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Quickest way from Charleroi to Bruges

Bolton, UK
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Quickest way from Charleroi to Bruges

Hi there,

I'm taking my husband to Bruges for his birthday in June and have only just realised I've booked flights to Charleroi airport - I was booking in a rush and didn't realise this isn't the main Brussels airport.

I can find lots of threads about the cheapest way to get to Bruges but none about the quickest. We're only there for the weekend so I want to get there as quickly as we can.

Does anyone know what the best option is? Am I right that there's a train to Bruges from Charleroi? Do we need to change? How long does it take? I've seen everything from 1hr half to 3 hours so be helpful to know what's actually right!

I'm also debating whether to write off the cost of the Charleroi flights and rebook direct to Brussels (would be writing off £120) as I know there's a direct train from there and the flights are still pretty reasonably priced.

Any help much appreciated.

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Brussels, Belgium
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1. Re: Quickest way from Charleroi to Bruges

1h30 would be from BRUSSELS airport to Brugge. Charleroi-Sud station is about 2 hrs from Brugge changing at Bruxelles-Midi, and Charleroi-Sud is 20 mins from CRL by TEC bus A (total between 2 1/2 and 3 1/2 hrs, depending on connections). Therefore, depending of course on how long you might have to wait for it, the Flibco shuttle is also always the FASTEST option, at 2h10.

Exactly how long it would take by TEC bus A plus train depends on whether the journey is being done on a weekday (when there are 2 buses and 2 trains an hour) or weekend (only 1 bus/train an hour) and of course your arrival/departure time, which affects connection times. Also, for late arrivals at CRL and early departures from that airport, the Flibco shuttle (or Brussels City Shuttle as far as/from Brussels) can be the only option as it runs earlier and later than trains and TEC buses.

You will find all necessary links in this recent question that the OP unfortunately put in the BRUSSELS forum, presumably also not realising that CRL (60 km away from Brussels - you can thank Ryanair for getting the Wallonian government to rechristen it Brussels South Charleroi!) is the airport for CHARLEROI, not Brussels: https://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-g18864…

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2. Re: Quickest way from Charleroi to Bruges

I'm planning on using Flibco in May. Never used it before but will give it a try. Seems to take 2 hours. It will take a while which ever way you go so you can make it part of the journey. Sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery. No changes.


I'd be interested to hear reports from other users.

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3. Re: Quickest way from Charleroi to Bruges

It is hardly surprising that it takes two hours, it is at least 150 km and Belgium's autoroutes could hardly be called uncongested. If there is any sort of problem on the road - and there often is - the journey will take longer.

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4. Re: Quickest way from Charleroi to Bruges

The quickest way, would of course be by taxi from airport to hotel

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5. Re: Quickest way from Charleroi to Bruges

Or, as mentioned, rebooking to BRU - although, it still takes a bit under 1h30 (direct, up to 1h39 when changing in Brussels) by train from there to Brugge: however, trains from BRU/Bxl are much more frequent than the shuttle from CRL, and in addition, there is no need to buy tickets in advance, nor are these tied to a specific departure (which makes it less nerve-wracking than having a shuttle booking from CRL if arrival flight is delayed).

This says a (metered) taxi from CRL (Gosselies airport) to Brugge costs €163.59: https://www.taxifarefinder.com/main.php…

Of course it can be done more cheaply pre-booking with a private transfer service, but unfortunately none can be definitely recommended: all known companies have been the subject of both occasional complaints and highly suspicious recommendations, and in any case, it's impossible to know who any individual booking is with when the booking agencies use multiple names - and change them whenever one is associated with too many negative reviews (real or not; again there is often no way of knowing).

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