Bus to Rovaneimi


I am visiting lapland in the month of March. My plan is to hire a car for my Inari-Lemmenjoki-Utsjoki part. The car hiring is from Ivalo airport and I have to deposit the car at Ivalo airport, approximately 11:30am.

From Ivalo, I will be travelling to Rovaneimi by bus.

I can board the bus from the following possible areas as I have found out from the website.

1. Ivalo Matkahuolto bus stop

2. Ivalo River camping

3. Ivalo Tormanen.

Now,(a) Ivalo Tormanen is closer to airport, but I am sceptical about the waiting area there in the freezing cold.

(b) how to go to the boarding place from airport.

(c) which will be the convenient place to wait for boarding the bus

(d) availability of taxi at ivalo airport, if there is no flight at that time when I need to deposit my car.

(e) do I have to book the tickets beforehand, or it can be booked on board.

needed urgent help.