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July 26 2014

I am flying into Tokyo to visit my Son who lives in Hokkaido. We plan to meet at Narita after customs at 3pm. Our hotel is near Shinagawa station as we are taking the train to Kyoto the next morning.

It is the day of the Sumida River fireworks festival and hoped to hire yakata bune to see the fireworks...silly me, I think you need to book that a year out. Please let me know if you think this might still be an option. It's hard to find anything from home except one tour (which would be fine if it didn't leave at 2:30).

So, if we can't watch fireworks on a booze-cruse, I'm working on an alternate plan.

Was thinking Roppongi. I read that there are a lot of fun restaurants have dinner and drinks and generally just relax and have fun. Not looking to stay up all night and get drunk but not too dull.

1- I'm confused to the location- Roppongi v/s Roppongi-Hills. Which is the area that we should head to? Is there a specific street or block?

2- What are some good venues?

Or would you suggest something totally different? I know that we will be pretty jet-lagged so I don't expect to be able to handle too much.

Thanks for reading such a long post....