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Don Pedro de Alvarado Spanish school

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Don Pedro de Alvarado Spanish school

Hello all...

I am searching for a great Spanish school, mostly conversational so I speak Spanish all the time and I can make my Spanish better by lots of conversations and cultural engagements.

I searched a lot and read reviews in TripAdvisor and I found Don Pedro de Alvarado.

Anyone has been there and can give me advice? How many weeks would you recomend me to go to be fluent in Spanish ? How many hours per day?

Anything anyone can advice I would appreciate ? or any other Spanish school you been too?

Thank you much

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31. Re: Don Pedro de Alvarado Spanish school

I cannot speak to Don Pedro school in particular, I didn't attend there. This is just general information.

You didn't say if you wanted a homestay or not. If you are a university student, I would choose Don Pedro or one of the other schools in this thread. I would recommend looking for a school with a broader group of students than just Americans - this is part of the fun of traveling!

If you do not want a homestay (I did not) there is another option. You can stay at an apartment for a week (or more) and hire a private tutor while you are there. This way, you focus on just what you want to, and not a school curriculum/general information. For example, I use Spanish for my work, so I wanted to focus on conversational topics related to my business, and also on the cultural "rights and wrongs" of interacting with business colleagues in Guatemala. My personalized instruction was therefore absolutely perfect for me.

If you are interested in more of this type of individual experience, I had an absolutely excellent (bilingual) teacher that I highly recommend. I don't think she has an internet web page, but she is on skype at teacherolgaantigua. I don't think her rates are higher than at a school with group instruction.

You can search AirBnB or similar to stay by the week. If a kitchen is available, I recommend spending time in the mercado just buying food while chatting with locals. It's a cultural experience, and the Guatemala accent is neutral and easy to understand.

Buena suerte!

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32. Re: Don Pedro de Alvarado Spanish school

I love this school. I studied there in August 2017 and in March 2018. I have studied in other schools in Antigua, and for me I found this school was the best for my needs. It can be as structured or as non-structured as you want it to be. Osbilda was my teacher, and I found her to be knowledgeable and patient. She belongs to a Mayan group and shared so much of her culture with me.The school has lots of activities as well that are included in your program. One morning they serve breakfast and I think lunch was offered twice a week They also have an evening meal. The week I was there, they had an afternoon activity. There were only 2 students and probably 6 teachers. We played a fun game in Spanish and laughed until we cried. I would highly recommend this school. This school is a great value for your money and is surrounded by beautiful churches, ruins from the 1500's and colorful markets.

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33. Re: Don Pedro de Alvarado Spanish school

Maria Enriqueta was my Spanish private teacher during one week in April 2018 at Don Pedro de Alvarado Spanish School, Antigua, Guatemala.

I really enjoyed learning Spanish with Maria, which I highly recommend.

Maria's teaching is very personal. She knew well my strengths and weaknesses and was able to adapt her teaching accordingly.

The conversations were lively and interesting and sometimes profound. His patience, understanding, and gentleness have been great contributors to my learning.

I always felt very comfortable with her, even in moments of fatigue where my concentration was not quite optimal.


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34. Re: Don Pedro de Alvarado Spanish school

I spent four weeks learning Spanish here. My teacher was Amabilla and she was fabulous. She's got lots of experience and I learned all the verb endings over the four weeks and my memory is not what it used to be. It's a great place to learn, wonderful, friendly atmosphere and plenty of extra curricular activities. I was in Guatemala the whole month on my own and the school was ideal company.

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35. Re: Don Pedro de Alvarado Spanish school

I would highly recommend studying Spanish at Don Pedro de Alvarado Language School. My teachers were Maby and Marie but everyone is fantastic, from all reports. You receive professional private tuition at a very reasonable price, there are many activities in which you may take part in order to get to konw Antigua and make friends. Antigua is a beautiful and fun place to live and learn Spanish! I'd recommend staying with a host family.

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36. Re: Don Pedro de Alvarado Spanish school

My wife and I and our three daughters attended Don Pedro several months ago for a week (part-days only). Overall, it was a great experience. We were particularly impressed with the way the teachers kept the girls (ages 10, 7 and 7) engaged and interested. We did several day-trips with the teachers, which was also great. The school could maybe use a bit of upgrading, but the time one-on-one with the teachers simply practicing Spanish was wonderful. I'd particularly like to recommend Rosenda Valle, my teacher while I was there, who was really exceptional at coaching me at the level I needed, without making it overwhelming! Good experience.

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37. Re: Don Pedro de Alvarado Spanish school

There are many Spanish language schools in Antigua, Guatemala, known as a top destination for immersion courses. I picked Don Pedro based on a quick Internet search that gave it good reviews for quality of instruction plus a gorgeous setting in a courtyard garden. Later on, I found that a local friend had studied there and had a good experience. I selected the instruction without housing with a local family, as we had other plans for housing. But the local family housing looks like an attractive option for full immersion in the language.

Immerson Spanish language instruction in Antigua is an excellent value - I paid $175 for 20 hours of one-on-one instruction over 5 days.

Don Pedro school is run very professionally. All staff that I met are efficient, friendly, and proficient. The schedule is kept punctually, with a gentle bell sounding the time to start or stop the instruction. Coffee is available, and a little kitchen provides low-cost snacks that change each day. Brief afternoon outings are offered free, as well as a weekly Salsa lesson and free dinner. Don Pedro is easy to walk to if you are staying in downtown Antugua, and is located just north of the Church of la Merced, a few blocks north of Parque Central.

My teacher Naty was excellent, gentle with my mistakes, but insistent that I get it right. She has been doing this for decades, and really knows her profession. While quite friendly to interact with, she makes sure that the student works hard during the hours of study from 8 to 12 each morning. From 8 to 10 we did informal discussion and review of homework, then a welcome half-hour break, than 90 min of grammar instruction. My brain felt well-exercised by noon.

We learned a lot about each other during the informal discussion, and shared many stories of our different cultures. We also laughed a lot.

I had studied Spanish casually for sevferal years using the DuoLingo App for our annual week in a Spanish speaking country. While I could understand simple dialog, I remained timid at speaking. But after an immersion week at Don Pedro, I now feel confident in beginning a discussion in Spanish, even though I still have along way to go. I hope to return to Don Pedro in future, but next time for two weeks. It is that good.

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38. Re: Don Pedro de Alvarado Spanish school

Don Pedro de Alvarado was really great. Well run and organized, but also laid back and social in a way that made me feel really welcome. Rosy was a wonderful teacher--patient and kind but also quick to steer lessons in a way that challenged me. I'm conversational but she quickly honed in on my use of subjunctive as needing work. I love music so we studied difficult lyrics and poetry--also a great intro into bigger picture cultural/political conversations. I could feel my poor little brain flexing. Rosy was awesome.

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39. Re: Don Pedro de Alvarado Spanish school

Me and my 14 year old son just finished a week at Don Pedro's. It was fantastic. I had Osbilda and he had Heidy as teachers. Both were incredible. I believe that to be fluent would take 4-6 weeks 6 hours per day and maybe living with a family. But to grasp the majority of the language, maybe a month at 4 hours a day. It depends on your commitment. This is my second time down to study Spanish in Antigua. Beautiful city, great people, and a great school. Good luck. Sean

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40. Re: Don Pedro de Alvarado Spanish school

I spent 4 weeks studying with my teacher, Helida, at Don Pedro de Alvarado and loved it!

Helida pushed me to study the tenses and topics where my Spanish is weak, while being patient with me while I struggled... 😅

I also wanted to get better at having conversations in Spanish, so we would have conversations where I would need to practice using the new tenses I was learning. Helida was great with helping me to practice exactly what I needed to work on.

I liked that Leti (the Director) and Helida were flexible with the hours that I could take classes, as I had some days where I needed to leave early/late, or to skip a day to take a day trip.

I was also able to take advantage of the activities that the school offered, at no extra charge (minus nominal entry fees for certain places). I got to see several different historical sites, a jade factory, and other points of interest around Antigua--most within walking distance of the school. The coolest part is that your teacher accompanies you while you go, so you get additional time to practice your Spanish, as well as someone to help translate for you. One of the best activities for me was coming to the school for lunch on Tuesdays--free (and delicious!) Guatemalan food with fresh-made tortillas. I got to try several new dishes while eating alongside the kids in the afterschool program, the adults in Spanish school, and the teachers at the school.

In all, a great experience! If you are in Antigua and want to practice your Spanish at a great school at an affordable price, you should definitely visit Don Pedro de Alvarado. 👍

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