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A Slight Concern - Advice Appreciated!

Manchester, United...
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A Slight Concern - Advice Appreciated!

First time poster and soon to be first time Tunisia visitor!

I'm heading out there the back end of September with my partner and was just wondering if the men are as sleezy/forward as in the likes of Turkey? I saw a few comments on the reviews for the hotel we have booked about waiters following women back to rooms, leering/touchin outside of the hotels etc. I'm sure it's only a few bad eggs but it's the reason i'll never go to Turkey again, when a waiter proposed to my then girlfriend right infront of me - I knew the free starter was a ploy.

I just don't fancy spending a week biting my lip. There will obviously be times when she'll be alone or whatever reason and I don't want to be worried about her.

Any input appreciated


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west mids
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1. Re: A Slight Concern - Advice Appreciated!

Never had the problem they are pushy in shops but just to buy they give women compliments but just to get them to buy .

We never had problem with waiters.

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2. Re: A Slight Concern - Advice Appreciated!

Which hotel are you staying, then perhaps regulars can give you assurance and tips.

Durham, United...
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3. Re: A Slight Concern - Advice Appreciated!

Hi klayton88

I once had a waiter from the dining room proposition me while swimming in the indoor pool at the Tej Marhaba.

I was flattered, I was in my 50's at the time. Joke !

Seriously. he was no bother especially when he saw the size of my husband.

At the time most Tunisians were looking for a foreign wife.

A way out of the country to better times.

We had a flower seller come every night.

Over a few holidays we got to know him.

He had a girlfriend in Wales with a baby.

Don't know if they ever became a family.

A few years ago my dental receptionist married a Tunisian lad.

He came to this country and had a daughter and were very happy.

Unfortunately he died while driving

Some see a relationship as a way out and this is why they look at attractive British girls.

You can't blame the young lads for thinking they will have a better life.

Most are harmless and probably a little jealous of you.!

Just a suggestion---

Turn any comments into a compliment and try and engage in conversation with the person.

Best Wishes Amethyst

Antwerp, Belgium
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4. Re: A Slight Concern - Advice Appreciated!

If they do that my husband always asks how much camels they offer for me 😃😃😃😃😃

I must admit I never had a question like that from hotel staff. On the street sometimes but that was mostly more as a joke..

Qingdao, China
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5. Re: A Slight Concern - Advice Appreciated!

pmg!! i cant believe you had such an experience in Turkey!! I have been told in the case of lady in presence of a man, muslims always talk to the man first out of respect.

I have been to Tunisia a few times and have not experienced such a thing at all. even in the medina they dont hustle as much as Morroco or Egypt. I really liked it.

I can give you recos if you want.

Manchester, United...
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6. Re: A Slight Concern - Advice Appreciated!

Turkey and Tunisia are very similar culturally. Advise been going for many years, though not been back since the terrorist attack (we were due to go the week following the attack but obviously all travel was stopped. I've been propositioned many times but 99% are just banged and quite humorous. I find the locals much more genuine than the turks.

I have never felt unsafe or vulnerable. In fact quite the opposite. The reason we have been so often over the last 30 years is because we felt very safe and comfortable to let our daughter play around the hotels without constantly watching her and having her on a short leash.

That said, it is a love it or hate it country

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7. Re: A Slight Concern - Advice Appreciated!

If her wearing is exiting ,it can attract some peoples ,especially if she is alone .

Atlanta, Georgia
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8. Re: A Slight Concern - Advice Appreciated!

My best friend and I have traveled in both countries as women on our own. We were followed to our hotel room in Turkey, as you've mentioned has happened to others, but in Tunisia felt completely safe. We rented a car and took a road trip all over the country, never feeling threatened, never harassed, and never unsafe. It's a beautiful place and the people are very welcoming and kind. I'll be there for my third time next week!

Flintshire, United...
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9. Re: A Slight Concern - Advice Appreciated!

Hi having been to both I feel more comfortable going to the shops alone with out my husband in Tunisia and have never had a problem everyone is friendly or maybe I'm getting old lol

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10. Re: A Slight Concern - Advice Appreciated!

As part of the African countries, Tunisian people tend to be curious about appearance of others especially when its different than theirs.

So to much sexy outfit , jewelry, strange physical behavior or else will always get people attention around you.

The secret here is to fit in like a local ordinary person No BLING BLING and here you go enjoy a beautiful stay.

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