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need help in Umrah planning

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need help in Umrah planning

Salam members

I am planning to go to Umrah beginning of March 2015 with my wife and 4 year old son. Here are few concerns/questions I would like to ask if someone can help me with.

1) I'll be landing at Jeddah aiprort about 9 PM, so I'm confused about whether to go to Makkah first and do Umrah, or go to Medina first and stay for 3 days and then come to Makkah? Because after a long journey it will be tough for us to do Umrah straightaway after reaching Makkah especially with a child ?

2) If I plan to go to Makkah immediately after landing, I'll be in state of ihram, so will it be possible for us to take a 2-3 hour rest/sleep to gain energy and then perform Umrah later in the night? sleeping is allowed in ihram??

3) If we do Umrah late in the night around Tahajjud time, will there be any barbers available at that time, or I have to wait until morning?

4) Do hotels in Makkah/Medina allow late night check-ins? I assume so because the pilgrims must be arriving at any point of the day or night so, do hotels actually stick to their checkin/checkout times or show some flexibility?

5) If I decide to leave for Medina soon after landing in Jeddah, it will be 4/5 hour journey as I can imagine? Is it safe to travel late in the night with a family (between 10 PM-2 AM) ?

6) What are the charges for a taxi from Jeddah to Medina and Medina to Makkah? Like we are small family of 3 people so will it matter if we take a small taxi, so the price will be low, or the number of people doesn't matter?

Thanks in advance

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41. Re: need help in Umrah planning

I know this is a 2 year old thread but if you are going for Umrah & your 1st landing point in Saudi is Jeddah Airport, then you need to be in your Ihram as you are crossing the Miqat point.

If you want to go to Madina first, then you have to fly direct to Madina not via Jeddah.

There you can relax before entering state of Ihram on way to Makkah.

If you don't enter state of Ihram and land in Jeddah, you have to go back and do it!!! And that's not feasible for most

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42. Re: need help in Umrah planning

Salam. When u said having a rest in mekah and then performing umrah in the morning, does it meant you were not in the state of ifram when you landed in Jeddah? I will be coming from the Philippines, and thought if it is possible for my family and I to fly to Jeddah n not in the state of ihram and travelled to mekah. After a day's rest, we plan to go to tanaim mosque and then do our state of ihram and our niat. Is that possible?

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43. Re: need help in Umrah planning

No Sherrywafa, that is not possible.

If you are coming for Umrah, and your first port of call is Jeddah Airport, you have to be in a state of Ihram & everything else that involves.

Because you have crossed the Meeqat point.

Masjid Ayesha only applies to residents or those who have completed an Umrah & wish to perform subsequent Umrah(s).

You could all fly DIRECT to Madina, relax for few days then enter Ihram state at relevant Meeqat point...but it will be by Madina not Makkah or Masjid Taneem

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44. Re: need help in Umrah planning

Assalam-O-Alaikum! Brothers, I am planning to travel from Washington to Pakistan through Saudi Airline. Is it possible i can perform my UMRA . Please if some one guide me. V. Regards and

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45. Re: need help in Umrah planning

Of course you can Zulifqar. You need to apply for an Umrah visa via a US travel agent, showing your accomodation / flight bookings.

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46. Re: need help in Umrah planning

If you want to go to Madinah Munawara first then better have flight to Madinah. There is international airport in Madinah. It is exhausting to first land in Jeddah and then travel 4 hours to Madinah.

Second option is that land in Jeddah and do Umrah. After Umrah you can travel to Madinah any time.

*Please remember all the Muslims in your prayers in Makkah and Madinah and say my salam to Holy prophet Mohammed peace be upon him

47. Re: need help in Umrah planning

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48. Re: need help in Umrah planning


Quit advertising for your own company in the forums.

Your TA avatar is obviously the logo of your own company and the Moderators are aware of your misuse of the forums for your own gain.

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49. Re: need help in Umrah planning

Dear brother,

Although it's quite late to respond, nevertheless, responding here for public service and awareness.

If you land to Jeddah, it's necessary that you go to Mecca and perform your umrah first. Because if you go to madnina, you would be bound to all the restrictions of Ehraam untill you are done with your Umrah..... And yes, you can take plenty of rest before you perform umrah, sleep, eat and take shower as well.



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50. Re: need help in Umrah planning

Pls can u give the taxi man number

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