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Diamond jewellery

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Diamond jewellery

I am coming over to Singapore in a couple of weeks and was thinking about treating myself to some diamond jewellery. Does anyone know if it would be cheaper in Singapore than in the UK? Is it much cheaper in the US? Can anyone recommend a good shop?

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1. Re: Diamond jewellery

i know for a fact that pearls are cheaper in SIN, as for diamonds, I also find it cheaper than NY prices though you must find a reputable store of course.

Are you looking for sizes or grade ? Only the bigger shops will carry these and naturally, they will demand a higher price (also they are along Orchard Road - high rent district).

If you are not too fussy and just want some nice diamond jewelry, you can try :

1) Lee Hwa Diamond Gallery

2) Soo Kee Jewlery (they do have really good grade diamonds)

3) Goldheart (they do have diamonds)

Good Luck

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2. Re: Diamond jewellery

I am not too sure about diamonds jewellery but a friend of mine works in one of the more reputable jewellery shop as a manager in Singapore. He has a lot of contacts in the jewellery business and below are some of the recommendation that he has gave me in an email.

TAKA Jewelry- they definitely do have a focus on lower priced jewelry, principally using cast made mountings produced in China (but then a lot of people are) with diamonds of lower color and clarity (hence pendants for $59, rings for $189)

Such stuff is fine, if you are just buying it for "fun" wear and as accessories. Granted that some people have a *thing* about quality, but others do prefer *quantity* and a larger collection of jewelry- in which case TAKA is absolutely unbeatable in price.

They also do have a good range of certified loose diamonds (their boss used to be in the diamond wholesale business and is able to get very good prices most of the time) and you CAN bargain for further reductions in price-expect at LEAST 10% if not more. I can recommend a salesman at the Jurong Entertainment Centre branch of TAKA by the name of Christopher- very decent guy.

Diamond Industries- developed a "bad" reputation in the late 80's early 90's when they sold a lot of lower quality jewelry to people who then got upset when they found out what they had bought. Their fault was in not fully "educating" the customers on the cost/benefit relationship in the price factor of their jewelry purchases. Of late, there has been a very distinct move intitiated by the boss there to improve upon the quality of their stock, and they have also built up an impressive stock of GIA certified/HRD certified/EGL certified diamonds that would probably be one of the largest retail sources in Singapore. I can recommend a guy named Dominic there- very patient guy and willing to negotiate on price wherever possible (theirs is a controlled discount)

Perhaps you might want to pay a visit to Diamond Industries as they are so call the largest wholesaler in Singapore. The location is out of town and the best way to travel there is by cab if you are a tourist. If you have never seen a Lambogini Diablo before, go have a look there if you are lucky, its the only 1 of the 2 in Singapore own by the director of the Diamond Industries.

In the mail he also strongly recommend;

Huen's Diamond at Far East Plaza (Look for either Benny or Mark) they have a very good range of jewelry, with a moderate amount of loose diamonds, and good selections on the colored stone jewelry and also some H&As

Felin Jewelry at Lucky Plaza (Look for Dora, the manageress there)

Felin has been excellently supplied by a foreign diamond wholesaler and has one of the best priced diamond inventories in Singapore- particularly on the 1 carat diamond range, GIA certified stones and a good selection of H&A cuts. If you are interested in purchasing diamonds from here do let me know and I can arrange for further discounts (where possible) as I know the boss/owner personally)

Richard Hung (at Lucky Plaza look for either Alice or Cahterine) has an excellent range of ready made jewelry, but more specially their selection of ring MOUNTINGS is one of the best in Singapore- very good quality and large selection, plus they have ready made platinum mountings which most other jewellers do not carry.

Canary Diamond (at Orchard Delphi)

This being run by the former GM of Larry Jewelry- he specializes in custom work and is very talented at designing jewelry also- definitely a good source for mountings/custom jobs

Larry Jewelry (Ngee Ann City Branch-look for a girl named Judy)

They carry the Lazare diamond range in Singapore as sole agent- and also have a huge selection of high quality items and are able to obtain practically any item you wish to view. Their prices tend to be a bit high, but this is to be expected as they do serve a very upmarket clientele. During their annual Larry's Sale, there are some good bargains to be held

I *would* stay away from the TianPo,Sookee,Aspial/LeeHwa,GoldHeart for the simple reason that they are very overpriced in their products- which is unfortunately not a corresponding reflection of quality of the gems/jewelry. Most of their stuff is commercial grade (G/H VS/SI stuff) but not at commercial graded prices

As with many of the other shops in Far East Plaza/Orchard Towers/Lucky Plaza (you need to be careful about the integrity issue/quality matters).

The H&A cuts which many of you look for are definitely overpriced as the HOF at LeeHWa and the Aurias at Tianpo... Sookee's "Brilliant Rose" is NOT a H&A and is way overpriced for the quality of the diamond. I have had the chance to examine 2 of the stones thus far and am not convinced that they are anything *special* over an ordinary well cut diamond.

Hopefully this post will answer you question and try to search or the companies in the internet.

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3. Re: Diamond jewellery

Thank you both so much for your help. It's much appreciated!

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4. Re: Diamond jewellery

Hi I was recently in singapore and i am not sure of the diamonds that TAKA is selling. As a jeweller myself, i doubt the small sized diamonds. Please be aware of the fact that there is a stone called moissanite in the market. It looks better than a diamond, lasts longer than a diamond and is cheaper than a diamond. The diamond testing pen reads it as a diamond. I would not recommend you to buy diamonds unless it comes with a GIA cert. If you really want to buy diamond jewellery, i would advise you the same as i advise my sis, plan a trip to hong kong during the jewellery fair in march or september, where the choice is huge and the designs are excellent and the prices are alright.

If you want moissanite then go to lucky plaza to a shop called moiss jewellery.

Hope that i have been of some help.

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5. Re: Diamond jewellery


Agree with the previous post of avoiding "Lee Hwa", "Soo Kee" and "Goldheart" unless it's just something casual you want, "just for fun". I think that among the 3, "Goldheart" might be better because their stuff have also got more gold and are heavier; not so flimsy.

But I would definitely avoid TAKA. I have seen them selling diamonds for S$1 and I have heard them use loudhailers to attract customer into their shops.

For good quality diamonds, try Larry Jewellery or Sena (at Paragon Shopping Centre) of Jan et Lee (my jeweller in Singapore) on the 2nd floor of Shaw Centre(opp Hyatt Hotel).

In any case, make sure you know about your 4 Cs because you may not know which shops are reputable (apart from those recommended by TA members) and you really don't want to be cheated.

Good luck!

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6. Re: Diamond jewellery

Lee Hwa and Soo Kee are not in the same league as Taka jewellery!

Taka is marketed more as a budget brand, more "for fun".

Soo Kee is actually QJS certified (Quality Jewellers of Singapore), so if you have any problems as a tourist, please contact the Singapore Tourism Board and I'm sure they would be happy to sort it out.

If you are REALLY upmarket, go buy from Tiffany and Co. :) There is a branch somewhere in Orchard (Ngee Ann City I believe).

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7. Re: Diamond jewellery

If i am not wrong, Tiffany is at Takashimaya

If you want you can go to Lucky Plaza on the 2nd floor there is a small shop selling mountings and then choose what you want and then go buy the loose diamonds and have it set anywhere(i mean any reputable place) and you will have a nice piece of jewellery

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8. Re: Diamond jewellery

Hey Chocs,

I am in the same line of you, thinking of buying a diamond pendant for my wife ... So, did you decide something... or alreday bought...

By the way, can someone tell me if i am ready to spend 700-100 US Dollar, how much carrot i should expect, if i want one single diamond ..

with 24 Carrot Yellow Gold or White gold.

And, obviously which are the places to go for this stuff at Singapore ..

Any help ?