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A very dreary village

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A very dreary village

... so, they film Doc Martin here. And the village milks it! We were there a couple of days ago, and there's even an old geezer charging people to walk them around the place telling them how he's an extra :-D

The whole place is very drab, plus they have the biggest gull-poops I have ever seen, one gull managed to cover two of us together with a large area of the road.

We had very nice coffee in The Slipway, as well as a so-so Cream Tea.

Not good enough...

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1. Re: A very dreary village

You didn't have to pay anyone for a tour of the place. Others might choose to. I'm not sure why you think it's a problem.

What do you think should be done about the gulls? Most coastal areas have them. Yes, they're a nuisance but they've as much right to be there as people do.

Lots of people love it there. You don't need to visit again

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2. Re: A very dreary village

Can I come round to your place at Christmas?

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3. Re: A very dreary village

Like it or not Doc Martin is very popular and yes people do take advantage of it after all they have to make a living somehow. Would you condem the skipper who takes tourists out in his boat to see the coastal scenery? It is quite common for tourists to visit places they have seen on television e.g. Highclere Castle, Pennan (Local Hero) and locations for Harry Potter . Why is this a problem? It wasn't necessary to describe the tour guide in that way.

Sorry about the seagull but it was there before you and birds do have to reduce weight in order to fly.

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4. Re: A very dreary village

"Not good enough..."

For what?

It's a small village. Do you feel it has some kind of obligation towards you?

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5. Re: A very dreary village

It's not dreary at all, in fact, I think the resident seagull population have exquisite taste....

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6. Re: A very dreary village

It would be nice if the OP could give us an idea of alternatives that ARE good enough.

Anyway, having a seagull poop on you is considered to be a good luck sign in these parts. Just keep telling yourself that :)

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7. Re: A very dreary village

Not good enough for what?

Do you not realise that Port Isaac is a real village, with real people and it just happens to be used as a television series location. The village is not manufactured nor a consumer product - it being so popular has happened by accident. There is no board of directors deciding how to run it, or improve it or please the customers. It is not advertised so there is no con going on. You obviously went there because of Doc Martin, so what did you expect? Harry Potter's set?

Drab it is not - it is a typical, pretty Cornish fishing village so do you want it to become artificial to suit your taste?

You are welcome to visit or not, your choice, no one actually cares if you don't like it. People will flock there for many years to come whatever your small minded opinion is.

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8. Re: A very dreary village

Those Cornish seagulls do seem to know who to target! They are employed by the villages to deter certain visitors & also to boost sales of pasties & fish & chips by pinching the ones you just bought so you have to buy more. LOL!!

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9. Re: A very dreary village

The Cornwall Tourist Board and other seaside tourist organisations in the rest of the UK have formed a partnership with the Royal Society for Protection of Birds and leading animal trainers

A new strain of seagull is being developed

They are attempting to breed seagulls that will fly upside down to meet the expectations of tourists

Our OP was very fortunate

Usually they steal your pasty, fish or sandwich and then poop on you !

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Birmingham, AL
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10. Re: A very dreary village

I have to tell you, I truly love this forum. We're coming in May and I wish I could meet all of you natives for a few cold ones. It's actually really nice that you all love your home so very much and it says a lot about you AND the place.

We're still planning to visit Port Isaac! Perhaps an umbrella is in order though :)

Edited: 16 April 2017, 14:37
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