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Great guide for Gheralta

Great guide for Gheralta

Having recently returned from a holiday in Ethiopia, I can highly recommend Girmay Tewelde for anyone interested in visiting the rock-hewn churches in Tigray.

He's a nice, friendly guide, he knows a lot about the history, and can suggest different churches to visit depending on how much time you have and how much climbing you are willing to do. He took me up to Abune Yemata Guh - which was amazing - and got me down safely!

His contact details are girmaytewelde7@gmail.com and +251914108651. I'm happy to answer any questions you may have - please send me a private message.

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Gothenburg, Sweden
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1. Re: Great guide for Gheralta

I have been to the amazing Gheralta historical places a couple of times. And specially the rock-hewn churches in Tigray are very wonderful to visit. I heartily recommend anyone to visit these places.

In my visit time, I got a polite, smart and respectful tour guide. His name is Girmay Tewelde and you can reach him vis his email girmaytewelde7@gmail.com. And his phone number is +251914108651.

Don't hesitate to contact me via my email for any clarification about the places and other questions.

Good luck for your trip to Ethiopia!

Sydney, Australia
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2. Re: Great guide for Gheralta

I visited the Gheralta rock hewn church in December 2016 and met our guide Girmay Tewelde in the guides office outside Hauzen. He was a friendly and knowledgeable guide and took care when taking us up the sometimes precarious rock faces to this remarkable church. It was certainly worth the trip and I highly recommend Girmay, who you can contact by email girmaytewelde7@gmail.com or phone +251914108651.

Tel Aviv, Israel
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3. Re: Great guide for Gheralta

I just returned from a fantastic trip in Ethiopia, together with my family.

We met Girmay as part of our visit to the beautiful rock church.

Girmay was great – he is very knowledgeable of area and culture, has good English and is highly recommended.

He helped our 9-years old son to climb and made sure we were all safe and use safety gear where needed.

Girmay also arranges longer hikes in the area (there many churches in the area and it’s a beautiful rocky area) – you can check with him at girmaytewelde7@gmail.com

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4. Re: Great guide for Gheralta

I'm curious about the difficulty of the trails up to the rock churches. Is it necessary to cross very narrow ledges that have a steep drop-off on one or both sides? If it's a steep and rocky trail, ok. But if trails require crossings with large drops, not so good...

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5. Re: Great guide for Gheralta

Not a great guide BUT THE GREATEST !!!

We had a wonderful tour with Girmay in the Tigray area and highly recommand him !!!

Magali and family from Clermont-Ferrand (France)

Hamburg, Germany
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6. Re: Great guide for Gheralta

I had a day in Gheralta and wanted to visit Abuna Yemata and the two Korkor churches. With Girmay Tewelde as a guide, this was an unforgettable experience.

I knew it wouldn't be an easy victory to Abuna Yemata, Girmay had helped me in every situation and I felt very safe and cared for. He was not only able to tell me about the history of the churches, but also had a lot of interesting and entertaining information about the landscape and culture.

I can only thank you for a fantastic day with such an experienced and knowledgeable guide!



Zoersel, Belgium
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7. Re: Great guide for Gheralta

We visited the Northern part of Ethiopie during 2 weeks. We had a great time in Gheralty Mountains. Climbing the amazing Abune Yemata we were guided by Girmay..

During the crazy climb to the monasterien we were also assisted by lokale people on the critical spots, using ropes and safety muscetons. Later we started our way back and we found a ' traffic jam' on one of these steep spots with ropes.Too much visitors on Good Friday.

Then Girmay suggested to descend without rope and security. So he became my hero, helping me to find the right footsteps and grips. So I succeeded to go down in his slipstream and finally I was happy to join Ria, who was waiting me on a lower point.

.this was my hero on Good Friday 2018



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8. Re: Great guide for Gheralta

Me and 2 of my friends visited the Tigrai churches and looked for a Trek around the area.

We were coupled with Girmay, a great local tour guide. He studied tourism and showed a lot of knowledge for both saint mary and Abuna Yemata churches, in addition for personal knowledge about the area - geographically and historically, since he lived in a neaeby villige.

He took us to a local village for launch between the 2 churches treks, which was very delicious.

A tour guide is a must and we recommend him for sure. He speaks great English and loves to have conversations, as well as studying about other cultures.

In the Abuna Semata church he reccommended us to hire ropes because of a partial dangerous climb - we insisted not to and he accpeted it, but looking backwards, we would have taken it.

The Abuna Semara climb is challenging. If you haven't climbed boulders before you should definetly take the rope, the price is 150 bir per person. There are also local "helpers" that ascort you through the climb. There were 4 helpers for the 3 of us, which was a bit too much, but still we tipped them 300 bir total and they were more then pleased. They live in a nearby village called "Guh" and this is a great way to support them and help preserving the church.

Thank you Girmay!

Here are his contact details:



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