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Wildthingz Lodge Lion experience

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Wildthingz Lodge Lion experience

We are planning a trip to Kruger and I just found the Wildthingz Lodge in Polokwane that has a lion experience. They say all the right things on their website, but I want to be sure we're not supporting unethical animal husbandry. Does anyone have experience with this place? We would be staying at the Marriott next door (points) and going over for the experiences. We would probably add this on our drive from Johannesburg to Kruger, so it will definitely add a day + to our trip. Want to make sure it's worth it and that it's ethical. Any insight is appreciated!

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1. Re: Wildthingz Lodge Lion experience

Keeping wild animals in captivity and using them for entertainment/profit-making purposes is hardly husbandry. Or conservation. The blurb on that website seems to have been written specifically to counter the serious objections to this kind of enterprise.

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2. Re: Wildthingz Lodge Lion experience

Yup, they say all the right things. Those poor lions are just used for our entertainment. I don’t want to imagine what they go through so we can interact with them.

Go see them in the wild in Kruger and enjoy them in their natural environment.

Moose Jaw, Canada
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3. Re: Wildthingz Lodge Lion experience

The fact that you are asking the question tells me that you have done some research on this topic, and you yourself are questioning the activity. I would think this would answer your question accordingly.

Enjoy the lions in Kruger.

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4. Re: Wildthingz Lodge Lion experience

Please do not support any place which offers ( for a price) "experiences" with animals which should be free, wild, and living in a natural environment, no matter how many of the "right things" they may say.

Avoid them if you really love wildlife!

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5. Re: Wildthingz Lodge Lion experience

Can only agree with other comments. So sad this is happening in South-Africa and people are still willing to. pay for it. Please enjoy wild life in the wild, what's left of it.

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6. Re: Wildthingz Lodge Lion experience

Oh please no no no

Quote…’’ When you’re ready, you’ll be joined by the rest of the team – and two lions! The walk takes you on a loop through the conservancy for about 45 minutes to an hour with photo opportunities along the way’’

That says it all. What happens when just like at other places, something goes wrong, lion is killed. How do people think they tame these lions to walk along side humans, uugghh.

Animal exploitation is all this is.

Thank you very much for asking and caring, and I hope you make the right choice.

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7. Re: Wildthingz Lodge Lion experience

I echo all that is said above and simply add that it isn’t safe. A quick browse through the internet will find you plenty of incidents where people thought they could handle lions or thought that they had trained lions to be passive towards humans.

Lions are killing machines. That’s what they do to survive. They can take down a fully grown male buffalo. It is difficult to comprehend their power. Don’t do it.

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8. Re: Wildthingz Lodge Lion experience

I have seen a fully grown male lion bite through the rear tyre of a 4 X 5 vehicle, deflating it instantly.

Think what would happen if a lion gave someone a "playful nip".

Lions are dangerous to humans, and should be admired in their natural habitat, and not used as a commercial commodity.

Please do not support places like this.

If the lions misbehave (IOW behave like lions ), they will very likely be shot dead as punishment.

Is that fair?

When they reach the end of their "usefulness" in any event, they will likely be shot as "canned lions", or killed for their bones, claws, and teeth to be used for Chinese "medicine", and their skin to end up as someone's floor rug.

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