the Airport Vodashop was ideal as this provided me with an opportunity to get a Sim Card for my Mobile phone. After a quick call to the company their representative (Very friendly and well spoken) arrived in a few minutes ,took us to the vehicle we had requested and explained that the OGS Toll system was activated and we were shortly on our way.The car was ideal for our trip, very economical being diesel and all round 100% reliable.On returning to the Airport a quick call to the company and again their Rep. shortly arrived closing the deal with a minor adjustment for tolls-I had topped up the tank so nil extra for fuel.I would definitely recommend Economy Car Rentals for their professional excellent value for money service and will most certainly use their service again.Thank You!( service provided by Circular Car Hire in Istanbul)

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7. Re: How's Economy Car Rental

As Economy Car Rentals operates internationally we offer our customers 3 ways of purchasing their car rental.You can choose the easiest and most convenient method of purchasing a car rental to suit you. Check out the options below:

(1) Part Paid

(2) Book Now

(3) Fully Paid

but i have economy car rental in dubai in lowest rate all car hire check it site.


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8. Re: How's Economy Car Rental

I have been renting from EconomycarRental for over 3 years, with their price quite often you will not be able to collect your car directly from the airport and offices located close to airport don't pay the approx. $50 surcharge at airports, this takes time, took me 1 hour in Sydney - 10 minutes in Cairns.

Returns are the same and you need to be carefull as returning/collecting vehicles out of hours can cost extra, around $30 each way.

I have been fortunate and unfortunate in the companys that ECR have used, I have sample the top brands and some dubious opperators in Hungary, all have been polite, many have a limited stock of cars, often you get a upgrade, witch is great for me and the family, not so great if you are worried about cost of fuel.

What you need to be careful of is the "Fully Comprehensive insurance"! Their insurance in not fully comprehensive and only covers the rented car to a maximum of 1500 Euro, a bummer if you hit something like a Merc or BMW, this I have experienced fortunately I clipped a old banger in Australia and the damage to the hired vehicle was over 3500 AUD and luckily the damage to the chevrolet was non existent.

The offer of "fully comprehensive cover" boarders on false advertising you are covered to a max of 1500 Euro of the hired vehicle only! the rest comes out of your pocket. Yes if you follow a few links you will find the small writing indicating only cover for the insured car up to 1500 Euro.

The hire company will deduct the cost of repairs to the hire car and the car you hit from your credit card directly, then you can claim form ECR the 1500 Euro back, so long as you have the police report and other official documents, don't forget that you will also have to currier the documents to them in Greece. (This you will have to pay for) This is a lengthy process and your credit card will carry the repaired amount on it until ECR insurance pays up.

So you need to be careful, so that you don't get caught out, a simple way is to pay the access reduction at the car hire counter down to the $500 that is usually available, yes this costs more, I have had car hire companies charge anything from $10 a day to $40 a day for this privilege.

You have been notified be careful.

Would I use them again, yes, although I will now have to be more vigilant to ensure I do not expose myself to the cost of repairing a car, can you imagine if one was to hit a Porsche, you will spend a few years paying for it, don't forget the hire company have your credit card and bank details!

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Toronto, Canada
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9. Re: How's Economy Car Rental

Terrible experience, stay away from this car rental company.

Headquartered in Greece. www.economycarrental.com is truly a online platform making commission on the sales, there is no service at all, they leave all the problems to the local car rental.

I waited for almost 2 hours at IST airport to pick up the car from the company called "ESSENCE", no service counter at airport, completed all paper works at airport, pick up at parking lot that you need to pay parking fee. a Renault Symbol was in horrible condition, odometer reading was 82000KM, tread on 2 rear tires are all gone, no 12volt output on cigarette socket, spare tire was flat, motor oil was like black paint, seems never been serviced, we were lucky being safety back to Istanbul after 4200KM driving.

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10. Re: How's Economy Car Rental

Just used them and would advise you to avoid them. Price (from Barcelona Airport for 12 days) was competitive and the voucher stated it included insurance. On arrival at rental office find that it DOES NOT INCLUDE INSURANCE! I ended up paying double my expected fee and this made the total very uncompetitive. They did respond to my complaint but with no explanation as to why their voucher is so totally misleading. I've found "Do You Spain" to be fair, reliable and cheaper - try them.

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