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Arriving early in dublin to checkin to hotel

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Arriving early in dublin to checkin to hotel

This is not a question but for ant traveller arriving into dublin very early and looking to check into their hotel...

As a hotel worker for over 20 years in the last 5 a huge increase of guests arriving from usa etc at 5am onwards. They arrive at the hotel only to be disapointed they cant check in. Most of these generally are fri sat and sun mornings. Believe me when i say this at this time in Dublin its pretty much not going to happen. Some may not know what the local time is when they land,others might just take the chance.

Bottom line to travellers if you are landing from 5am i would ask you not to expect an early check in especially at weekends which is as we all know most of us start our vacations. We as hotel agents love it when you arrive and we can happilly say its ready but these three days in anytime of the year it just wont be ready.

We get calls from guests, travel agents requesting early checkin.

Only one sure way and believe me there is no other way then this...

"Book the night before"

If you are staying in dublin city from sun to wed then you have to book the sat also. Yes its an extra cost but the room will be empty for you and ready when u arrive

In dublin check in time is 3pm and check out is noon so if u arrive early then prepare to wait

Example is you book a triple room for 2 adults and a child. The hotel has 6 of these rooms and hotel full the night before....you will be possibly waiting hours for them to be available.

When the front desk agent informs u that the room is not ready we know you will be disapointed but it is not the hotels or the staff members fault. So please dont take it out on them.

So if you know u landing early especially at weekends or high season which is march to october generally either do they above or prepare to take pot luck.

I love it when i can do it but for every 100 guests that come early i prob have been able to get 4 in thats the % of it.

2 other things to remember is some people ask for day rates. They dont really exist. If hotel is full night before they cant offer you it as no room to go into. Day rates usually are where if you booked a double but only a single room is their then maybe you can get that. The issue is most hotels are full which means even if you want to pay extra to upgrade it still is not there to do so

2nd if you arrive at 6am and booked a double and are waiting then the people who came after you and you see them getting a key before you it is not playing favourites it just means their room type might be ready i.e a twin room.

Sorry for the story but i think it might help travellers in their travel plans....so just to finish my advice is.

1.arriving 5am to 11am book the previous night before u arrive its the 100% only way to ensure bed is there after this total pot luck

2. Dont be annoyed with the staff i know its hard but it really is not their fault

3.be prepared to wait and we cant really give you an estimate time as we dont know when people are going to leave

So safe travelling to ireland and enjoy....just trying to help out hope it does

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1. Re: Arriving early in dublin to checkin to hotel

Very helpful - thanks.

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2. Re: Arriving early in dublin to checkin to hotel

Good post.

People tend to forget that if check out is 11am, another couple of hours are needed to get the room ready for the next guests.

And not everyone checks out on time.

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3. Re: Arriving early in dublin to checkin to hotel

Tks i just said to myself thst it had to be said in the nicest posible way. I love it when it happends but it just is the opposite and just not able to get them in

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4. Re: Arriving early in dublin to checkin to hotel

Yup, you call it like you see it.

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5. Re: Arriving early in dublin to checkin to hotel

This not only applies to hotels but also to b&bs across the country.If check-in is after 4pm then this is given for a reason, to allow the rooms to be prepared for the next guests and allow the host to go food shopping.If there is a cut off time please notify the host if you are delayed.Arriving much later without prior notification may mean that you have either lost the room or caused inconvenience to the host .Definitely arriving after 10pm would be disturbing the other guests

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6. Re: Arriving early in dublin to checkin to hotel

Sometimes we ask will they hold our luggage for us and hit the streets. What I am now doing is getting off the plane and taking the bus and train to another destination like Belfast, Cork or Galway and savng Dublin for the end of our trip. We are a bit lucky as our flight lands after 10 am. If I had a 5 am flight I would book the hotel for the night before and it would be ready. YES, a bit more expensive but you can hit the shower, change or take a short nap. Worth the money in the long run. Great post btw.

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7. Re: Arriving early in dublin to checkin to hotel

Thank you

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8. Re: Arriving early in dublin to checkin to hotel

I always book the room the day-night before. I am comfortable with that. I just want my room please when I arrive..

However, I booked a room the night before one time, specified by phone I would be arriving between 8-9AM the next morning, which I did, as specified, and some “disconnected” night desk person not only gave my room away the night before because I “wasnt there” but cancelled my entire reservation.

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9. Re: Arriving early in dublin to checkin to hotel

Sunny this is my nightmare. I am a firm believer in arranging the night of travel to ensure check in. I am not sure how this can be avoided but I always worry about it. I suppose email rather than phone call is better proof but that's little help if they've already given your room away. What did you do?

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10. Re: Arriving early in dublin to checkin to hotel

I booked by email. I included the arrival time as the following AM between 8-9AM in the “notes” section on the website booking page. Then I always followed up with a phone call just in case.....

NOW I go another step farther by phoning AGAIN before I leave for the airport, AND another reminder email.

It was several years ago, I was temporarily put into a broom closet with a childs cot (?), then in a few hours I was upgraded to a suite and the “1st” nite free. I dont stay there anymore.

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