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Walking through train

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Walking through train

Does anyone know if you can always walk all the way through a train? Just missed one by about 30 sec because I had to be in the first 4 cars. Would have been able to get on one of the last ones and walk through though.

I didn’t know if that was always possible though. I was on a train in Italy this summer where there was a locked door halfway through.

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1. Re: Walking through train

You can usually, yes. In fact you often see a procession of people walking through as they've hopped on the train at the last minute and end up walking through to their seat/looking for one.

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2. Re: Walking through train

You can walk through most trains, although on some suburban and Underground trains the connections are only designed for emergency use.

Too late now, but you should have just jumped on. Even if you found out you could not get into the right part of the train, you could have changed over at a station stop.

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3. Re: Walking through train

Yes, you can usually walk the length of a train though there may be rare circumstances when this is not the case. Most people do this when they have only seconds to spare when catching a train.

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4. Re: Walking through train

Most of the time yes

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5. Re: Walking through train

Depends on the train. Long distance trains (which I presume you wanted as they are the only ones where you can reserve a seat) are open all the way through as they only have one refreshment car in the middle. Local trains come in sets of 3 or 4 carriages so that they can be used as one set off peak and longer trains in peak hours.

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6. Re: Walking through train

The one time when it might not work would be when the train is formed of two units e.g. two trains of 3 or 4 carriages put together. TPE sometimes does this on trains from Manchester to Preston, where they split the two units and one goes to say Blackpool and the other to Barrow.

But even then, as wirewiper says you could have got on the back bit and then swapped over at the first stop.

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7. Re: Walking through train

In this case it was a split train. 1st 4 cars went to Lewes. Second 4 coaches went somewhere else.

Not a huge problem as trains run every 30 minutes so I got the next one. (Have an off peak single.) Conductor (?) just announced if you were in the wrong half you could get off at the station where it divides and move to the other train (half train?).

That’s what I did in Italy when I couldn’t walk through. I just wasn’t thinking fast enough today to think of that.

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8. Re: Walking through train

I'd guess if you have to be in the first 4 cars (or whatever) the answer is that you can't join at the back and walk to the front because your train is almost certainly two trains joined together at the motor units (i.e. The drivers cabs) so they can be separated and driven to different destinations.

If it's a question of short platforms (as on the DLR) you are advised rather than told where you must travel, and there should be onboard announcements.

In the OPs case, if passengers for X must travel in the front coaches I'd reckon on there being no way through the train.


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9. Re: Walking through train

You can always get on the rear half and walk further forward at an internediate station, especially if you walk through as far as you can so you don't have far to go along the platform to get to the next section.

The Southern trainsto the souith coast have gangways between units through the cabs so you can walk the full length and most SW trains are the same.

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10. Re: Walking through train

Not always if you are oop North and on a Northern Fail service.

If you are on a train that consists of a Sprinter and a Pacer coupled together, or even worse, two Pacer's coupled together, then you can't walk between the two trains coupled together because the Pacer trains have no interconnecting doors at the ends by the drivers cab.

This is a Pacer. God help you if you ever have to travel on one, especially during rush hour!


The driver of this Pacer hated the train so much that he crashed it into the buffers at Liverpool Lime Street station! ;-)


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