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A question about the water

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A question about the water

Do all the Warungs restaurants and night markets wash salad in bottled water and serve ice in drinks with ice made with bottled water.

Visiting Bali in a few weeks and just want to take every precaution against Bali Belly.

We will be staying at the Mercure

I cant say I have read any posts where people have been ill just those stating how delish the food is.

Many thanks for this wonderful very informative forum


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1. Re: A question about the water

I'd be interested also but I doubt they use bottled water to wash salads and to make ice cubes. I've been to SEA and Central America and I've always been fine apart from one occasion that hit me hard for 2 days and I was okay. I don't think it was the water but something else.

Last years trip to the Philippines and I was 100% fine. Just avoid drinking excessive amounts of tape water and use bottle water when you can. If the water tastes off don't drink it. I saw in one video where the water was off and it made a guy sick. Probably localized to that one place in Bali or a few others but nothing to worry about IMO. Normal precautions and you will be okay.

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2. Re: A question about the water

Don't drink any tap water from anywhere in Bali unless it is from a pure spring well - and I wouldn't think the Mercure would have one. Don't even brush your teeth with tap water. Ice cubes are fine but if you're wary stay clear of uncooked food and food kept warm in a bain marie can harbour germs too. Many don't, but I take a travel probiotic, Travel Calm or Travel Bug, and they have kept me safe over the last 20 or so years.

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3. Re: A question about the water

Like TazmoPerth we take a probiotic (travelbug) and have never been sick. Have ice cubes in drinks and also eat the side salads, I think most places would use bottled water for the ice cubes but must admit I'm not totally confident that the salads are washed in bottled water but still eat them and haven't been sick ever.

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4. Re: A question about the water

Most of what people call Bali Belly is just Travellers Diarrhoea, caused by change of diet, spicy foods and lots of extra fruit and juices. Ice cubes are OK, and salad is usually washed properly. I eat a salad most days for lunch and often also for dinner.

You have more chance of getting sick from handling money and then touching your mouth.

As per post 2, I always take a probiotic when travelling.

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Bandung, Indonesia
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5. Re: A question about the water

I also doubt that bottled water is used to wash salad, probably done by tap water. In most of Indonesia these days, ice is delivered by companies, either on the back of motorbikes or in small trucks. I would imagine it is made from boiled water. My daughter loves to suck on ice cubes when we go out, and hasn't ever gotten sick from it.

As cbimages says, Bali belly often occurs with suddenly drinking lots of fruit juices, a change of diet, spicy food etc.

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6. Re: A question about the water

I totally agree with cbimages with regard to change of diet etc. being the cause of diarrhoea; even Bintangs along with the diet. Eateries we frequent do wash salad ingredients in bottled water; they even state this on their menu. Ice is controlled by the Government.

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7. Re: A question about the water

At the villa I do not wash salads with bottled water nor do I brush teeth with bottled water.

However, I don't drink the tap water.

Apart from that the only other precaution I take is to drink a probiotic drink such as yakult.

I start one week before Bali.

Yakult is cheap here 80 cents for a 6 pack, available at all supermarkets, mini marts.

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Bunbury, Australia
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8. Re: A question about the water

Ice is safe.

Drink bottled water, brush teeth with bottled water.

Personally I prefer to order dishes with cooked vegetables rather than salads.

Wash hands before eating.

As above we always take Travel Bug a probiotic for prevention. Look for saccharomyces boulardii that’s the strain that can prevent diarrhoea.

Agree with above posts loose bowels “Bali belly” is usually caused by change in diet from home.

The only time I got really sick in Bali was from eating a sticky rice dessert that had obviously been sitting around too long.

Noosa, Australia
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9. Re: A question about the water

Reply to bali beli

Hubby and i had three weeks this year in bali in june,we moved around alot but were as allways carefull where we ate. Only drank bottled water and did our teeth with bottled water.we have been coming every year since 2003.

Into our second week i came down with the dreaded bali belly,first time ever for two days from both ends i was extremely ill and almost hospitalised.

We were at sanur ,and we ate at our favorite on the beach restaurant, i had sweet and sour chicken while hubby had something else plus afew bingtangs,he was okay.

When we moved to legion we were taking to an aussie couple around the pool ,he had headed up aschool in bali and they been here for over twenty years and said the preparation of chickens and seafood in bali still was not up to aussie standards and no doubt was what had caused my illness, we have friends that have come down with bali belli that like us are very carefull with what they eat .

The point to this post is its way to important a subject for half truths and throw away lines,it can happen no matter what precautions you take.i was so ill i thought i was in real trouble.

Regards to everyone vicki

Ps of course we are going back next year

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10. Re: A question about the water

Water, handling money,eating chicken or Seafood, salad or too much fresh fruit. Not much left but Bintangs 😜😜

Cheers Mac 😎😎

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