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Don Pedro de Alvarado Spanish school

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Don Pedro de Alvarado Spanish school

Hello all...

I am searching for a great Spanish school, mostly conversational so I speak Spanish all the time and I can make my Spanish better by lots of conversations and cultural engagements.

I searched a lot and read reviews in TripAdvisor and I found Don Pedro de Alvarado.

Anyone has been there and can give me advice? How many weeks would you recomend me to go to be fluent in Spanish ? How many hours per day?

Anything anyone can advice I would appreciate ? or any other Spanish school you been too?

Thank you much

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1. Re: Don Pedro de Alvarado Spanish school

I have been to Don Pedro eight times. I have enjoyed it greatly. To be fluent is tough standard. I am not fluent but my goal has been to be able to converse. It also depends on how hard you plan to study outside of class. I like to study four hours and then participate in the afternoon activities. If your goal is to learn Spanish fast, take at least six hours of SPanish. The last two are spent reenforcing the morning session, usually with a different teacher. You can take eight hours but then other basic living tasks can be more difficult. Getting your laundry done or going to the bank can be a challenge unless you take your teacher with you. I have been very impressed with the ability of people that have studied for twelve straight weeks. I have known some students to study for six months. It just depends on your goals and your willingness to work.

I find it is good to have a goal and to tell your teacher what your goals are early on during your trip. They will help you achieve your goals. Good luck.

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2. Re: Don Pedro de Alvarado Spanish school

I agree with the advice from the first response. Anything more than 6 hours/day is overkill and probably wouldn't learn any more.

Everyone learns language at their own pace. Some determining factors are age, prior language learning experience, motivation, attitude, and general quickness in learning new things. You will make faster progress with a one on one teacher than in a group.

Fluency is a vague term. It may be better to think of your objectives. Do you want to know Spanish so that you can travel more easily? Do you want to be able to chat with people you meet? Do you want to use it in professional settings? Those three tasks would represent increasingly higher levels of fluency. It helps your teacher give you what you need if you can tell them specifically what you want.

I haven't studied at Don Pedro's, but I did register with them for next month. If I don't like it for any reason, I know that I can easily switch to some other school. Antigua is full of them, so I am not worried. I have studied at about 8 different Spanish schools, mostly in Mexico, but also other places. Usually I've been pretty happy but mostly it comes down to your teacher and how well you connect and not the school.

Last year I studied in Xela because it provides a much better immersion environment than Antigua. In my three weeks there, I don't recall anyone ever addressing me in English. That is very, very different than Antigua where it can be hard to get away from English. However, this year I thought I'd give Antigua a try because it will be cold in Xela in December. Last year, November wasn't bad, but December will be worse. I started out at a large, well-known school and stayed there for two weeks. However, I wasn't completely happy, so I switched to another for my last week. No worries, just be flexible.

Hope that helps and buen suerte!

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3. Re: Don Pedro de Alvarado Spanish school

I've only been to Don Pedro in Antigua but I really loved the school. I was there for two weeks and I definitely learned a lot. As they said before, fluency is subjective but if you want to be able to express ideas and have a very fluid conversation, complete immersion for 6 months should be a good start! Anyway, all classes are one-on-one so you can set the goals - focus on grammar or purely conversational. I took six hours a day and if you're only going to be there for a week or two I would not recommend it as it was hard to see the town and mix with the locals, I'd recommend four hours a day. But if you'll be there a month or more I'd say six hours would be good as you'll have plenty of time to see the sites since you'll be there a while. Hope this helped!

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4. Re: Don Pedro de Alvarado Spanish school

I spent 6 weeks at the Don Pedro School and enjoyed it a lot, the atmosphere, the two teachers I had, the instruction, and the activities. I started at the beginning and felt I left not speaking as well as I hope to, but actually being able to converse and understand a lot. I will practice and study more while I'm home and may go back this spring. I stayed with a family and that was also a good experience, with 2-4 other students there too over the weeks. Also of note, I took 6 hours a day of class. I'm 63.

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5. Re: Don Pedro de Alvarado Spanish school

It's a great school. Wonderful teachers. Fun after-class activities. They do a great job putting people in good home-stays. The school is located in lovely downtown Antigua. I stayed there as a single woman and felt safe and had a great 2 weeks. The price is extremely reasonable. You couldn't ask for a better school to study Spanish.

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6. Re: Don Pedro de Alvarado Spanish school

I attended Don Pedro de Alvarado the week of Jan. 9-13, 2017. It exceeded my expectations (this was my third experience with a Spanish immersion school in Latin America). They matched me up with the perfect teacher for my current level of Spanish. Amabilia was close to my own age, with many years of experience of teaching. We spoke only in Spanish, and practiced immersion through conversation. She would've given me homework if I had wanted, but at this stage I learned more through our daily four hours of stimulating conversation, and Amabilia gently correcting my mistakes in verb tenses and pronunciation. The school's extra activities were excellent: interesting field trips, evening meals, salsa classes, interaction with middle-school age students. My regret is that I could only manage one week, so my hope is to go back to Don Pedro.

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7. Re: Don Pedro de Alvarado Spanish school


My name is Francine from Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada. I have spent 2 weeks at the Don Pedro de Alvarado Spanish school this December. I recommend highly the school because the atmosphere is very professional, relaxing, fun and efficient. Studying 6 hours per day was ideal since 4 hours were spent one on one with my teacher Migdalia...I would call her Dalia and she was able to teach me what I needed in a very amicable manner, professional and fun. In the afternoon, another 2 hours with Claudia. It was around the Christmas period and we also had time to meet with the teachers and other students at our breaks, activities, meals. Ahora, puedo hablar espagnol y tengo bonito souvenirs de Antigua y la escula. My ¨maestra¨ Dalia me parece como una amiga y el tiempo que pasamos juntos due muy a gradable y tambien con Claudia. I recommend the school, well situated, clean, professional and very pleasant. Francine

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8. Re: Don Pedro de Alvarado Spanish school

Just wrote a long message on Don Pedro de Alvarado Spanish school where I have been spending 2 weeks in December 2016.....See my note on Don Pedro from this morning. Hope you are satisfied as well....if you need a place to stay nearby, you can call Lucrecia and tell her it's Francine....her email is queshahome@hotmail.com

Good luck....Apprende bien!

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9. Re: Don Pedro de Alvarado Spanish school


I recommend 6 hours per day....You will have the chance to be more structured in the morning i.e. usually 4 hours one on one with a teacher and 2 hours in the afternoon with another teacher who has been feeded at what you have learned in the morning and where to accentuate and/or go to activities in the afternoon with her where you can practice verbally. Activities are well organized by Dalia and the school is very flexible...no problem if you decide to pursue after the activity. To be fluent depends on your actual level and how much you practice...most people want to stay longer to be fluent and if you have more time with your own activities, you practice with other people as well. Mucha suerte!

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10. Re: Don Pedro de Alvarado Spanish school

I spent a week at this school with absolutely no prior experience with Spanish at all. But by the end of the week, I was able to form simple sentences and able to understand some of the conversations held between my host family members. I studied with Gladys and Evelyn and they both were extremely patient trying to understand with the very little Spanish I knew. As a brand new student, I studied for six hours daily. We would work on grammar, verbs, vocabulary, etc. A large part of their teaching method is just conversing with your teacher and trying to build your skills as a speaker. Most teachers have a little or some background in English, but that was okay because it is a Spanish immersion school and they really want you to speak only Spanish to help you learn. I would definitely recommend anyone who wants to study Spanish to go here.

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