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Leaving in two days. Inquiries

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Leaving in two days. Inquiries


So my friends and I are having a Girls trip, traveling to TCI for the first time..

I have a few questions, slightly all over the place but thought someone might be able to answer them for me..

roaches, are they common in hotels/beaches/restaurants. I've been to hot countries /islands which sometimes are almost everywhere, and they fly I just wanted to know if they'll be common to come across.. They are one of my phobias and I need to be mentally prepared.

Sharks, are they known to come by the Beach? Is that something I should be mindful of.

Also we have booked ports of call resort.

Could anybody give me their honest opinion on it, although it's too late I just need to ease my nerves as I originally wanted an airBnB but was out voted by my friends.

Also daily spending cash.

Were a group of mid 20s who would ideally like to stick to our budget. We've heard it's expensive. Basically our spending will be on meals, lunch dinner and a. Few drinks as we are cutting the cost by bringing our own alcohol.

Even if there's restaurants or dives that anybody would recommend would be awesome.

Thank u in advance..

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1. Re: Leaving in two days. Inquiries

Go to the Thursday night fish fry. It fun and prices are decent. If you want to save some money, think about bringing some dry-goods food with you, like cereal, granola bars, snacks, COFFEE, etc...If you think you will eat that kind of stuff. When I went with my kids, a box of cereal is easily 2-3x the cost from what I pay at home.

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2. Re: Leaving in two days. Inquiries

Going to the Fish Fry requires a car or a taxi ride, not sure if you have budgeted for either of those?

I have never seen any roaches but it is a tropical climate and it is possible. But, resorts and restaurants are spraying for them so I think you will be unlikely to see any. Sharks are not going to come to the beach and get you.

Ports of Call is a very centralized location, you can walk to the grocery, a ton of restaurants, shopping and the beach. I think you will be happy with your choice.

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3. Re: Leaving in two days. Inquiries

Just as at any warm, moist area, there are roaches, but all resorts do an excellent job of controlling them. There is an excellent chance you will not see a single roach while there unless you go digging around in some trash pile.

A shark will occasionally cruise by/along Grace Bay beach, but most sharks in this area are harmless and I believe there as never been a reported shark attack along Grace Bay. (Don't ask about Barracudas though.) There is certainly nothing to worry about concerning sharks (or barracudas).

Depending on just what you like to drink, you might be better off using the space in your luggage for more expensive food items rather than alcohol. While most forms of alcohol that are still in the bottle are a bit more expensive than at home, they are not outrageously so. If you like rum, the local Bambarra rum is both very good and relatively inexpensive. Wine will be abut 25 - 50% more than at home (depending on where "home" is)

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4. Re: Leaving in two days. Inquiries

The roaches I’ve seen after rain in Provo aren’t really roaches but giant Palmetto beetles, and I’ve seen them very fairly (been years since I have). Difference is unlike roaches that multiple and take over, you’d just see 1 dead up to 3 days later.

Sharks live in the ocean! I’ve seen them once in a blue moon. No tourist ever has been harmed.

Restaurants are expensive. Your Airbnb choice would have required a car anyway.

But get a car for part of it, places like Bugaloos and Da Conch Shack are beach shacks, cheaper and taxi would be a forture

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5. Re: Leaving in two days. Inquiries

Bringing just cash? About $150/daily each outside of your room cost. Dr. Jim

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6. Re: Leaving in two days. Inquiries

Don’t walk around with cash, keep most in safe

Even better bring a debit card and use ATM, or bring credit card and pay it off right away

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7. Re: Leaving in two days. Inquiries

Make sure you bring repellent as your more likely to be bitten by mosquitoes in the evening than eaten by a large or small shark!

Roaches are not an issue as many have said, Port of Call is low budget as far as I know but it will be clean and that’s what your looking for - it’s a great location though just a few minutes to everything so relax - it could be worse you could be chased by a shark....oh yeah sorry we already covered that one

I am sure a few will post a list of the more economical restaurants am afraid I don’t tend to hit them myself


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8. Re: Leaving in two days. Inquiries

Thank you guys so much..

We are thinking of cabs. If the distance is to far, and we can't walk... is it typical to pay per person throughout the whole stay or do they charge per destination? Because coming from the airport to hotel I've been seeing cabbies charge per guest.

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9. Re: Leaving in two days. Inquiries

Per person and it’s very expensive. You can rent a car for 23/day. Totally worth it

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10. Re: Leaving in two days. Inquiries

Taxi fare is based on destination PLUS the number of people in the cab.

Example: If the fare for 2 people is $20 one way. The 3rd person is 50% or $10. The 4th person is another 50% or $10. So, the total would be $40. You can rent a car for $40 or so per day.

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