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Ocean Resort lost me. How about others

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Ocean Resort lost me. How about others

I was upgraded to Ocean Resorts black card but I guess my play in the short period that I was a black card holder was not good enough for them but since I have no idea how many tier credits was required to achieve and keep my black card in such a short time I was demoted to their lowest level card on Oct 1.

How many others did this happen to? This is ridiculous, such a short period of time to achieve a level without having a clue how many tier credits were needed. What a rip off program

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1. Re: Ocean Resort lost me. How about others

I think the program was more then fair.

If you card status dropped from Black Card down to the lowest level Blue card you didn't give them very much play in the casino. The second level Gold Card is earned after 3000 tier credits and you didn't even reach that level. Considering that they were giving ALL players a 6X tier credit boost since they opened that means you only had to actually earn 500 tier credit over a 3 month period. If you didn't play to a 500 tier point level over the last 3 months why would you expect them to reward you with the top level Black Card?

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2. Re: Ocean Resort lost me. How about others

We visited OC 3 times. The first time just for promotion and had to leave after playing through the free play. The second and third times we stayed 1 night each. We got to enjoy both of the player's lounges while we could. The first night, I didn't make to the room until about 4AM in the morning, so I did put in quite a bit play. After came back home, I booked another 1 night visit for Sep, I received Oct promotion in snail mail before our second overnight trip. I was able to reserve Oct 13, a Saturday, and 2 show tickets for "So You Think You Can Dance". Not sure what's my tier score, but I know it's far away from needed for the Black card.

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3. Re: Ocean Resort lost me. How about others

How was it a ripoff when you got to enjoy the benefits for free?

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4. Re: Ocean Resort lost me. How about others

To mark v, and everyone else that responded to this post.

How do you know what your card level is as of October 1st? Without online access, I didn't think there was any way to find out what tier, comps, and cashback is. I upgraded and stayed overnight on Saturday September 22, which was my only visit to the property since they opened. I checked out and left early in the morning, and didn't play on the second day at all. I never checked my points at the Kiosk on property, so I have no idea what I earned as far as tier points.

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5. Re: Ocean Resort lost me. How about others

I did check the kiosk after my second night there. I earned $57 comp which we spent some for breakfast. I didn't pay much attention to the tier points since the 6x multiplier. I don't really know when the 6x will be in effect, right away or later. OR did improve their reservation system. The first two times when I phoned for reservation, I had to wait over 10 minutes. The third time, the reservation clerk answered my call right away.

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6. Re: Ocean Resort lost me. How about others

Although I knew my Black card status was only valid until Sept. 30th, Ocean Resort did give me the chance to enjoy it, which in my own opinion seemed rather fair. Anyways, they are still forwarding me 2 nt. Comp Offers inclusive that of weekends, based upon my play. Also too, weekly free play. As a matter of fact, I'd just recently rec'd. an Offer for (not just 2, but for) 4 free show tickets as well.

I would say that the only beef that I've got with the OR; no player login portal mechanism has yet been setup.

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7. Re: Ocean Resort lost me. How about others

We got the upgrade and free play last week. But didn’t have much time and left. We wanted to spend some time there and so when we got home I called to book our comp night but was told I had to use it before September 30. Since I called on September 30, that wasn’t going to happen. So how do I feel about Ocean?

It seemed like a nice enough place but I’m in no rush to go back.

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8. Re: Ocean Resort lost me. How about others

We took advantage of the free club at Ocean but played at Hard Rock because their offers were good for a year and they are generous with free buffets.

I doubt we will go often enough to maintain Rock Royalty but I prefer the brightness at Hard Rock so it has become my favorite casino n AC.

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9. Re: Ocean Resort lost me. How about others

I’m confused.. ocean opens and matches you to their top tier and gives you stuff for free.

You didn’t even make it past the bottom level and still want the stuff for free?

It was basically a three month free trial. I only stayed one time for two nights and ended up making the grey level. With all of their bonuses..

There was so much talk about people having upgraded at golden nugget then going to hard rock then to ocean. I think Atlantic City gamblers were hooked the heck up this summer.. and still people will complain..

I am with baseballfan.. they do need some online access. When I left I had $176 in comps.. now it says I have $9? I have left a message for the supervisor of their players card to find out what happened.. but we are going later this month for Thursday - Sunday comped. $50 in food and $60 in slot play twice since it ends thurs, starts Friday.

I’m cool with that.

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10. Re: Ocean Resort lost me. How about others

Ocean needs to get the online access to accounts up and running.

But people who know they don't play enough to have black card status shouldn't be using that as an excuse to complain about losing it.

We all know where we rank as " gambling customers".

As has been pointed out everyone had three free months of perks.

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