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climbing dunns river falls for a short person

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climbing dunns river falls for a short person

How physically demanding is it to climb the falls when you happen to be a somewhat fit short woman? How long a climb is it and how long is it coming down??

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1. Re: climbing dunns river falls for a short person

I've heard of every kind of person climbing the falls. If you have some coordination you should be fine. Travel with a group because then you all hold hands and help pull eachother up. And at the top, you don't climb down, you just exit at the stairs. I hope all goes well. =)

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2. Re: climbing dunns river falls for a short person

If you go on the Cool Runnings boat, you come in at the beach, climb up, then go back down the path & stairs along the side. If you come in by vehicle, you come in to the parking lot at the top, go down the path & stairs, then climb back up. I've done it in the chain, and done it in a small family group, where we can help each other when we needed help, but not hold hands the whole way. I really enjoyed doing it myself. I'm 5'5". My husband helped my five-year-old do it, he gave him a hand up most of the places, and boosted from behind in some places. Having your hands free is nice, I preferred it to having to hold on to other people. But, it's whatever you prefer. Water shoes are not necessary, you can do it in teva-style sandals, but you'll be constantly getting rocks in your shoes and having to stop and shake them out. They'll try to force you to buy watershoes if you don't have them, however, but there's no law you can't go up even barefoot if you want!

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3. Re: climbing dunns river falls for a short person

We took our 9 year old (less than 5 feet tall) on the climb and he didn't have a problem. There are a few steps that are somewhat challenging, but overall it is a gradual climb. If you are worried, when you are at the starting point on the beach, just hang out right next to the guide so that you are first in line and the person holding the guides hand when the climb starts. We were first in line, he took my sons hand to lead the chain and it was the best place to be. He pointed out different things along the way, but when we did get to challenging points, he was there to make sure we stepped in the exact spot we were supposed to. I think it was about a 45 minute climb up, but that includes stopping for pictures and waiting while they take everyone pictures at certain picture points. You do not climb down, you walk to the bottom and then climb back up, when you get to the top, you will be back at the exit.

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4. Re: climbing dunns river falls for a short person

My 6 & 7 year climbed the falls lst weekend without much trouble. There are a few exits on the way up if you don't want to continue!