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Best way to use a cell phone in Ireland

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Best way to use a cell phone in Ireland

Hi, what is the most economical way to use your cell phone while traveling in Ireland?

Calgary, Canada
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1. Re: Best way to use a cell phone in Ireland

You'd probably get better answers by posting on the Ireland forum.

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2. Re: Best way to use a cell phone in Ireland

Hi BCHoBo;

The focus of this forum is travel TO British Columbia, not travel FROM BC.

For questions about travelling to specific destinations, you can use the destination forums. The Ireland forum is here on TA;


Best Regards

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3. Re: Best way to use a cell phone in Ireland

Buy one there at 7-11 and do pay as you go.

Or another idea, if you have an iPhone, turn off the phone function with airplane mode, turn WIFI back on, prepurchase Skype minutes, download Skype app and make calls that way.

Best to post on Ireland forum though.

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4. Re: Best way to use a cell phone in Ireland

With a due respect to the posters above I can't see how anyone in Ireland will know anything about Canadian cell plans or Candian cellular service providers so I think posting on a Canadian forum makes perfect sense.

BCHoBo: No one can give you any accurate advice when you give no clue as to what kind of cell phone you have or who your Canadian Service Provider is.

Your cell will have to be capable of operating on GSM 900 and GSM 1800 networks, along with a GSM SIM card. Many Canadian Cellular Service Providers offer excellent International Packages for voice/text/data but plans very WILDLY in price (and service) so shop carefully and read the fine print.

Any further questions feel free to Private Message me.



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5. Re: Best way to use a cell phone in Ireland

Hey Martian ::

I have a question. Why do we advise so many Aussies who come to Canada what cell phone arrangements they will need to use here instead of suggesting they ask on their home Aust forums? I have been thinking that you take your cell phone, with the correct GSM capability, to your destination country and ask there how to adapt it for use in their system. Just curious.

Calgary, Canada
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6. Re: Best way to use a cell phone in Ireland

I have no clue about the Ozzie's, but Canadians visiting the UK and Europe with their Canadian cell phones is not complicated - all the major cellular service providers in Canada offer various International Voice/Text/Data packages. As I said above some of them are excellent, some are a rip-off... the plans vary wildly.

I'm pretty sure though that very few Irishmen can speak with any accuracy regarding Canadian cellular service providers. What they could offer is opinions on buying/renting an Irish cell phone and/or a SIM Card, that's another issue entirely.



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7. Re: Best way to use a cell phone in Ireland

Hi BCHoBo,

I noticed that you inadvertently posted your question on the British Columbia, Canada forum , so I have moved the topic on your behalf to the Ireland forum. I hope you find the information you need to plan your upcoming travels.

Kind regards,


TripAdvisor Support Team

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8. Re: Best way to use a cell phone in Ireland

We'd love to help, but as has been suggested above, are you talking about a Canadian cell phone or buying a cheap one here and using it prepaid? Do you mean to use it within Ireland or to call Canada?

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9. Re: Best way to use a cell phone in Ireland

Welcome to Ireland.

There are lots of treads on the topic of mobile phones but it depends to a degree on usage. Calls and text with minimum Data usage then Tesco Mobile is the way to go, whether just a sim for your unlocked European compatible phone or a Phone complete with €10 credit for €30ish. If you need Blackberry, Data, micro sim then Meteor or "3" might be the way to go.


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10. Re: Best way to use a cell phone in Ireland

Hi, BCHoBo, greetings from another BC resident.

In our travels, we have so far identified three options.

The first time we travelled overseas, we used Canada Direct Assistance through our Telus card. It was some time after we came home that we received the bills for the few calls we made, and we found it to be very expensive. We would not use it again for our particular purposes.

In a trip earlier this year to the US, I called my cell phone provider, Fido and added a 30-day "vacation package" to my regular coverage. You would need to contact your service provider to find out about whether this is offered in relation to "Ireland" and what the cost would be. (By the way, do remember that Northern Ireland is part of the UK, and, if you are going there as well as to the Republic of Ireland, you will need to make this clear to your provider as different conditions may apply for different countries.)

The third option is as suggested by some other posters - buy yourself a cheap unlocked cell phone and a sim card when you get there. We did this last year when travelling to Europe and it worked out very cheaply. We were able to make lots of calls while we were travelling as well as back to Canada. This has become our preferred option. We have kept the phone and will just buy a new sim card on the next trip.

Happy travels.