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My daughter was one of the unlucky in Odile in Cabo.

1. Her hotel reservation was Saturday-Thursday. They enjoyed one great day then everything went south. They didn't have access to anything they paid for for 4 of 5 nights and it seems like they are due a partial refund.

2. They flew in on AA and out on a State Dept flight they had to pay $600 for, taking them to LAX. From there they changed their ticket for a flight LAX-IAH. Seems like they are due a partial refund.

Does anyone have ideas on how to get partial refunds for trip expenses?

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1. Re: Refund?

I'd just be thankful to be alive! IMO

Weston, Connecticut
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2. Re: Refund?

Refund for what? What hotel did they book and how did they book? Directly, through a tour operator? Where did the flight that they paid $600 depart from, what airline and why were they charged? I know of no one who was charged for the initial evacuation flights.

The flight from LAX to IAH I assume was on AA was "purchased" with the credit from their AA return flight, so they are due no refund there.

Still not sure why and who charged them $600 for a flight from Cabo to LAX - what airline? You're not giving enough information.

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3. Re: Refund?

The US Embassy charged each person $600 for the evacuation flight. Our friends were charged $600 too. The airlines weren't charging but those who took the US Embassy flights had to pay.

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4. Re: Refund?

The charge to evac by the US is required by federal law.

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5. Re: Refund?

I hate to tell you the bad news but airlines and hotels are not required to reimburse you when a disaster hits. If they cancel the flight then airlines vary on how they compensate. Refund, rescheduling are up to the airlines policies. That's why they sell travel insurance. Anyone traveling should consider the risk they are taking and consider travel insurance. You never know when a hurricane hits/volcano erupts/social unrest/leg is broken etc. Sometimes we learn it the hard way.Be thankful for being safe.

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6. Re: Refund?

I believe this is a weather related situation and airlines honestly don't HAVE to do much at all...but obviously it is in their best interest to help people get home...rebook those who cannot or do not want to go etc. and they still retain revenue from whatever alternative flight they take., I understand it is S600.00 for state dept. to take you out...seems bizarre but happens everywhere in the world...I assume those people got out faster maybe without waiting for hours and hours (only assume that maybe not) and it was worth it to them. If the hotels are charging for the entire stay which I assume most are they may consider making some concessions for almost total lack of accomodations etc. and I would also bet they will be in contact with those affected to offer good discount on future stay.

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7. Re: Refund?

This is what travel insurance is for - it has trip interruption coverage.

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8. Re: Refund?

I would check with her credit card company. There may be some kind of dispute you can try and file for. Good luck..but I also agree she should be happy she got home as quickly as she did!

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9. Re: Refund?

While I guess you can try a dispute with credit card company I doubt if it would go too far. Knowing the government I'm sure they were asked to sign an agreement to the price etc. to be able to get on that flight. That would pretty much settle any possible dispute. Too late now but as mentioned above trip cancellation insurance would be very useful in this case and no doubt cover these expenses.

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10. Re: Refund?

You don't have to dispute with the credit card company, but many credit cards have built in trip insurance which is why it would be worth checking it out. I book travel for a living and I highly recommend purchasing trip insurance (especially during hurricane season) for this reason. So, maybe you will not use it 99% of the time, but that 1% of the time you need it will make having purchased it worthwhile.