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Omni or Riu Cancun?

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Omni or Riu Cancun?

which hotel is better, any pics or additional info would be awesome!!

I will go AI. Thanks

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1. Re: Omni or Riu Cancun?

Look on webshots dot com. Put in the names of the hotels, and you will get pic's. Also look on this site, under Cancun hotels, and click on their reviews. A lot of them have pic's. The better beach area is the Omni. And they have a beachside restaurant, where you can have breakfast in the sand.

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2. Re: Omni or Riu Cancun?

I second Denise's suggestion. Also, the Riu is all inclusive whereas the Omni is both all inclusive and ala carte. The Riu gets great reviews here but so does the Omni.

I'd also suggest you type each in the search box above and read some of the postings from people who've just returned.


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3. Re: Omni or Riu Cancun?

Omni, Omni, Omni. You are getting the same answer on both boards! That should tell you something. You originally asked where to see the pretty water. Not at the Riu.

Don't do AI. Eat out. It's a lot more fun. Or do AI and still go out a couple of times for dinner. Get downtown--out of the hotel zone.

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4. Re: Omni or Riu Cancun?

EASY answer if you want my dos pesos............

I posted this on another site, but thought I'd include it here also. I expect to get bashed by all the Riu fans, but I have stayed at BOTH resorts and am posting our honest opinon between the two resorts. I doubt there's many others that can honestly compare because they've stayed at both resorts.

I stayed at the Riu Cancun once for a work function (not by choice) and over twenty times at the Omni Cancun. Hands down, go to the OMNI!!

The Omni has a much nicer beach than the Riu's beach without question. And the Omni has the only beach Jaccuzzi bar in Cancun and it's neat to say the least. Also, the Omni has a beach restaurant, where the Riu doesn't.

The Riu's swim up bar water was VERY cold when we were there....too cold to enjoy. The Omni's Jacuzzi bar has comfortable water.

The Riu is newer than the Omni, so it's nicer in some ways. The Riu's lobby is more grand and the public areas were also a little nicer. The Omni's public areas and lobby are defnitely nice, just not quite as grand.

The Riu only has 4 elevators for over 700 rooms. That said, we always waited a long time for an elevator and we all got really sick of that. The Omni has the same number of elevators for about 350 rooms.......big difference.

The Riu is all buffet food, except their Japanese and Brazilian restaurants and no one in our group liked either of their specialty restaurants. I got so sick of their buffet food that I lost actually lost weight while there, which is a first ever for me while on an all inclusive vacation, as I always gain weight while on an AI vacation. The Riu buffets were always plentiful, I just had a hard time finding something I liked and I am not a picky eater in anyway...I love all meat, all seafood, all veggies etc.

The Omni has an upscale Italian restaurant, which is FAR better than the Riu's upscale restaurants (Japanese and Brazilian). My most favorite restaurant at home is a Japanse restaurant, so I obviously love Japanese food, but I hated it at the Riu. I much prefer Da Vinci's at the Omni over either of the Riu's specialty restaurants.

The water in the rooms at the Riu is non potable, per the sign in the bathroom. The Omni's water is purified. I personally wouldn't drink the water at either hotel, but I do brush my teeth with the Omni's water and have never gotten ill from that. At the Riu I only used bottled water to brush my teeth due to the non-potable water issue.

You can always order from the menu at the Omni, which is not the case at the Riu. Buffet is bfast, lunch and dinner at the Riu...yuk!

If you want reservations for one of the specialty restaurants at the Riu then you better be there by 7:00 a.m. or you will not get a reservation. That isn't the case at the Omni.

The Omni offers 24/7 room service. The Riu Cancun has no room service at all.

The Omni has a beach bathroom and at the Riu you have to truck up a flight of stairs and wind around the pools to get to a bathroom, which gets kind of old after a while.

The Riu Cancun does have shows most nights and some were good and some were a waste of time. The Omni has live entertainment at the lobby bar, which is just ok in my opinon. The Omni doesn't have any shows.

The Omni has different theme dinners each evening and the Riu didn't have that, at least not while we were there. The Omni's theme dinners are: Beach Party Night, Mexican Fiesta Night, Kabob Night, Cajun Night, Italian Night, Spanish Night, Steak Night. I like most of their theme nights, but not all, but I'm not a Cajun or Spanish food fan. You can go to a theme dinner or just go to the main restaurant and order from the menu.

The Omni has EXCELLENT beach and pool service. We found the service very sporadic at the Riu, despite tipping very well. Also, the beach or pool waiters at the Omni will not only bring you drinks, but your lunch as well. You will not find that at the Riu. You have to go get your own buffet food lunch at the Riu.

The Riu is close to a lot of nightlife and restaurants, which is convenient, but the Omni is only a 15 minute bus ride from that area. The buses only cost about .65 cents.

We found the service overall to be MUCH better at the Omni. It's good at the Riu, but excellent at the Omni.

The sun went behind the Riu hotel much earlier than at the Omni, but maybe that was due to the time of year. We didn't have any sun at the Riu after 3:00 at the latest, as the Riu's tall hotel blocked the sun much too early. The pool area at the Riu lost sun even earlier.

The Omni's rooms are much nicer in my opinion.

The Riu includes the mini-bar, plus bottles of booze in the room with their AI plan. The Omni doesn't include either, but you can just order fresh food and drinks for room service at the Omni 24/7 with AI, which is better anyway in my opinion.

You have to sign for food and beverages at the Omni whether you're AI or not. We didn't have to sign for anything at the Riu and that was nice.

We had issues with cold showers at the Riu half the time we were there, which was annoying for sure. The Omni has hot water and great water pressure.

We were excited to stay at the Riu based upon the mostly positive reviews. Well, none of us in our group would ever stay at the Riu Cancun again, mostly based on the food and not as nice of a beach, plus all the buffet food truly got very old at the Riu.

I honestly think either resort is fine for people in their late twenties, so don't sweat that.

I know a lot of people don't advise going AI while in Cancun because Cancun does have a lot of great restaurants and I do agree with that. I personally love going all inclusive at the Omni, because I don't have to run out and about for meals (I run around enough at home and don't need that on vacation). Sure you can eat your meals at the Omni and pay as you go, but the prices are so unbelievably expensive, just a can of Coke is $3.50.........yikes! I love eating especially bfast and lunch at the hotel, as I don't want the hassle of getting dressed and running out to find a decently priced meal. If you want to eat at the hotel while not being AI then you better have a fat wallet. The Omni's food is quite good, so you can just stay put and enjoy your vacay while still eating decent food. Even if we're AI at the Omni, we'll sometimes go out for a dinner or maybe two and sometimes we never do....the choice is ours and no matter what we choose to do, it's always far more convenient and enjoyable for us to go AI.........IMHO.

I have pics of the Omni at www.picturetrail.com/jodi323. Sorry, I never posted my Riu pics, probably because I'd rather forget that I actually stayed there. Go to the Riu's web site for pics of the resort, which will give you a general idea of the resort.

Well, this is my honest comparison of both resorts. I hope you have a great trip where ever you stay.

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5. Re: Omni or Riu Cancun?

I have to agree. Go to the Omni.

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6. Re: Omni or Riu Cancun?

I haven't stayed at the Rui, but did go check it out. The lobby is more elegant than the Omni, but the beach wasn't very pretty and there wasn't as many palapas on the beach. I would go to the Omni