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Live From Atlantis....

The West
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Live From Atlantis....

Well, Day one was just fantastic. We are in the west tower of Royal Towers and our view overlooks part of aquaventure and The Cove Hotel. The weather was blah today but I don't know if I am blaming Atlantis or George W. yet....anyway first impressions on my third visit..

Check in was a breeze, really not much else I can say. We arrived at 12:30 and were in our room by 1:00...

Aquaventure is Awesome! I swear you can float all day and not take the same course twice. there are so many pathways that it is just a blast. All the pools toward the cove are great. Everyone seems to gather at the kid play area and the Mayan temple. The other Pools and entrances you can take your pick of where to set up for the day.

There are soooooo many lounge chairs, the only reason you would have to go early and reserve is if you wanted to sit over by the Mayan Temple.

If you are arriving anytime this week, Jay-Z and Beyonce are here and the 10th,11th and 12th are going to be crazy...all the high end eateries are booked for those days and Jay-Z is doing a concert....Things could get interesting. We are eating Mosaic tonight, Nobu tomorrow and Mesa Grill on Wednesday. From there its going to be a crap shoot from what I can tell. Our cabbie recommended the fish fry, any comments?

The staff has been great and friendly, from the bell hop to the repair man who fixed a minor problem with our sink.

haven't heard a word on timeshares....

haven't seen a breast yet......haven't been hunting them though either (wife wouldn't be too happy)

The water on aquaventure really doesn't "shoot you in the face". that is not to say that it never did but today all the nozzles (they are like jacuzzi tub jets) are pointed downward.

Having a Great time....I will check in later.

Old Bridge, New...
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1. Re: Live From Atlantis....

wherenwhen, thanks for the great report. Glad to hear you didn't get shot in the face at aquaventure. I was not looking forward to that part of the ride. We leave a week a from today and are counting the minutes. We are staying in the Royal Tower Imperial Club. Keep the reports coming... sounds like the week could be wild with all the grand opening activities and celebs.

Massachusetts, USA
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2. Re: Live From Atlantis....

Stupid question here............

Are you using the free interent in the library to post or do you have a wireless laptop??? just curious

New Jersey
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3. Re: Live From Atlantis....

So glad you are having a great time so far.

Sounded like a great easy check in.

Let us know all about your dinners and how the food was.

Nice that you get to see Jay-Z and Beyonce, orI hope you get to have a peek at them at least, lol

Thanks for letting us know the River ride is not as bad as some has said. It looks like I will be on it all day long.

I will report back to hubby that you did not see any boobs yet, lol,

But that is a good way to clear the pool or beach out when I go, if I were to take it off, people would run, but then I would have the pool all to myself, lol

Momcat: Good to hear you are going to be in the Imperial Club, we just love it there.

Please say Hello to Carla and Little Keno and Big Keno and Shanekqua if they are still there, they are the best, we tip them all very well.

They know all of our really bad jokes my Father would tell them every night, lol

Can't wait to hear more about your stay. Keep in touch.

Get a good tan.


Wellesley, Ma
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4. Re: Live From Atlantis....

Glad to hear they moved the nozzles - they were definitely pointing up when we were there; loved the ride but hated the nozzles!

New Jersey
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5. Re: Live From Atlantis....

Whats going on down there this weekend???

What events do they have planned?

Chicago, Illinois
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6. Re: Live From Atlantis....

where'n'when, what's scheduled for Sat night - 12th? We're flying in on Sat.

The West
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7. Re: Live From Atlantis....

Some more points,

Mosaic was excellent. I would agree with others that a $50+ buffet is a lot, but the food and the service was fantastic as was the atmosphere. I would not recommend it for kids as there isn't a huge selection for unsophisticated taste buds . There is pizza, but it wasn't your everyday pizza. The desserts were tremendous. If you are deciding between buffets, mosaic wins hands down.

Marketplace is what it is, an american buffet. if you want quantity, eat here. If you want quality, choose somewhere else. I mean the food is OK but there is nothing special about that place.

Karenbaco- laptop in my room, the wireless is spotty though. you can get it (pid guest) but I wouldn't try and work from it. (who wants to work here anyway!)

Beachgirl and Annie, There is a concert each night starting Thursday. I know Jay-Z and Beyonce are in one and I know Janet Jackson is here too but I don't know if she is doing a show or not. Saturday is the last day of the Grand Opening and that is the night Jay-Z is playing with Beyonce. The Cove is completely wired on the outside with Fireworks, I will get footage when they shoot them off. I wouldn't expect to get tickets unless you are pretty tied in down here, a high roller or staying at The Cove. All nights are "sold out" which means most are reserved for special guests. My In Laws are very high rollers so we have tickets to Thursday and Friday night but only could get on the waiting list for Saturday.

The Cove is beautiful. Love the feel, very upscale.

The Fitness center is great. I went and ran this morning and your local gym has nothing on this place. Very well done.

The Mandera Spa. I have not used it yet but my wife and her sisters went there this morning for a few hours. My wife loved here masseuse and will be going again on Mothers Day. Not all treatments listed on the website can be preformed yet. still working out the kinks I guess.

The Marina is full and with the biggest yachts I have seen down here. I will take some pictures.

I will post more about the goings on for the grand opening as I get information, but really i am only stopping in once a day to refresh before dinner so it might be tomorrow.

PS, still no boobies.

The West
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8. Re: Live From Atlantis....

One more.....

Stevie Wonder is having his Birthday Party here this weekend. The stage is set up at the pool closest to the cove that is still on atlantis grounds (sorry I dont know what they are all named). It is not make shift by any means and looks to be a good place that they could do concerts more often.

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9. Re: Live From Atlantis....

did they redo the fitness center? Is it still $15/day, etc...

Do you happen to know if they are doing anything special for July 4th?

I am so glad your trip is going well -- Good Luck with the "boobie watch" :)

New York
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10. Re: Live From Atlantis....

do you know if the harborside shuttle stops at the cove and also the other shuttle too. theres two shuttles .one that goes back and forth from atlantis towers to harborside and actually has written harborside and then the regurlar shuttle called the atlantis coutesy shuttle that goes to the ocean club .the question again is does both shuttles stop at the cove? could you ask some one down there? thanks