Travel options to Mostar, Kotor from Dubrovnik 1st weekMarch

1. Want to do day trip to Mostar on March 4th and Kotor on 5th - on a budget

2. Private tours are expensive and group tours are not available on these dates, most likely due to off-season

3. Pls. suggest any other option than public bus - the schedules are very tight and Mostar on public bus is not doable as there is no return bus in the evening.

4. I saw a post saying its a good idea to stay in Dubrovnik overnight - I'd have taken a bus from Mostar to Kotor but looks like the journey takes quite a bit of time.

5. Is there any local online listing/ newsfeed in Dubrovnik where I could post my requirement and perhaps a local resident could drive me to these cities - I'm hoping this may be cheaper than private tours

5. What'll be your best suggestion for going to Tirana from Dubrovnik or Kotor.