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SOS All Canada - twin rooms just the start??

York, United Kingdom
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SOS All Canada - twin rooms just the start??

I am stuck right at the beginning of planning to travel to Canada as I need twin bedded rooms not doubles, king size or not!

In addition I need dark rooms with small windows. I have severe sleep issues. Just looking at a few pictures makes me lose the will to live.

Can anyone save me from giving up before I start. We've recently retired: I've wanted to go to Canada since what you call High School [French Eastern & Classic Western]. Even B&B's seem hopeless, from this set of needs point of view.

How do I search for quiet, dark twinned accommnodation starting in Montreal & Quebec & then Vancouver and the Rockies resorts?

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1. Re: SOS All Canada - twin rooms just the start??

I think you are unlikely to find a twin bedded room, but many hotels have rooms with 2 double beds. Would that work?

I have no idea how you would search for small windows. All hotel rooms I have been in though have black-out curtains. Is that not enough? Also I think since most people want big windows, those are the pictures hotels show on their sites. In most hotels there would probably be rooms with smaller windows.

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2. Re: SOS All Canada - twin rooms just the start??

There are tons of hotels with two beds in a hotel room, they will just be doubles not twins. Twin beds are a very European thing and we rarely see them in hotels here.

Also when you book call the hotel and tell them you want a dark, unstimulating room and they usually have them cheaply as most folk don't want tiny windows and no views.

Have you thought of training yourself to wear an eye shade at night. I have a friend with the same issue as you and when she had to start travelling for work she realised that an eyeshade could cure some of her issues.

You could also make a window kit to bring with you. Some room darkening fabric and a roll of tape and some clothes pegs to pin curtains together tightly. My friend also uses rolled up towels to block light and sound from unde the main door and asks for a room away from elevators and ice machines.

WIth some advanced prep you could make things bearable, though travelling will never be like home.

SE Ontario
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3. Re: SOS All Canada - twin rooms just the start??

It is extremely rare to find hotels with "single" beds in Canada. Most major hotels however do offer rooms with two double beds. In my experience though I have found it difficult to find two bedded rooms in B&B's. You're better off searching for rooms in major/large hotels.

As noted above, most large hotels also have blackout drapes in their rooms... they just don't display photos of the rooms with the blackout drapes pulled. You could always inquire when making a reservation if there are blackout drapes.

As an example most Holiday Inns, Hiltons, Sheratons, etc. have double bedded rooms with blackout drapes.

Jasper, Canada
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4. Re: SOS All Canada - twin rooms just the start??

Regarding B&Bs, building codes require bedrooms to have windows of a large enough size that they can be used as a means of escape if there is a fire. Even so, the minimum required is quite small (approx. 36 inches wide by about 18 inches high) - however. except for basement bedrooms, you generally won't find bedroom windows in above-ground levels to be that small.

If your trip brings you to my area (Jasper National Park in the Canadian Rockies), there are "private home accommodations" (PHA) here (like B&B, only with no breakfast) that have basement rooms with windows that just meet the minimum. These are usually the cheapest accommodation around, as most people want bigger windows (usually even cheaper than hostel accommodation for two people). PHA runs the gamut from budget, basic bedrooms to deluxe suites. There are also rooms with a twin bed set-up, although often this is the second bedroom of a 2 bedroom suite. (Mind you, in high season, the entire suite would be cheaper than a single hotel room.) www.stayinjasper.com

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5. Re: SOS All Canada - twin rooms just the start??

I have had absolutely no trouble finding rooms with two beds. They are usually identified as 2-Queens or 2-Doubles or double/double, rarely "twin beds."

Forget about small bed and breakfasts. They almost never offer two beds and noise is always an issue.

Almost all larger hotels have black-out drapes and sound proofed walls. Be sure to request that your room not adjoin another with a connecting door. Those are always sound problems.

Montreal, Canada
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6. Re: SOS All Canada - twin rooms just the start??

Let me understand this, you want rooms that specifically have twin beds and no or small windows?

To be honest, you are unlikely to find this in Montreal. It is a legal requirement to have a window in a bedroom in the city of Montreal. Secondly, rooms with two twin beds are just bad for business. 90% of our business is couples or families, so you may find a queen or king bed with an extra single, but not two singles in the same room.

You will just have to do the work and email or pick up a phone and call B&Bs, because it is unlikely a hotel will have what you want at all and very few B&Bs will be able to accommodate you, either. I'm an innkeeper and I can assure you that I don't have such a room. I wouldn't want one like that either. It's just a money loser for me.

Vancouver, Canada
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7. Re: SOS All Canada - twin rooms just the start??

You will experience some difficulty finding B&Bs in Vancouver with two-bedded rooms. You're best to try with a hotel. However, I am doubtful that you will find your dark room with small windows out here in Vancouver. Visitors come for the mountains and the ocean and want to see the scenery.

I'm very glad that you want to come to Canada and fulfill a life-long ambition to do so. However, our country may be bigger than you think. For example, Vancouver is a 5-hour (flying time alone) flight from Montreal and three time zones away. It will take you all day to get from a hotel in Montreal to a hotel in Vancouver. As you think more about your trip, you'd best post your questions about Vancouver on the Vancouver forum. (I just happen to be passing by and noticed your reference to "Canada" in the title to your post.) We'll try and help out, although I am a bit stymied by your accommodation needs.

KRP always posts helpful information about the Canadian Rockies. However, there is also a Canadian Rockies forum that you should take a look at as you think about that part of your trip.

Here is the Vancouver forum -


Here is the Canadian Rockies forum -


Good luck with your planning.

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Montreal, Canada
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8. Re: SOS All Canada - twin rooms just the start??

I do suffer from insomnia and light is one of my worst enemy. So yes I have gotten used to an eye shade. Even using ear plugs, the newer ones made from memory foam are very comfy. So that is a plus for you if you can use those.

As per the type of bed, "bis repetitam" it is just a cultural question. In Europe you will either get a "matrimonial" bed (whatever the size) or twins but in North-America you will find either two beds that could be regular doubles or queens or just one king. Most B&Bs and "boutique/designer" hotels will have only one double and + bed, not two. Twofers will be found mostly in large chain hotesl.

As per black out drapes well I have some experience of those. It is usually a criteria in the general room evaluation (do they shut completely, is there a border of light on the floor, etc.) of guide books. Well there I would say that every hotels in Las Vegas, even the cheapest can provide total blackout but in other cities like Montreal it can vary a lot from hotel to hotel, even if in the same chain. I would say that there might even be differences, and I am not talking of view or no view, but just multiple factors in the same hotel

So conclusion stick to chains and call the individual hotels, even better than the reservation desk would be the concierge. I have never requested total blackout sduring my travel because I know that I can rely on the eye shades but I had many other request made in advance in some hotels I was visiting, like getting a humidifier in the room before my arrival, having the duvet covers removed from the room and just extra blankets added, etc. and always got my requests. Same, of course for a room far from the elevators or the ice machines.

So look at your budget, use some hotel search engine to find chain properties in your price range, see the reviews here on TA and then call the concierges of your picks and ask them about total blackness, etc. Then make a reservation by any means you want and, yes, call the concierge again about a week before arrival to make sure that you get your whish.

If budget is not a problem then I would suggest the Gold Floors at the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth in Mtl and sister properties in other Canadian destinations. Special concierge service and I am sure that all your wishes will then be satisfied.

Vancouver, Canada
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9. Re: SOS All Canada - twin rooms just the start??

In Vancouver, you may be able to get twin beds (39" wide) at the YWCA Hotel. Don't know about the small windows or the dark though. Fire inspectors would not allow them to be an unsafe size for exiting in an emergency. The two beds in a hotel room here will be double (54") or queen (60".) Many people in North America find a soccer pitch sized bed just about right. :-) Just saying, the bigger the more saleable.

Montreal, Canada
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10. Re: SOS All Canada - twin rooms just the start??

Everybody, including me, has focused on the beds and the blackness but nobody yet mentionned that it is almost impossible to cover all of Canada in one trip. Don't forget that it is the second largest country in the world and distances are enormous. Almost as long from Montreal to Vancouver than Montreal to London!

So then I might have one partial solution based on my past experiences. Why not split your planned trip in two, one for the West Coast and Rockies and the other for the Maritimes and Central Canada. Then book a cruise in an indoor cabin. Those are not sought after so are the cheapest and will provide total blackness without a problem at all! Plus the gentle movement of the boat is a bit like a craddle and, at least in my case, lulls me to sleep. Even motion sickness medications could help if you take a drowsy inducing one at night and a non drowsy for the day. So there are cruises from either Boston or New York City to Montreal and others along the BC and Alaska coasts. Then you would just have to find some hotels in Mtl, Ottawa, Toronto in the East and Vancouver, Victoria and some places in the Rockies in the west. Do one side one year and the other the next or later.