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Does Pisa like tourists?

Biggleswade, United...
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Does Pisa like tourists?

Does Pisa like tourists? - You decide.

On the 25th April I bought a return coach ticket at Pisa airport to go to Florence with return the journey from Florence to Pisa airport for 28th April. When the coach arrived on the return from Florence to Pisa airport 28th April, it was turned away by the “Comune di Pisa” police. The coach was not permitted to take its passengers into the airport although we had all paid for a ticket to enter the airport. This seems to have been a random act as another Autostradale coach was seen leaving the airport. Our coach driver drove round and round and eventually took us to a “Pis Mover” shuttle station, No explanation was given to the passengers and we had to take our cases off the coach. There was no one there to tell us what we had to do.

The signs at the “Pis Mover” (look at their logo) station are extremely poor, with no mention of a ticket office. Eventually we found an employee and they told us how to get to the shuttle platform

When we eventually found the ticket machines and we all had problems trying to understand how to operate it. I tried to buy 5 tickets at €13.50 but the machine would not take my €20.00 note. After several attempts I discovered that the €20.00 logo disappears if the total sum is less than €15.00 so I had to buy 6 tickets (€16.20) instead of 5. What a bad way to treat a tourist.

We then had problems getting through the barrier as the instructions are not clear as to how to use the ticket scanner.

We eventually reached the airport about 1 hour late. Some of the passenger missed their flights.

I should point out that I have been visiting Florence and Tuscany in general for the last 45 years. I have used various means of travelling to Tuscany including driving and flying to Milan or Rome but I have found that flying to Pisa has been the most convenient. I should also point out that there used to be a train service directly from the Pisa airport to Florence but this service was removed many years ago and the station has now been replaced by the “Pis Mover” station. It is for this reason we changed to using the coach services in the first place.

Further to the problems getting into the airport, we had problems getting through passport control. There were several hundred people queued up waiting to go through passport control, with only two officers at the desk. I would suggest to other travellers to check in their baggage as soon as possible and go directly to passport control and not to consider stopping to shop in the duty free area or buying refreshments.

It would seem that preventing coaches entering the airport is an act of jealousy against the rest of Tuscany. It is also unfair competition and an attempt to force the bus companies out of business and force travellers onto the “Pis Mover” shuttle.

This lack of consideration to the tourist will just stop them from using the Pisa airport as there are others to choose from. Pisa is a lovely city but it is small and does not have much to offer the tourist except for the tower and the once a year “bridge game”. The beach resort at Marina di Pisa is run down and has very little to offer

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1. Re: Does Pisa like tourists?

Do you feel better now? You went through all the effort to create an identity and join TA so you could publish your rant, did it help?

Pisa, the comune, seems to have little if anything to do with your issues. At the core it was either the bus company's failure to do something (pay for an access pass, perhaps?) or a misunderstanding between the bus driver and airport personnel. That's where you have a beef - the bus company should have the necessary documentation and, when there was a problem, the driver should have done more to help get his passengers to their destination.

And really, the nonsense about the Pisa Mover logo, c'mon. That's just childish.

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2. Re: Does Pisa like tourists?

"It would seem that preventing coaches entering the airport is an act of jealousy against the rest of Tuscany." Now you've caught my attention, could you possibly expand on that?

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3. Re: Does Pisa like tourists?

You have been visiting Tuscany over the past 45 years, yet you don't have basic

understanding of the Italian language.

First time on TA and all you can offer is a nothing complaint

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4. Re: Does Pisa like tourists?

I agree with elstravels. I've already decided that your complaint against Pisa is groundless. Clearly there was an issue with that bus entering the airport. None of us can know what it was, but to speculate that it was a deliberate attack on the rest of Tuscany seems a bit extreme and a massive leap in logic.

You could have a justified complaint against the bus company if they had indeed failed to do something that they should have done. The rest of it, I'm afraid, is coming across as being very petty.

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5. Re: Does Pisa like tourists?

The airport in Pisa is practically the only one I know in Europe which can be reached walking from the city, with a fairly easy walk of some 20-30 minutes. Pity that so few people remind that.

"Eventually we found an employee and they told us how to get to the shuttle platform"

In such cases, I always wonder in which language this dialogue was done. I was several times in the UK and I never assumed that I had to speak anything else but the local language, as a guest in a foreign country. Practically all people I met in these situations were very friendly and helpful to me, but in their language. If I had assumed that I had the right to speak my own language, probably the feedback would have been different.

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6. Re: Does Pisa like tourists?

I'm afraid that the OP's attitude infers that of a sterotypical British tourist, refusing to make any attempt to learn or use the local lingo, and assuming that every local sould and will be grateful that they have deigned to visit the place they're in.

That could be wrong, of course, but sadly, it's how the post from Darryl is coming across to me.

7. Re: Does Pisa like tourists?

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8. Re: Does Pisa like tourists?

Hi everyone.

I live in Tuscany and I am in Pisa very often. What darrylj0nes1 has said is exactly what is happening in Pisa after the decision of the mayor to not allow buses to take their passengers in front of the airport.

@elstravels: the Comune has everything to do with this, there wasn't any issue with the bus company. With all the respect, you shouldn't talk if you don't know. If you speak Italian I could provide to you several articles about it, like this one …ilsole24ore.com/solemobile/…

That's because the Pisa Mover is not earning enough money. The price is too high and it's not convenient. As Aristofane has written, you can reach the airport walking, so this is what a lot of pisan do.

By the way, this is not just about buses from other tuscan cities. There used to be an urban bus line from the airport to the tower, a very good line and we had to pay only 1.40€. Now that line has been removed so we have to take the Mover (2.7€) to the station and the the bus (1.4€) to the tower. So yes, all this changes have been done to force people onto the mover.

Legal actions have been taken from the airport against the mayor, we are waiting for the judge's decision.

For the record, I've nothing to do with the bus company, I don't work for them. I'm just a tuscan citizens very angry for the mayor's decision.


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9. Re: Does Pisa like tourists?

First of all why did you fly to Pisa to go to Florence?

Both Florence Airport and Bologna Airport are much more convenient to get to Florence city centre.

"Pisa is a lovely city but it is small and does not have much to offer the tourist except for the tower". There is a lot more to Pisa than the tower. Unfortunately many tourists just arrive there without doing any research.

The only "issue" I had with Pisa is that I found people in bars and restaurants rather unfriendly. I guess they have so many tourists that they don't feel the need to be nice. Or perhaps I was just unlucky.

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10. Re: Does Pisa like tourists?

TravelGep, if you live in London, as your profile suggests, then you are probably aware that flying to Pisa is usually much cheaper than flying to Florence - there are many more flights, too.

Going from Bologna airport to Florence is no more convenient - and is more expensive - than going from Pisa.

Depending upon where you live in the UK, for many people, Pisa is usually the natural choice.

I've visited Florence many, many times since 1970, and only once have used Peretola, that was September last year. I'll be using it again later this month - but not because I dislike Pisa airport.

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