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Just returned from The Westin/Club Regina - Trip Report

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Just returned from The Westin/Club Regina - Trip Report

Hello All,

First off, thanks for all of the information off of this board that I received before going to Cabo. The information helped us out a lot. This may be my new favorite place to vacation. Not to toot my own horn, but I've travelled quite a bit for a 30 year old guy. I've been to Cancun many times, Puerto Rico, Riviera Maya, Aruba, and many other places. Cabo is in the top two(tied with Aruba).

My wife and I stayed at the Club Regina at the Westin and it was incredible. We met my brother and his girlfriend there and they also stayed at the Club Regina. We were in a one bedroom, ocean view, with two total bathrooms, a living room, full kitchen, and way more space then we needed. The Westin hosts about 8 swimming pools and plenty of beach space. The service was excellent and the staff very friendly and polite. Housekeeping came twice a day and kept the room very clean. Some complained of the amount of walking involved here, but we found it to be really easy to get around. Unless you're past your 70's, you will have no problems getting around the grounds. There are a fair amount of stairs to get to the beach, but nothing too major.

We found the airport to be almost hassle-free. It was a small airport with only 6 terminals. It seemed organized and on time. Some people pose as taxi drivers at the airport and offer you free rides to your hotel. Avoid those people, they are time share sharks. Nothing in Cabo is free. There is almost always a time share linked to any freebies....avoid them.

We went into Cabo San lucas twice. It was about a twenty minute cab ride from out hotel and cost $26 for 4 people each way....a little steep, but it's vacation. Once we went to the Giggling Marlin for dinner. Excellent food, great atmosplere, cheap eats...highly recommended. That night we went to Squid Roe for drinks and partying....a very fun place. The other trip into San Lucas we went to The Office for dinner on the beach. This place was awesome. The food was excellent, the beach tables were charming, and it was Cinco De Mayo, so needless to say, the tequila was flowing heavily and they put on a great show during dinner. That night we went to Cabo Wabo, but it was packed! We stayed for one drink, then went to the bar right outside of Cabo Wabo where we got two beers and two shots for $3 bucks. We firmly planted our asses there until we could handle no more alcohol.

Shopping in San Lucas was nice. Cool little flea markets and such, but also nice, higher-end type stores there.

We also went into San Jose Del Cabo one night. This was about a 10 minute cab ride and was $15 for 4 people each way. We ate at a place called "Local Eight" and it was excellent. The atmosphere was gorgeous and the food was incredible. You eat outside and sit on couches! We were greeted by multiple hummingbirds that buzzed around us while we ate....it was so cool. The shopping here is more expensive, but they had really nice stuff. If you're looking for bargains here, you wont find any. Go to San Lucas for the bargains and bartering.

Lastly, we did not see a single cloud in the sky until our last day there. The weather was absolutely perfect and sunny every day. The climate is almost identical to Aruba in that it is just a huge desert with dry and sunny days. I did get heat rash. I still don't know how. I am a very dark haired guy who never burns and usually gets a deep, dark tan. I also went tanning about 10 times prior to leaving. I wore Banana Boat 30 every day and still got roasted, so play it safe with the lotions and apply heavily. I now have this itchy sun rash that is finally starting to go away after two days of no Cabo sun.

There's a lot more, but I don't want to ramble on. If you want any questions answered, then feel free to e-mail me at jasonabe@gmail.com. Bottom line, Cabo rocks! Go there and you will not be disappointed.

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excellent report, thanks! Delighted you had a great time in Los Cabos. Suerte........... jim

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I almost forgot, my brother and I also rented ATV's through Explora Adventures(at the Westin). We did the morning tour and it was a blast. It was $50 a person for three hours. One of the three hours was playtime where we were able to just whale around on the beach unattended. My brother and his girlfriend also rented a jet ski through Explora for 30 minutes at a cost of $40 total. They loved it and said that it was well worth the money. Just thought that I'd throw that in......

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Great review, it's always nice to have people use the posts for their trip, and follow-up with a trip review. Great job and it's nice to hear you had a FUN time.

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Great review and so glad you had such a good trip! I appreciate being able to read this, and the info you included is excellent. Thanks.

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Glad you had such a great time and most excellent review.


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My pleasure all....hope the information helps some people out.

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Thanks for the great info. We're heading to the Westin/Club Regina in exactly 2 weeks and can't wait. It sounds like we're booked in 2 adjoining club level rooms. Did you get the free breakfast and drinks/apps in the evening? Also, do you know if there is a charge to use the gym? I've read other posts on here that said it's $10 per day. When I called the general westin reservations they said that's not the case, but I'm wondering if I need to call the Cabo Westin directly to verify.

Lastly, was there a blender in the room? There's 4 of us going, as well as a 2 1/2 year old (our son), all under the age of 29 so we're looking to enjoy some beverages in our room and poolside. Lastly, did you take any photos?

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8. Re: Just returned from The Westin/Club Regina - Trip Report

nice report, the hotels on the cooridor are really fantastic but don't seem to get many write ups on this board. We have stayed at the regina and the fiesta american, both get 5 stars from us, really fabulous places to stay.

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9. Re: Just returned from The Westin/Club Regina - Trip Report

Suncouple, are you staying at the hotel or the time-shares (Club Regina)? If you are staying at Club Regina there are blenders in the rooms (believe me, mine have gotten a workout) and there is no charge to use the gym. We have stayed at the Club Regina many times, so if you have anymore specific questions feel free to ask. It's a great place.

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We booked the room through RCI so I would assume it would be the Club Regina. When I called Westin Reservations yesterday to confirm our arrival, the person told me we're in Club Level rooms that are adjoining to make a suite and that we have the free breakfast and drinks/apps in the evening. That doesn't sound like timeshare to me but we'll see when we actually get there and check in. If there's a blender, we'll be bringing our own margarita mix but if not, I'll skip it and run to the local Costco when we get there. Glad to hear there's no charge for the room. I wonder why some people had to pay? I'll bring my gym stuff just in case. My only other outstanding question is whether or not the resort walkways are "stroller friendly" as it seems like a long walk for a slow toddler. Are there too many stairs to make a stroller worthwhile in your opinion? Thanks for the help. I've been to Mexico many times but this is the first time to Cabo.