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Dolphin trip

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Dolphin trip

Hi can anybody advise a good day trip where we can interact with dolphins, I'm travelling with my 9 year old son so any other recommendations on things to do will be greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance x

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1. Re: Dolphin trip

Not been personally but many people report that they did this trip but no dolphins .

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2. Re: Dolphin trip

Scottie is correct: you will be lucky to catch even a glimpse of dolphins, let alone interact with them, on any of the boat trips from Side.

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3. Re: Dolphin trip

It total depends on whether these lovely intelligent animals want to interact with you. They are not in the sea for human entertainment. They are living their lives with their friends and families and can swim up to 100 miles per day.

If you do have the good luck to see them, it will be a privilege.

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4. Re: Dolphin trip

Definitely agree with you Francis Jane.

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5. Re: Dolphin trip

Please don't go to one of the dolphin parks. They keep the dolphins in awful condtions.

I hope you manage to see one a boat trip

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6. Re: Dolphin trip

We went on the pirate boat trip in September & were so lucky to see a pair of dolphins. Absolutely amazing to see them in their natural habitat. A memory to treasure...

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7. Re: Dolphin trip

I have been on all of the day trips on offer in Side, including the Dolphin Boat Trip which I consider to be one of the very worst trips here because the music is that dreadful boom boom boom head banging type of music, there is a very annoying professional photographer on board who insists upon taking everyone's picture ... even if that person has politely told him No Thank You ... it makes no odds to him ... and to top it all ... I went on that trip twice and never once saw a dolphin.

I have, however, swam with the dolphins in the Antalya Aquapark and boy oh boy did the people on this Side Forum give me a right telling off ... I do agree of course not to be cruel to animals but I saw no sign of that at that place at that time ... none at all ... in fact, quite the opposite ... all the dolphins at that Aquapark looked happy and contented, well fed and no sense of upset or cruelty. It was expensive though to swim with the dolphins and we were not allowed to take photos of them on our own cameras as there was a photographer from the Park itself but she charged way over the top for the photos she took of us.

Would I do it again? Probably not .... Angela in sunny and hot Side and now off to the Side Saturday Market which will close around 3pm today ... x

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8. Re: Dolphin trip

Do you really think that these animals just appear in large swimming pools to entertain humans? Places greedy people see a way of making money through making these animals suffer until they die? Where do you imagine these dolphins come from??

Dolphins are stolen from the sea, taken from their family and friends. The sea, a place where they can swim up to 100 miles per day. They are put in lorries and transported to swimming pools full of chemicals. They are made to do tricks if they do not they are not feed. They suffer from depressing because they miss their famlies and they are highly intelligent animals. The have problems with their skin due to the chemicals in the water and they live short and miserable lives “entertaining” humans. When they die another dolphin is taken from the wild to replace them. The people who steal them do not care iif they take a female from her baby or a male from his family. They are only interested in making money. As are the people who run these Parks.

Dolphins caught by humans and placed in these establishments have a life sentence to live in a swimming pool for the rest of their lives and never see their families or the sea again.

I was in involved in a small way in freeing the dolphins kept in a hell hole of of a swimming pool in Hisaronu when “Born Free” stepped in. It opened my eyes to the suffering in misery we, as humans, imposes on these animals. There are now many organisations now, like Born Free who are working to close down all these places.

Quote... All the dolphins at the Side Safari Park looked happy and content?? Really, so they prefer being in a swimming pool full of chemicals after being stolen from the sea? They are happy away from there friends and family being made to do tricks or not be fed? They are content to never swim in the sea again never to mate have young and be a prisoner until they die.? Please go to Google and read for yourself about these Swim with Dolphin places and see how so many places in the world do not allow them anymore.

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9. Re: Dolphin trip

The only time I have been fortunate to see dolphins swimming freely was on a boat from Kalkan, which is a bit of a journey from Side!. It was a magical experience and one I treasure....... IF you are lucky enough to see them you are indeed joining a group of people that are lucky beyond belief.

Brighton and Hove...
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10. Re: Dolphin trip

"all the dolphins at that Aquapark looked happy and contented" - did they really Angela? And were they clapping their little flippers together in delight at being able to swim with you?

What utter nonsense! Well said FJ - I really can't believe that even when aware of the facts, people will still persist in supporting this barbarism.

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