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Drought disaster declared in Hawaii

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Drought disaster declared in Hawaii

Drought disaster declared in Hawaii



This letter is to all people who are thinking of vacationing in Hawaii.

For to many years now Hawaii has been growing at a phenomenal rate. All during that time the kanaka maoli, the Hawaiians have been saying you need to stop and look at what you are doing. The powers that would be did not hear the wisdom in the caution “these are islands with limited resources”

Today we are in serious trouble.

As a result of overdevelopment, over population and global warming our islands can not sustain what is going on for to much longer.

The biggest problem we have is there is no water and it does not look like it is going to get better anytime soon.

I am asking you not to come to Hawaii until we have found away to handle the conditions we are facing.

It is true many of us make our income in the some facet of the industry. But the money is not worth the permanent damage we are doing. And in just a few years when our islands are completely dried up and shriveled all people in the industry will be unemployed and we will have thousands of empty hotel rooms.

If you do not understand what your coming has to do with any of it here are a few items to think about:

• Golf courses use a lot of water

• Swimming pools use a lot of water

• Rental cars are washed every day

• Flushed toilet – 1,298,000 times (low estimate)

• All the laundry generated in the hotel

• Showers – 216,000 (very low estimate)

These figures are based on the State’s department of Business daily average census and only includes the very obvious water uses connected to the visitor.

Please do not misunderstand this plea to mean you are not welcome and we do not want you to come. We are asking that you think about the situation we are in and consider the importance of allowing us the time to deal with the problems before we reach a state of emergency. We really are not that far from one.

So please consider not coming this year and maybe not even next and wait until we are recovered.

Mahalo for considering not just the welfare of the people who call Hawaii home but of Hawaii herself.



S.F. Bay Area
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1. Re: Drought disaster declared in Hawaii

I believe I'll sit this one out & wait for Amberloo's response...

Akron, Ohio
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2. Re: Drought disaster declared in Hawaii

Um...most of us have our plane tickets and hotels booked. Apparently, the "powers to be" should have planned better for this and sent this email out last year!

I guess it is time to start reconsidering who your elected officials are...

Flame away!

Kihei, HI
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3. Re: Drought disaster declared in Hawaii

Hey, it ain't just here. Utah, Idaho, and California are all dry and burning. Unlike those places, we are blessed with the potential for some very nice, soaking rains here. So, I say ...

let it rain.

Not a good time to urge tourists away.

Property tax assessments are up sharply, small neighborhood rentals are being shut down - eliminating revenues that many families have grown to count on for a generation or more, critical infrastructural expansions like a new hospital and new high schools are being blocked and postponed by the state and county government and now real estate values are starting to fall.

All we need is for tourism to drop off a bit and then perhaps a nice fire, earthquake and cloud of locusts and that'll be about right.

Aloha :)

Elk Rapids, Michigan
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for Lanai
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4. Re: Drought disaster declared in Hawaii

I will consider not coming if anyone living there leaves too....I asume they use water also...

Like I said the first time you posted this, this would be the wrong place to put your soapbox down.

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5. Re: Drought disaster declared in Hawaii

I would hate to see what would happen to the economy in Hawaii if everyone stayed home!

Drought happens nationwide at different times. During those times everyone must work together to conserve water. Just staying home does not improve the drought situation.

Los Gatos, CA
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6. Re: Drought disaster declared in Hawaii

Well it appears you should start with the Hawaii tourism board, the devleopers and your elected officles. Not here....

or start saying... don't come next year and have it put out in the press...(hahahaha)

I am sure anyplace that has taken my money to secure my Hawaiian reservations will not refund my money because of your worries...

I am not saying I personally do not impact Hawaii on my visit.. but you facts above are kind of funny..

Find don't build golf courses, don't continue to build swimming pools, rental cars are definately washed every day (just look at their fleets), yes, everyone generates laundry, showers... we most people do that...

In California, water restictions, low flow showerheads and toilets required, carwashes using only reclaimed water, golf courses only using reclaimed water, surcharges on hotels and rentals for "energy surcharge"....

Wish I could tell people not to come to California....

San Diego, CA
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7. Re: Drought disaster declared in Hawaii

Ha! Good job Knickersquatter! You took the words right out of my Southern Californian mouth. We here in the oh-so touristy world of San Diego are faced with drought situations ever few years - and we're right in the midst of a big one.

That said, take away the income of the our tourism industry (which ranks THIRD behind manufacturing and military) the city would collapse - as many tourist areas did following 9/11.

What would happen to Hawaii if income was taken away from it's LARGEST industry?? The residents might indeed have enough water - but how will the state survive without the revenue source?

Make the hotels, golf courses, etc conserve as so many have been forced to do in California.

Will it solve the water crisis? No

But it also won't cripple a state's economy.

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8. Re: Drought disaster declared in Hawaii

Mahalo for your care for the land and your courage to post on a visitors / travellers site.

It is good to express your concerns for the ongoing preservation of the land and the people of the islands. How to balance conservation, development, economy --- all very challenging -- esp. if elected officials tend to be in office via the graces of those who want MORE ... resorts, golf courses, vacation housing, but do not plan for water needs !!!

The article you referenced on Drought being declared seemed to indicate this may be more about qualifying farmers for federal funding / assistance. Not a lot of details about ongoing drought and over use issues - would be good to educate residents, visitors AND local officials as well as lobby for effective conservation measures.

"All four operating counties of Hawaii have been designated disaster areas as a result of an ongoing drought that has left many agricultural lands dry. The announcement was made Tuesday by Mike Johanns, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture. Johanns issued the disaster designation after a departmental review that concluded production losses warranted the action.

The designation means local farmers who meet eligibility requirements may apply for low-interest emergency loans from the federal Farm Service Agency."

'These loans will greatly help our hardworking farmers, who, due to no fault of their own, are in need of a helping hand,' Johanns said. A drier-than-normal winter has sparked brush fires on Maui, Oahu and the Big Island this year. Several county water departments have issued conservation advisories to residents."

Long Island
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9. Re: Drought disaster declared in Hawaii

We'll be in Hawaii by the end of the month and I'm sure we'll bring some rain with us...it always seems to happen when I'm on vacation!

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10. Re: Drought disaster declared in Hawaii

More info and background to EDUCATE visitors and travellers ..

Here is a good link for background / historical info on droughts for the Hawaiian islands. Keep this in mind when consuming water on any part of Maui - take shorter showers.


Check local weather service sources and Maui News for current year's information.

Here is a 6-14 article -- http://www.mauinews.com/story.aspx?id=31404; and a 5-19 article - …honoluluadvertiser.com/article/2007/May/19/…

Rainfall data for May showed just 6.92 inches of rain in the East Maui watershed for the month, with weather forecasts holding little expectation of any improvement in June.

On Wednesday, a heavy cloud bank covered the East Maui slopes and 0.32 inch of rain was recorded at the West Wailua Iki rain gauge over 24 hours. But Haiku, at the edge of the cloud cover, recorded just 0.06 inch.

“That’s not going to do us much good,” Maui weather analyst Glenn James said. “Where it’s needed is above Olinda and in the Waikamoi Preserve. But I don’t see much coming our way.

“There will be some minor showers on the trade winds, but there are no upper level rain-enhancing systems out there . . . There is nothing to break the drought.”

"Hydrologist Kevin Kodama, with the weather service, said from October to April many areas in the Islands saw only 40 percent to 60 percent of their normal rainfall, including the wet windward sides. Climate experts had predicted a drier winter but summer predictions are more difficult because weather patterns are not as clear-cut, he said."