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Taxi safety & SIM cards at Bahrain airport late at night?


Next weekend, I’m going to meet a friend in Bahrain. I’ll be taking the bus in from Khobar (KSA), and she’ll be flying in from Muscat (Oman). We’ll be staying at a friend’s house near Saar.

My concern is this: We’re arriving separately. I’ll arrive several hours before her, and probably head directly to Saar. Her flight arrives at Bahrain Airport quite late on Thursday night, around 11:45 PM. I’ve been to Bahrain several times, and I have a Bahraini SIM card. She’s never been there before.


1. Is it safe (both physically and in terms of getting ripped off) to have her take a taxi or an Uber to Saar?

I can send her a pin and have her print out directions, but it is quite a long drive, late at night. Some of what I see written here about taxi drivers makes me a little nervous. She’s pretty self-possessed, but will be a Western woman traveling alone late at night.

I’ve never taken a taxi from the airport myself, as I always arrive by bus, so I don’t have a sense of what any concerns might be.

Also: is she likely to be overcharged? According to the airport Web site, a drive to Saar should cost around 10 BD. Are they likely to add night charges, try to rip her off, etc.?

2. We’d like her to be able to contact me after arrival, for both communication and security reasons. Will she be able to buy a SIM card in the Bahrain Airport at that time of night, or will the shops be closed?

Thanks so much for any answers.