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Is Bali more expensive?

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Is Bali more expensive?


I haven't been to Bali since 2005. Was planning to go this year but a friend just got back and said it is much more expensive now. She said thailand is cheaper. Can anyone confirm or deny?

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1. Re: Is Bali more expensive?

Bali is as cheap or as expensive as you want it to be.

Hotels range from $30 a room for something that is basic but has air con, pool and brekkie to $300 plus for a huge resort.

Food ranges from $2 a plate in a local warung to $35 plus in an upmarket Seminyak restaurant.

Massages range from $6 in a local salon to $200 in something exclusive like Prana spa or a swish one in Ubud.

Mataharis and Carrefore and Bintang all have fixed price goods.

There is a rough guide to market prices top right box on here. There are also fixed price market stalls in all areas of Bali.

Or there are decadent boutiques all over too.

It is your choice but I don't just go for the price...I go for the people and the gardens and the peacefullness and friendliness and the spirituality of it all......yes like Thailand too :)

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2. Re: Is Bali more expensive?

Bali prices have risen a lot in the last couple of years and it will not be as cheap as you remembered. Even a standard carton of Bintang bought at the supermarket costs at least as much as a carton of stubbies bought in Aust now.

There are some cheap eats at the local warungs, but you tend to get what you pay for.

PerthLoveltotravel is spot on in her thoughts.. We travel to Bali and to Thailand every year and will be back in Thaland in early March.We were in Bali for a month last Aug/September

Thailand has in my opinion better beaches and food, but the downside is a further 3 hrs of travel each way for us from Melbourne.

We love the people and culture of both countries.

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3. Re: Is Bali more expensive?

Given the current exchange rate, I find that for cost of living (so, eating out, drinking etc) in Bali and Thailand are roughly the same. I find though that accomodation and transport in Bali is much cheaper than Thailand, although as PLtt mentions, this is all relative depending on where you go and stay in each destination.

No denying that Thailand has better beaches, but Bali has a beauty and magic all of it's own, and I find the people in Bali to be friendlier even than the friendly Thais.

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4. Re: Is Bali more expensive?

We went in 2008 and found everything very cheap and then went again in June 2010 and was quite surprised at how much more everything was. We were talking to a taxi driver and asked him if this was the case (thinking that it might be just my impression) and he confirmed that the price of everything has gone way up.

I am finding the same here at home too though so it's still cheap compared to oz.

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5. Re: Is Bali more expensive?

There was a big jump in hotel rates about 3-4years ago and the prices seem to be regularly increasing. Last Sept we paid $85US/nite, next Sept its $103US/nite. Restaurant and liquor prices have increased but are compensated at the moment by the strong Aussie $. Interestingly Thailand/ Phuket are offering good accommodation deals at the moment Pay 4 days get 4 days free etc at a lot of hotels. Bali tourism may just be in for some competition if the daily cost of living (eating out, drinking etc) are similar. With AirAsia now flying direct Phuket/Denpasar it’s possible to easily spend time in both locations.

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6. Re: Is Bali more expensive?

I have been to Thailand several time over the last few years but chose to go to Bali last year for the first time. Prices wise to me there is no doubt that since the Tsunami prices have sorred in phuket and alot of the building that is geting done seems to be very western orrientated and therefore Phuket seems to be losing alot of its culture. Although we did stay in good Quality accomodation Bussacorn wing of the holiday inn and also the Ban Thai hotel and both places were what you could call expensive.

Massages were rediculously priced and also in general goods were compareable in price with Bali. Food was mch cheaper in Bali in both bigger and smaller eatery's. transportation is cheaper in Bali and I believe that both the Bali and Thai people are just as friendly as each other.

I did enjoy my trips to Phuket very much and would go back again anytime but checkout my pro's and cons and you make your pick.

Airfare from syd

Bali 6 hours Phuket 9 hours Bali

Accom overall Cheaper in Bali

Food Prices Cheaper Bali

Beaches Phuket

Drinks (hotels) Bali

Shopping Clothes Equal

Shopping Electronics Phuket

Tours Phuket (Just)

Night Clubs (if you want that sort of thing) Phuket

General relaxation Bali

So as you can see they are both very similar but at least bali seems to be keeping alot of its culture which i think is great because when I go away I like to see that countries cultre not my own.

Well anyway thats just my opinion and I would like to hear what others think ?

Cheers Ian

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7. Re: Is Bali more expensive?

Oil price had jumped few folds since 2005 so price had to be reasonable to accommodate for inflation.

Which countries are not been affected by price increase due to oil price?.

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8. Re: Is Bali more expensive?

Well I know it is different living somewhere rather than being on holiday.. but I lived in Bali for 5 years and have been living in Thailand for 1.. (but go to Bali for work every month or so..) I find Thailand considerably cheaper for food and eating out and general cost of living.. (but in both places you can spend as much as you want on the higher end of the scale..) but people get paid more in Thailand on the whole.. so things like massages etc. are more I imagine because of this...

I get a shock every time I go back to Bali.. especially eating out, how much prices have jumped in the past couple of years.. and Taxis are much more expensive in comparison.

Fuel is subsidized by the government in Indonesia - however electricity is extremely expensive.

Corruption has it's price, basically that is one of the main causes of inflation and higher prices in Indonesia in my opinion as it affects almost every aspect of life there.

Bunbury, Australia
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9. Re: Is Bali more expensive?

I have just returned from Bali. Yes their prices have gone up slightly but it is still very cheap compared to WA. We go for the culture and people. I find Balinese more friendlier than Thailand/Phuket. Always stay at the Bali Rani which is putting its prices up in April but is about to do some massive renovations including a lift, room refits and extra floor. Restaurants have been done. So price rise does make sense, As I have been paying the same for many years. I travel to Bali twice a year for charity work. The hotel treats us like royalty! We did a comparisan between petrol and wages and estimated we would be paying $7 per litre for petrol!

Bali is still the best!

Perth Australia
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10. Re: Is Bali more expensive?

Hi BrigidE I wondered what had happened to you, Thailand another holiday he he.

cheers harro