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Any News Regarding FIRE at Oasis Hotels.

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Any News Regarding FIRE at Oasis Hotels.

Booked for The Grand Oasis worried sick, Is it ok up and operating. Need some kind of info PLEASE>

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1. Re: Any News Regarding FIRE at Oasis Hotels.

I have no idea what you're talking about. The Grand Oasis is just fine.

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2. Re: Any News Regarding FIRE at Oasis Hotels.

read where power was out at thr grand oasis.its own the same property

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3. Re: Any News Regarding FIRE at Oasis Hotels.

There was a fire the other day at the hotel. I have phoned my travel operator and they advised if we were'nt able to stay at the Oasis Cancun they would move us to one of the other Oasis hotels. The travel company don't seem to know much about it.

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4. Re: Any News Regarding FIRE at Oasis Hotels.

As other posters have explained at some length on other threads, the Oasis Cancun is a dump, fire or no fire. However, the Grand Oasis is nicer and did not suffer any fire damage as far as I am aware. I stayed in the next hotel over from the Grand Oasis and my balcony overlooked the whole property. I had no idea there was any problem until I came back and read about it here :)

So yes, the Grand Oasis is "up and operating". Have a nice trip!

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5. Re: Any News Regarding FIRE at Oasis Hotels.

Well, I had the misfortune of staying at the Oasis Cancun right under the fire, no fire extinguishers, no fire alarms, and no one bothered to wake us up and evacuate us, even when the fire was on the next floor up and two doors down. The Oasis Cancun is a human cesspool, but the Grand Oasis appeared to be nice, from what we saw walking through there on our way to a restaurant. Totally different environment ........ at the Oasis Cancun drunken teenagers everywhere, occasionally vomiting on themselves, I saw teenagers urinating ...... once in the stairwell, once on the plant life in the common area. Like I said, a human cesspool, but the kids don't know enough to know this is substandard, all they think is party-party-party. And at the Oasis Cancun, all bars except the lobby bar close at 5 pm, which forces all the kids to go on the bar tours which costs them $65 US dollars ---- any other hotel that I have been to stayed open all night and served good drinks and had a fun atmosphere ........ and can you imagine 1,000+ rooms with 2-3,000 people, with only the lobby bar open and the bar between the Tatish restaurants open??? Totally Absurd!!!

Like I say, the Grand Oasis appeared greatly superior to the Oasis Cancun, but you might want to check because the Oasis Cancun had a place for a fire extinguisher right outside of our room, but there was none there our entire stay.

The Oasis Cancun was 6 days in a human cesspool, a youth-hostel-slum at best!!!

Good luck -- I have been to Cancun 5 times, and stayed in the Oasis Playa and is was wonderful --- never have I witnessed anything like the Oasis Cancun in my life!!!! What a dump!!!


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6. Re: Any News Regarding FIRE at Oasis Hotels.

This is my story posted as Fun For Less = Less Fun

What I have read in other posts about the Oasis is 100% true.

I would not have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes on May 27th.

We recently booked a trip through Funjet to:

Cancun, Mexico

Scheduled Departure: Saturday May 27th @ 3:30 PM from St. Louis, Mo.

Scheduled arrival time: Saturday May 27th @6:30 PM Cancun, Mexico

There was a three-hour flight delay with Ryan Airlines.

Our plane did not leave until 6:15 PM from Lambert Airport.

Actual arrival time in Cancun was 9:30 PM.

Upon arrival to the Oasis Cancun Resort we where shuttled back and forth from phase 1 to phase 2 due to confusion as to where we would be staying at the front desk.

(Phase 1 = all the kids on their Senior trip

Phase 2= booked with couples and families).

Lupe from the front desk at phase 2 told us they where booked so we where sent back to phase 1.

Upon checking in to the Oasis Cancun Resort phase 1 it was 11 PM and that is where the trouble began.

There was no representative from Funjet Vacations at the hotel upon arrival.

After checking into the Hotel we discovered that all of the elevators in the hotel where out of service.

I asked the hotel staff and they stated hopefully tomorrow the elevator would be fixed.

This is a problem for me because we where booked on the 4th floor and I have a hard time going up and down stairs.

Later that evening we found out through a guest at the hotel that there was a fire in the hotel on Friday May 26th and the elevators stopped working. This was never once mentioned from anyone at the hotel.

After hiking up four flights of stairs with our luggage we get to the room.

The room smelled of mildew and there was visible black mold growing on the ceiling.

The patio door was broken and we where unable to lock our door so to secure our documents we rented a lock from the front desk to use the room safe.

The bathroom sink leaked and there was a standing puddle of water on the bathroom floor.

The air conditioner in the room was not cooling.

The next morning May 28th @ 12 noon we went down to the lobby and spoke with Alex from Funjet/Lomas Travels.

Alex said he would speak to the manager.

By 6:30 PM we had not heard back from Alex so we decided to go down and follow up with him.

Alex still had not spoken to the manager and asked us to return in thirty minutes and he would speak to Roberto the hotel manager.

Thirty minutes we returned to Alex and he stated that Roberto the hotel manager would try to move us to Phase two tomorrow after someone checks out.

We tried contacting the number provided by Funjet on our Funjet Vacations itinerary and spoke with Megan.

Megan told us that Funjet is not responsible for hotel accommodations and that we would have to speak to our Lomas Travels rep in the morning. I explained to Megan that we had already spoken to Alex from Funjet/Lomas Travels and that he was unable to get us moved to a different room tonight.

Megan said she would contact Lomas Travel through e-mail.

I then contacted the front desk.

I spoke with Anna and she confirmed that all other rooms in phase two where booked.

Roberto says he will try to move us tomorrow on Monday May 29th.

This caused us to cancel our plans for Monday May 29th (snorkeling, ATV – speed boat tour) so we could move to a different room.

Monday May 29th

We speak with Raefel from Oasis Plus and Roberto is hoping to have a room for us today between 1 PM and 3 PM.

We finally got moved on Monday the 29th two and a half days into our vacation.

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7. Re: Any News Regarding FIRE at Oasis Hotels.

Well, the Fire at the Oasis Cancun Thread got burned by the Mods, so I'll bump this for the still unsuspecting folks headed for stays at the Oasis Cancun.

In a minor recap, the Oasis Cancun suffered a fire to the Hotel almost two weeks ago that required the evacuation for over 200 guests. The fire was believed to be electrical in nature, but reports have also indicated careless behaviour by the Spring Break crowd may have caused it, this from another poster.

There has been no recent updates from the Oasis Hotel Group or the local press that I've seen since the fire occurred. However, a search of Oasis Cancun threads on this site will indicate eyewitness accounts from folks unfortunate enough to have been at the Oasis Cancun during this time period along with a myriad of other problems involving this Hotel.

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8. Re: Any News Regarding FIRE at Oasis Hotels.

Dangers - Where did you get the article about the fire at the Oasis Hotel?

I would like to review that.

I plan on fighting Funjet to get a full refund due to the hotel from hell - AKA Oasis.

The more I think about it the more angry I get.


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9. Re: Any News Regarding FIRE at Oasis Hotels.

7Names I was there at the Oasis around the same time as you.

Do you have any pictures of the Oasis hotel (phase 1)?

Mine where erased going through the airport in Mexico. :o(

I would love to help you also get a full refund as I plan to get one for myself.

I spoke with Funjet today and they are waiting to hear back from the Oasis hotel. I don't expect anything from the Oasis seeing as they where not willing to help us while we where staying there.

I'm going to file with my credit card company for misrepresentation today.

I'll let you know what happens.



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10. Re: Any News Regarding FIRE at Oasis Hotels.